Are you curious about CBS journalist Jericka Duncan’s relationship with her boyfriend Dray Clark? In this article, we will dive into the details of their relationship and explore what makes it unique. With over 10 years of experience in the media industry, Duncan has made a name for herself as a credible journalist. Her personal life, however, has been somewhat elusive, making headlines only when she got married or engaged. But what about her relationship with Dray Clark? Let’s find out.

Who is Jericka Duncan?

Jericka Duncan is a CBS News correspondent and a former journalist for WCBS-TV in New York City. She has been with CBS News since 2013, covering major events such as the death of George Floyd and the 2020 presidential election. Duncan’s journalistic work has earned her several awards and accolades, including an Emmy Award for her coverage of Hurricane Sandy.[1]CBSNEWS In addition to her career in journalism, Duncan is also an advocate for social justice and has been involved in various charitable organizations.

Who is Dray Clark?

Dray Clark

Dray Clark

Dray Clark is a former journalist who now works as a communications specialist. He has worked for various media outlets, including ABC, NBC, and Fox. Clark’s passion for storytelling led him to create his own media company, “The Dray Way,” which provides media training and consultation services. He is also a motivational speaker, delivering talks on topics such as leadership, diversity, and inclusivity. Clark’s experience in the media industry has given him a unique perspective on the industry and has helped him build a successful career outside of journalism.

Jericka Duncan and Dray Clark’s Romantic Relationship

It appears that Jericka Duncan, a CBS journalist, and Dray Clark, a national correspondent, are currently in a romantic relationship. The details of how the two correspondents first connected are unknown, but their similarities are striking. Although they have not mentioned each other in any of their social media posts, they are both highly accomplished professionals in their fields.

Dray Clark joined the NewsNation team as a National Correspondent in April of 2022, after previously working as a journalist in New York City for The Black News Channel. With his background in journalism, Dray brings a wealth of experience to his role.

As both Jericka and Dray are currently based in New York, they have had the opportunity to explore their relationship further. Both individuals have established themselves as leaders in their respective industries and have high expectations for what they can accomplish together.

How did Jericka Duncan and Dray Clark meet?

Jericka Duncan and Dray Clark met in 2015 while they were both working for CBS News. At the time, Duncan was a national correspondent, while Clark was a media strategist. According to sources, they hit it off right away and started dating shortly after. Since then, they have been together for over five years and have kept their relationship relatively private.

What makes Jericka Duncan and Dray Clark’s relationship unique?

Jericka Duncan and Dray Clark’s relationship is unique in that they both come from the media industry but have found success outside of it. Duncan’s career in journalism has taken her all over the world, while Clark’s experience in the industry has given him the skills and knowledge to create his own successful media company. Their shared passion for storytelling and communication has undoubtedly contributed to the success of their relationship.

Despite being public figures, Duncan and Clark have kept their relationship out of the public eye. They rarely share photos of each other on social media and have only been spotted together in public a few times. This privacy has allowed them to maintain a strong and healthy relationship without the added pressure of media scrutiny.

Jericka Duncan

Jericka Duncan

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Jericka Duncan’s Marital Status: Is She Single or Married?

The question on the lips of many is whether or not the 39-year-old correspondent, Jericka Duncan, is betrothed. Based on her conspicuous absence of any nuptial pictures on her social media platforms, one could infer that she remains unmarried.

Despite her conspicuous silence on the subject, it is public knowledge that Jericka has a daughter. A quick glance at her Instagram account will reveal a snapshot of the two, beaming at each other in an intimate moment of joy and companionship.

Despite the presumed status of single motherhood, it is evident that the duo shares a close bond, frequently embarking on strolls together. Information about the father of Jericka’s child is yet to surface.

Jericka and her beloved daughter made a guest appearance on CBS Mornings. During the episode, the mother-daughter duo delivered a compelling rendition of a children’s book centered around anti-racism.

As the segment drew to a close, Jericka sought her daughter’s opinion on the book. The latter’s response was candid, expressing her disapproval of the author’s approach towards combating racism. Jericka looked at her offspring with a look of unadulterated pride, marveling at her daughter’s eloquence and well-articulated stance on the subject matter.

What Is Jericka Dunan’s Salary With CBS? Net Worth Update 2023

Jericka Duncan is a well-known journalist who has made a name for herself in the industry. One of the most frequently asked questions about her is how much she earns at CBS and what her net worth is. In this article, we will provide you with an update on Jericka Duncan’s net worth in 2022, as well as her salary with CBS.

Salary with CBS

According to reliable sources such as, the average annual salary for a CBS journalist is between $70,000 and $90,000. However, the exact amount that Jericka Duncan earns with CBS is not publicly disclosed. It is widely speculated that her salary is likely to be higher than the average salary range, given her extensive experience and expertise in the field.

Net Worth Update 2023

As of 2023, Jericka Duncan’s estimated net worth is between one and two million dollars. She has been in the field of journalism for over a decade and has worked for several news outlets, including WETM-TV, WIVB-TV, and CBS News.[2]Wikipedia Her hard work, dedication, and commitment to her craft have undoubtedly contributed to her success and financial stability.

Duncan began her professional career at WETM-TV in Elmira, New York, where she gained valuable experience as a journalist. She later moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she continued to hone her skills. Eventually, she was hired by WIVB-TV, which is affiliated with the CBS network.

In 2013, CBS News recognized her talent and hired her as a national reporter for the network. Since then, she has covered a wide range of stories, from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to the controversial confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Personal Life and Social Media

Jericka Duncan’s personal life is mostly private, and her romantic relationships are not publicly known. Some sources suggest that she is currently single, but there are unconfirmed rumors about her dating fellow journalist Dray Clark.


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In her free time, Duncan enjoys engaging in charitable activities, including working with the Boys and Girls Club, supporting the National Association of Black Journalists, the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. She also likes to spend time with her family, go for runs, and read books.

Duncan is an active user of social media, especially Twitter, where she shares news updates with her audience. She also posts videos on her YouTube channel, which CBS frequently shares on their website to promote her shows. Duncan has remained with CBS, in part, due to her father’s prior employment with the network.

Unkown Facts About Jericka Duncan

  • Jericka Duncan has diverse interests and hobbies that make her a multifaceted person.
  • She is an avid fan of Mexican cuisine and loves to indulge in it whenever possible.
  • In her free time, she enjoys reading books and two of her favorite ones are “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett and “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas.

  • Music is also a big part of her life, and she likes listening to country and blues genres.
  • Apart from reading and music, Jericka also loves watching movies.
  • Her favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston, and she is particularly fond of the “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.
  • Her job as a journalist has taken her to several states in the US, and she enjoys traveling, with Miami being her favorite destination.
  • When it comes to fashion, Jericka prefers wearing dresses and loves the color red.
  • Her interests and likes make her a well-rounded individual with a zest for life.

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