Jess Dannhauser will be the next magistrate for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (NYC ACS), which provides government assistance to children’s administrations, adolescent equity and early consideration administrations, and education administrations.

Jess Dannhauser

Jess Dannhauser

Jess Dannhauser’s accomplishment as a magistrate has made all of her lovers quite happy. Jess has received numerous tweets stating that she is deserving of the position. Many people have expressed their desire for the NYC ACS to adopt an upstream strategy for young New Yorkers in distress under Jess Dannhauser’s supervision.

Jess Dannhauser is rumoured to be leaving Graham Windham. He introduced himself in his Twitter bio by saying, “Former CEO of Graham Windham.” In any case, we can’t ensure that Jess Dannhauser will safely leave Graham Windham until vital source authority proclamations are released.

It is quite possible that he will continue to add to the Graham Windham in other ways. Graham Windham has been working with Jess Dannhauser for almost ten years. Until clarify, he served as the organization’s first president from 2012 to March 2021. Then, from March 2021 until October 2021, Jess Dannhauser served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a position she held for quite some time. Also, when it comes to Jess Dannhauser’s early years, he attended Kent High School and later dropped out of Duke University.

What Was Jess Dannhauser’s Reason for Leaving Graham Windham? What happened to him?

Graham Windham (former) Jess Dannhauser resigned from the organisation in October 2021. In March 2021, he was named CEO of Graham Windam, where he had previously served as President.

The former CEO of Graham Windham has yet to explain why he departed the organisation. His fans are curious as to where the former CEO is now after his resignation. He has not, however, provided any information concerning his current whereabouts.

Jess Dannhauser’s Age

Jess Dannhauser’s age is currently unknown.

Dannhauser has kept his age a secret from the public. He appears to be in his 30s presently, based on his appearance.

Jess has yet to be added to Wikipedia. However, information on him can be found on Graham Windham’s Wikipedia page.

His information can also be seen on his LinkedIn profile. His bio can also be seen on other platforms, as well as on Graham-official Windham’s website.

Jess Dannhauser is a member of the Dannhauser family.

Jess has likewise been tight-lipped about his family. He prefers to keep his personal life private and does not discuss it on any of his social media sites. We were also unable to locate him on the majority of social media networks.

Dannhauser can be reached on Twitter at @jess dannhauser. He joined the platform in August 2017 and has around 1000 tweets under his belt.