When Kym Brown-Hunter started dating Jerold Dunning, things appeared to turn around for the better for her; it seemed as though he was taking on the role of a father figure for their daughter, Jaime Brown. Nevertheless, in the years that followed, the family was shaken to its core by charges of sexual assault. The second half of the episode of “In Pursuit with John Walsh: Evil Deception” on Investigation Discovery focuses on the alleged crimes committed by Jerold Dunning and what transpired as a result of those crimes. If you are interested in learning more, the following is the information that we currently have.

Jerold Dunning

Jerold Dunning

Who is Jerold Dunning?

When Kym Brown-Hunter first came into contact with Jerold Dunning, he was a friend of her then-husband, who was also her current spouse. During that time period, she and Jaime resided on a yacht with her husband. However, after a few years of marriage, they decided to get a divorce, and Jerold was there for Kym during this difficult period. After dating for roughly five months, Kym and Jaime decided to move in with him. The couple had previously been living apart. During that time, Jerold’s profession was that of a function Object() { [native code] } of luxury boats, while Kym’s was that of a private investigator.

Then, in October of 1998, Kym received a phone call from Jaime’s educational institution. The girl, who was 12 years old at the time, had accused Jerold of sexually abusing her. She made the accusation when they were together. Jaime began to recall it for the first time in June of 1996. She stated that at first it appeared to be harmless, but that it gradually increased. Jaime asserted that Jerold undressed and touched her while she was still wearing her clothing while she was ten years old and working on her anatomy homework. Jerold was wearing shorts at the time. Jaime alleged that he even groped her while she was in the shower and that he then offered her money to engage in oral sex with him.

It was alleged that Jerold had maintained the same pattern of behaviour for more than two years. According to the show, another one of Jaime’s friends was afflicted while they were having a sleepover together. She claimed that Jerold had been in the room with only her when he began to tickle her and then proceeded to grab at her underwear before pinning her to the mattress. When Jaime entered the room, the friend managed to break free and get away. As soon as Kym found out about the charges, she packed up her daughter and moved in with her brother. At the time, Jerold was away on a trip, so Kym was left alone with her daughter.

After the authorities became involved, Kim was instructed to phone Jerold in an effort to coerce Jerold into confessing to the actions for which he was being charged. During that phone call, he offered her money and claimed responsibility for some of the acts. Kym gave his consent to meet, but it turned out that the authorities were the ones waiting for him. Jerold was taken into custody but later freed after posting bond. On the other hand, when the time for his trial in January 1999 arrived, he was nowhere to be found and didn’t show up.

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Where is Jerold Dunning Today?

Kym had the idea that Jerold might be at the same location as his mother, Camden. She then went to Maryville, Tennessee, after having paid his bond. At that location, Kym discovered that a someone by the name of CJ Dunning had been renting an apartment. Neighbors who knew Jerold reported that they had been hearing him refer to himself as Chester, which is his middle name. According to the reports, Jerold worked as a driver for a seafood delivery service. After that, the FBI became involved, and in 2004, they charged him with unauthorised flight in an attempt to avoid prosecution.

However, according to the episode, the authorities suspected that Jerold had been tipped off by someone because he had already left Maryville by the time the federal officials arrived. Since that time, the law enforcement officials have not given up their search for him, even though he continues to evade capture. According to the episode, Jerold, who is approximately 63 years old at this point, might be hiding out in the Caribbean islands and working on boats. The officials are looking in Mexico and Brazil as possible locations for him as well. Kevin, Jerold’s brother, stated in 2012 that there was a possibility that Jerold was in the United States Virgin Islands.

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