Joao Felix, an Atlético de Madrid striker, has been dating model Margherida Corceiro for several years. Everything was well until a nightclub video went viral on social media. There, the girl allegedly kissed Pedro Polo of Sporting Portugal!

Margarida Corceiro will be introduced to you and a brief investigation into her alleged infidelity on Joo Félix, for whom Atletico paid $127 million three years ago.

As previously stated, a video of Margarida and Pedro sharing a passionate kiss became viral on Portuguese websites. Although the image is hazy, you can plainly see their faces.

Joao Felix

Joao Felix

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Another criticism leveled in Corceiro is that they use cabs. Margarida called Polo “my darling,” according to the driver who brought her up from the nightclub. Kissing couple The event was reported to Diorginho by the driver.

The right-talent back’s is the third argument for cheating. Pedro looked for a female in the fans after a home game at the Estádio José Alvalade, gave her a shirt, hugged and kissed her.

Colcelo is a Sporting Lisbon supporter, as we all know. Should you stick with the club or support a new love interest?

The first to react to the scandal was Margarita. Naturally, she denied everything. “How dare you, Pedro Polo?” “I’m surprised,” the model declared. Joao Felix remained silent. He is now rehabilitating from an injury. He may also require time to heal from his ordeal.

“What occurred yesterday and today is quite uncomfortable,” Pedro Polo subsequently commented on social media. My relationship with her is great, yet no one is unfaithful. Nothing will harm my reputation, moreover, stuff like that. I’m free to do whatever I want. Stop damaging these three’s image since it isn’t theirs.” That statement, on the other hand, raises more questions than it answers.

She was born in Santarem, Portugal, on October 26, 2002. Margarita had just turned nineteen. She worked for a modeling firm as an aspiring actress. C