Jimmy Failla: Who Is He? How Many Children Does He Have? Know About His Wife Children & Parents

Jimmy Failla is an American stand-up comedian, TV analyst, and author. He also hosts the syndicated show Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla. He is currently married to Jenny, and they live in the US as a family.

His show can be heard Monday through Friday on Fox News Radio and online at Fox Nation, Radio.com, and TuneIn. People can also get the show as a podcast that they can download through iTunes.

The comedian got his start at Caroline’s on Broadway and the Ha! Comedy Club in Time Square. Since then, the famous person has been on a lot of comedy shows, and people love him for making them laugh.

Jimmy Failla

Jimmy Failla

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Who Is Jenny Failla? Jimmy Failla’s Wife and Children

Jenny Failla is best known as Jimmy Failla’s wife, and she is the biggest fan of her husband. They have been lucky enough to have two kids, Hannah and James.

On August 19, 2006, they said they were going to get married. Jimmy has been with his partner for more than 15 years, and their love seems to be growing.

He keeps to himself and hasn’t said much about his wife. The American couple didn’t get their picture taken together very often because they were usually too busy running away from the flashing lights of the paparazzi.

His LinkedIn bio says that Jimmy is the main writer for A-list Comedy, which sends daily audio skits and other comedy to more than 200 radio stations across the country.

The comedian used to drive a taxi in New York City. Now, he does stand-up comedy for a living and has been on more than 500 episodes of Fox TV.

Failla has been on a number of shows, including Kennedy, Redeye, America’s Newsroom, The Greg Gutfeld Show, Watters World, and the Ingraham Angle. He has been on both the Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land and Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV many times.

Jimmy Failla's Wife

Jimmy Failla’s Wife

Fox News Host Jimmy Failla’s Parents

Jimmy Failla’s parents raised him in New York, United States. He is a well-known stand-up comedian who has been on more than 500 Fox TV shows.

His mom and dad must be happy with how well he does as a radio host and comedian. The famous host always gives his parents the credit they deserve for all of his personal and professional successes, according to The Ancestory.

But he hasn’t said much about his parents in public yet, like what they do for a living or where they live. He is pretty quiet and likes to keep his personal things to himself.

Failla was also named the permanent host of the program on Fox News Radio and the Fox Nation Streaming APP in March 2020. He was the main writer and on-air host for Kennedy on the Fox Business Channel for three years.

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More On Jimmy Failla Family Background

It is said that Jimmy Failla comes from an American Indian family.

Jimmy hasn’t said anything official about his background or upbringing, but based on his Instagram handle and what he’s done so far, it’s likely that he was born and raised in the United States.

The radio host often posts pictures of his family on his social media accounts. He also posts a lot of pictures that have to do with his job. He is often seen spending time with the people in his family.

In one of his interviews, the American comedian said that his friends and family are the most important things in his life because they have always been there for him.

Jimmy has also written for The Federalist and was named Outstanding Male Comedian of the Year at the 2014 New York City Nightlife Awards. His first comedy special, State of the Union, which is an hour long, is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Jimmy Failla’s Childhood

Failla was raised in Levittown, New York, where he attended Division Avenue High School before enrolling at the esteemed “Nassau Neighborhood School” to further his education. Failla, a former cab driver in New York City, got the 2014 New York City Nightlife Awards’ Outstanding Male Comic of the Year award. His one-hour stand-up special, “State Of The Union,” is currently available on Amazon Prime.

Additionally, he regularly performed standup on “Gotham Comedy Dwell” on AXS TV. He performed as himself on “The Jim Gaffigan Present” on TV LAND. In addition to Kennedy on the Fox Enterprise Channel and “America’s Newsroom,” he has made several appearances on “The Greg Gutfeld Present,” “The Ingraham Angle,” “Watters World,” and “The Story with Marth MacCallum.” Additionally, he has made appearances on Redeye and Unusual Inheritance: Unpacked from Fox Information. He served as the spokesperson for the Flipps Cell App. Additionally, he is the main writer for A-Checklist Comedy, a national comedy service that provides humor and audio sketches to more than 200 radio stations.

Jimmy Failla’s Occupational Profession

Failla performed his first stays at Caroline’s on Broadway and the Ha! Comedy Membership in Times Square. He appeared three times on Gotham Comedy Dwell on AXS TV and penned the celebrity monologues for the current star buddies, including Gary Dell’Abate, Pamela Anderson, and William Shatner. His one-hour stand-up special, “State Of The Union,” is currently available on Amazon Prime.

