Jessica Fostekew’s Husband: Who Is He? Where Are Her Husband and Son Today?

Jessica Fostekew is a comedian, actor, and writer. After separating from her husband, she is now in a relationship with her partner.

Fostekew is an English actor, writer, and stand-up comic. She is the main character in “Motherland” on BBC and “Cuckoo” on BBC or Netflix. The comedian is also the host of The Hoovering Podcast and a regular contributor to The Guity Feminist.

Fostekew had been chosen for The Dave Edinburgh Comedy Award in the past. Even her show, “Hench,” was up for “Best Show” in 2019. In this case, the show had already sold out.

After making a comeback on the show Hench, Fostekew appeared on Love at the Apollo QI and Harry Hill’s Clubnite. People know the actress from her roles in Offical Secrets, Halo, and Sky Comedy Shorts. As an actress, she got 17 credits.

Jessica Fostekew

Jessica Fostekew

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Who Is Comedian Jessica Fostekew Partner?

After her 2019 hit show Hench, Fostekew began dating someone new. She has moved in with her now. After coming out in the second half of her life, she changed lanes in the middle of her trip. After that, she and the father of her son broke up.

Fostekew learned a lot about herself when she was in her 30s, and now she says she is a totally different person. During that time, she found out that she liked women. The comedian is a master at changing the tone of her voice and how she looks. The host of The Guilty Feminist eventually found her new love and her new sexuality and was happy about both of them.

On July 10, Fostekew sent the picture to the person she works out with to send-full. She told James Ransom that he was the nicest and smartest workout partner she had ever had. The comedian said that screenwriter and playwright Stef Smith is a great friend and companion.

Fostekew thanked Smith for making the best margarita she’d ever had out of a kiddie pool. She also has close relationships with Rita and Sophie, with whom she is good friends.

At the same time, the comedian said goodbye to Hench, shot her first TV special, and recorded her first radio special, Powerhouse. Even her mother and her family came from the United States to celebrate Nana’s birthday.

Fostekew Reacted To Brian Logan’s Article About Her Moving On With Women

On September 1, 2022, Brian Logan wrote an article for The Guardian, and Fostekew replied to it. She posted the article on her social media page the same day and said, “I can’t read reviews in Edinburgh because it makes me want to throw up, but when I get home, I’m braver again.”

Fostekew even added, “Which is lucky, because this really lovely one from The Guardian came out today.” In the article, the writer talked about her new partner. They get along well with her son and her cats.

Even Fosteke’s coworkers and friends were curious about her new life with her lover. She came out as bisexual, though, and is now being herself.

Old Fire Station, Oxford says that Fostekew’s funny new show Wench will be at the Old Fire Station next Friday. On August 29, she released her second album, which was hard, and did her seventh solo show.

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Where Are Jessica Fostekew Husband and Son Today?

Fostekew and the father of her son broke up in 2019. Several posts say that she is no longer married and is now happy with her new partner. She lives with her son, cat, and new boyfriend.

Fostekew is at Norden Farm in Maidenhead as of September 1, 2022. She is trying to listen to her six-year-old son more carefully. The comedian shared an article about her son bonding on March 22, 2022.

Fostekew thought about how old she was when she was a child and realized that she might have had the same effect on her parents as a child. She read You’re Not Listening by Kate Murphy, and it worked out for the comedian.

Fostekew says that she pays attention to her boyfriend, her mother, and her six-year-old child. The comic thought that listening to a child is like going to a museum. She said that her son’s words were the best things ever.

On November 20, 2021, Fostekew showed her grandfather a picture of her son. Arthur, whom she called Gordy, is her kind grandfather. It was taken six years ago.

The comedian often tweets about her child, but she never says his name or who his father is. She got to know her son better through Instagram.

Jessica Fostekew's Son With His Grandfather

Jessica Fostekew’s Son With His Grandfather

Is Jessica Fostekew Married Or Divorced?

Jessica Fostekew is now divorced because she broke up with the father of her child in 2019. After she told them she was gay and straight, they broke up. The comedian raises her son on her own. She is having a great time with her new girlfriend right now.

Fostekew just recently found out what she really likes. She was focused on her career before that. In 2006, she made her first appearance in the short film Hallo Panda as Zoo Workers & The General Public 2006.

Fostekew also used a disguise in Battlecock as Anta Krullmuller, Timeholes, Three Girls as Sonia, Motherland as Clare, Cuckoo as Angela, Official Secrets as a Courtroom Guard, Greed as Sally, “I Want to Make You Happy” as Mrs. Archer, and other movies.

Fostekew stood out as Mum 1 in Trigonometry and as Laptop Woma in Viel zu Verliebt, Out of Her Mind. In 2021, she was a Commercial Voice Over in Taxis, Conspiracies, and Editors in the TV miniseries Grave New World.

Fostekew Described Her Teenage Love And Heartbreaks

Fostekew was a teen in the late 1990s, and she liked 75% of the boys she went to school with. At that age, she would sneak into a cozy newspaper recycling bin at night to have a romantic date. But the actress grew up in a place that was very strict.

Fostekew said that if the boy liked her, she started to like that boy. At that time, she wanted to feel and be with someone. She wanted to be liked by everyone. When Terry asked her for a kiss and proposed to her for 50p, the comedian drew the line.

But Fostekew told the boy “no.” She thought about it for a short time, but she wasn’t sure what to do because she felt strong when she left Terry.

Some Quick Facts

Born 5 July 1983
Birth Place Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
Age 39
Occupation Actor and comedian
Years active 2008–present
Children 1
Relationship status In relationship

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