The television program “Dateline: House of Horrors” on NBC News investigates the series of tragic events that resulted in the deaths of Nichole Payne and her adolescent son, Austin Pages, in December 2007. The crime scene first gave the appearance of a murder-suicide, but the authorities were soon able to determine that it had been arranged by Jason Payne, who was Nichole’s husband. Later on, additional suspicion was raised as a result of the discussions he had with his mother, Jewel “Faye” Payne, while he was incarcerated. Here is what we know about Jewel, in case you are interested in learning more about her and how she was engaged in the incident.

Jewel “Faye” Payne

Jewel “Faye” Payne

Who is Jewel “Faye” Payne?

On the 11th of December, 2007, Jason reportedly found Nichole dead from a gunshot wound and called 911 to report his discovery. Both she and Austin were found dead in the garage, with Austin having died from a gunshot wound. She had been shot in the back of the head. An huge life insurance policy turned out to be Jason’s motivation for killing Nichole, as the investigation uncovered. As a result of circumstantial evidence pointing in that direction, the law enforcement officials came to the conclusion that he had staged the scene after killing Nichole and Austin.

During the time that Jason was detained in jail, he was permitted to phone his mother, Jewel, and their conversations were monitored and recorded. During one of their conversations, Jason posed a question to his mother, inquiring as to whether or not she kept a pair of the identical item in the drawer of her nightstand. He was careful with his word choice and instructed her to search for things made of hard plastic and then destroy them. Jewel remarked, “I’ve got the film of you all performing in Nacogdoches” (Texas). You and Nichole.”

After that, Jason communicated with his mother, saying, “You had three tapes. There was one of Nichole and I together, and then there were two that were completely unrelated to anything. After Jewel informed him that she had the tapes hidden away in the closet, he requested that she destroy them by ripping them to pieces and setting fire to them. Later on in the episode, Jewel admitted that she had lied to her son about where the tapes were and that she had never discovered them. She said that she was unaware of what was on them and expressed regret that she had not questioned her son further about the matter at the time.

Where is Jewel “Faye” Payne Today?

Jewel was taken into custody in October 2016 in connection with the same case as Jason, who was already serving a life term for the double murders he committed. She was accused of attempting to tamper with the testimony of a witness. The police were informed by Jewel’s niece that at one occasion, Jewel expressed interest in meeting up with her, and she agreed to accompany her on a car ride. Their chat was captured on the niece’s recording device. In it, Jewel discussed finding someone to make a threat against an emergency medical technician who had visited the scene of the crime committed by Nichole and Austin and who later testified in court.

Jewel desired for the EMT to be threatened in order to withdraw what she had previously stated. In addition to this, she instructed the niece to find out from the EMT whether or not they had “a child or someone you could threaten to hurt.” Not only that, but there were also phone calls between Jason and Jewel in which they discussed seeing the niece. Not only that, but there were also phone calls. Reportedly entering a guilty plea to the charge of witness tampering in October 2017, Jewel was scheduled to get 10 years of probation in addition to five hundred hours of community service for her actions. Since then, Jewel, who is now in her late seventies or early eighties, has avoided the public eye. It appears that she makes her home in Logansport, Louisiana, but beyond that, there is not a lot of information available about what she is doing right now.

Convicted murderer’s mom charged with attempted witness tampering

Jewel D. Payne is currently being held on a $250,000 bond in the Wood County Jail. She is accused of going too far in her desire to protect her children, which has led to her arrest. A mother will do almost everything to protect her children.

Jewel Faye Davenport Payne, who is 73 years old and lives in Logansport, Louisiana, is the mother of Jason Thad Payne, who was found guilty of first-degree murder in March at the district court in Wood County. The trial for this case took place in March. Payne was found guilty of murder in connection with the shooting deaths of his wife, Nichole Payne, and her son from a previous marriage, Austin Wages, which occurred in December of 2011. Although an appeal is being prepared for Jason Payne’s case, he is now serving a life term in the Stiles Unit in Beaumont.

His mother is accused of attempting to recruit a relative to find someone to threaten an emergency medical technician who responded to the site of the murder and who testified in the trial this spring. The threat would have been directed toward the mother of the victim. On October 6th, Jewel Payne was taken into custody and sent to the Wood County Jail. She is being held on a charge of attempting to tamper with a witness.

According to an affidavit that supported the establishment of probable cause, Jewel Payne contacted her niece before one of her visits to her elderly parents in Bossier City, Louisiana, and told her that she wanted to talk to her. This information was included in the document that established probable cause. They proceeded for a ride in a car, and at that time, the niece, who had been acting suspiciously regarding the meeting, recorded an audio recording on the cellphone she was using.

According to the affidavit, Investigator Kyle Henson of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department, who was familiar with Jewel Payne and her voice, listened to the recording in which she talks about the EMT. Jewel Payne was a witness in this case. She indicated that the EMT testified about the condition of the body of one of the victims when she arrived, and that she felt that this testimony was relevant in the trial. She also stated that she considered that the testimony was noteworthy. The next thing she did was urge the niece to “hire a male to go to this lady… and scare her.” to let her know that you are aware that she lied and make an effort to intimidate her into rescinding her statement. According to the information, she also advised the niece to “look into the lady” before meeting with her, stating that “that way you would know if she had a child or someone you could threaten to hurt.”

In addition to this, it says that Jewel Payne agreed with her niece’s assessment that the action that was being required of her constituted illegal activity and that she thought it to be a crime.
On October 6, members of the rs executed a search warrant that had been issued by a district judge in Desoto Parish, Louisiana. The order had been received from the judge. The investigators took possession of a digital recorder as well as letters written by Jason Payne to his mother.

The affidavit that was submitted in support of the application for the search warrant includes details regarding Jason Payne’s repeated phone calls to his mother, during which he discusses the visit of his niece with her. According to the complaint, Jewel Payne is heard on two of the calls saying things like, “I’m going to try… to do my best” and “I’ll do what I gotta do.”

In a subsequent phone call from Jason Payne, his mother informed him that his niece did not agree to the request and that she would “think out something” and “find somebody” to fulfill the responsibilities.