Cab with Snakes

Jimmy Failla and award-winning playwright Dean Imperial created the popular YouTube film “Snakes in a Cab,” which went viral and was featured in numerous newspapers, including the NY Post, the Huffington Post (March 20, 2014), TMZ (March 19, 2014), TIME (March 19, 2014), and People Journal[8]. Special interest groups, including the animal rights organization PETA, sent Failla a ton of hate mail in response to the video. After the hoax, the passengers were asked to sign a waiver, so their emotions are very genuine. The promotional film was created to support Failla’s first book, Comply with That Car. Finding a Public Bathroom: A Cabbie’s Guide to Conquering Fears and Achieving Objectives.

Jimmy Failla at TV

On Kennedy on Fox Enterprise, Redeye on Fox Information, and Unusual Inheritance Unpacked, Failla frequently makes appearances. Additionally, he has made appearances on The Present (8 October 2008), Richard Hammond’s Crash Course on BBC America (10 29, 2012), Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV (11 15, 2012), and Season 8 of NBC’s America’s Recognized Expertise (July 2013). Failla’s appearance on AGT was marked by controversy as he asked to be removed from the program in an open letter to the producers. The quilt item on page six of the New York Post described this improvement (July 13, 2013).

The issue was caused by an unproven segment of Failla’s first-round audition in which Choose Mel B referred to one of his jokes as “racist,” prompting the audience to roar in support of Failla. The judges, Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel, disregarded Mel’s protests and sent him on to the Las Vegas round, setting off a wild party in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Even though it was never televised, that set was covered by more than 100 news outlets, including TMZ, Perez Hilton, and CBS’s The Speak. Later that summer, when comedian Lisa Lampanelli criticized Mel B and expressed sympathy for Failla on the Howard Stern Show, the issue was raised once more.

Jimmy Failla’s Writing

Failla is the founder and head writer of A-Checklist Comedy, which regularly provides more than 200 radio stations around the country with current jokes and audio sketches. Comply With That Car!, his first book, was released by Large High Press in March 2014. Finding a Public Bathroom: A Cabbie’s Guide to Conquering Fears and Achieving Objectives. Charles Osgood, host of CBS Sunday Morning and The Osgood File, founded Large High Press, a publishing company, which debuted its first book under this label.

The manual was also made available as a 48-character audiobook, with sound enhancement by Grammy Award winner Lance Neal and direction by Dean Imperial. In addition, Failla has contributed to Maxim Journal and The Huffington Post’s real comedy blog, 23/6. He has additionally worked as a number on Silly Ass Questions.com.

Jimmy Failla at Radio

In March 2020, Failla started hosting the syndicated FOX Throughout America with Jimmy Failla. Among the newsmakers and comedians listed as visitors are Jim Gaffigan, Kennedy, Lou Dobbs, Lara Trump, Harris Faulkner, Donald Trump Jr., Emily Compagno, Donna Brazile, Eric Trump, Juan Williams, Choose Andrew Napolitano, Nick DiPalo, Dave Landau, Jessica Tarlov, and MORE.

In June 2006, he made his first of several appearances on Sirius XM’s Maxim Radio. Additionally, he has been on The Lisa Lampanelli Present and The Covino and Wealthy Present on Howard 101.

In September 2010, he started co-hosting the acclaimed comedy podcast The Specialists with three-time Bunkenheimer Award winner Kenneth Wooden and legendary international comic Lee Camp. This technique garnered more than 100,000 listeners that fall after developing a reputation for crazy 30-second comedy and A-Checklist buddies like Paul Provenza (The Aristocrats), Mo Rocca (CBS), and John Fugelsang (CNN).

In January 2011, this program’s name was changed to Off The Meter with Jimmy Failla, and multi-media personality Ophira Eisenberg was recruited as a second permanent co-host. Eisenberg served for six months before departing to host her own show on NPR, Ask Me Another.

Jimmy is the main author for A-list Comedy, which distributes daily audio skits and current humor to more than 200 radio stations around the country, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The slapstick comic now makes a living performing stand-up routines after first working as a cab driver in New York City. More than 500 Fox TV episodes include him.

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