Jericka Duncan Husband- CBS Journalist Relationship With Her Boyfriend Dray Clark

Jericka Duncan is a television news correspondent for CBC News who hails from the United States. She became more well-known after disclosing the messages that her source, Jeff Fager, had sent to her while she was reporting on the sexual allegations made against him. Since 2013, Duncan has been serving as a correspondent for NBC.

As a correspondent for CBS News, Duncan has reported on major events and news stories, including the sexual assault allegations leveled against Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and Harvey Weinstein; the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day and Normandy; the fatal shooting of four Marines and a Navy sailor in Chattanooga; and many more.

After it was revealed that Jeff Fager had been sending her threatening messages in 2018, she became the target of a verbal assault from him.

Jericka Duncan

Jericka Duncan

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Who is Jericka Duncan’s Husband?

It would appear that Jericka Duncan, a correspondent who is 39 years old, does not have a husband. Since the NBC journalist has not published any pictures from her wedding, it is safe to assume that she is not married.

It is common knowledge that Jericka has a daughter, despite the fact that she has never discussed her husband in a public setting. Duncan, if you go to her Instagram account, you will be able to see a picture of her daughter there.

They seem to be getting along just great, as seen by the fact that they smile at each other frequently and take walks together, despite the fact that Duncan appears to be a single mother at the present time. She has not revealed any information regarding the man who is the father of her daughter.

Jericka and her daughter made a guest appearance on an edition of CBS Mornings. In the brief video, the mother and daughter duo performed a reading from an anti-racism children’s book.

Later on, when Jericka asked her daughter which part of the book was her favorite, the response she gave was that she did not like how the author dealt with racism. And when Journey responded coherently to the inquiry, articulating her beliefs on anti-racism, Jericka looked at her baby girl with admiration as she spoke her mind.

Jericka Duncan’s Boyfriend Dray Clark And Their Relationship

It would appear that CBS Journalist Jericka Duncan and her lover Dray Clark are currently in a relationship with each other. In addition to that, Dray is a national correspondent.

It is not known how the two correspondents first began communicating with one another; yet, there are striking parallels between the two of them. On their own social media profiles, Jericka and Dray have not mentioned each other in any posts.

In April of 2022, Dray Clark became a member of the NewsNation team and took on the role of National Correspondent. Dray is a former journalist who worked in New York City for The Black News Channel. His background is in journalism.

Because Jericka and Dray are both now residing in New York, they have had the opportunity to test the waters of their relationship. Both parties have established themselves as leaders in their respective industries, and they each have high expectations for what their partnership can accomplish.

Jericka Duncan's Daughter

Jericka Duncan’s Daughter

Family—Information Regarding the Father of the Baby

Jericka Duncan, a well-respected journalist in the United States, is the doting mother of three children: a daughter named Jericka, a daughter named Jasmine, and a son named Joshua.

She requested that her daughter read a children’s book that addressed the issue of racism, and as a result, the children’s faces were broadcast on national television. During the same episode, she questioned her child about the finest section of the book, in which she displayed an encouraging yet mature vision of equality and sovereignty. She was looking for her child’s opinion on the best part of the book.

Ronnie and Yvonne Duncan, the child’s parents, are overjoyed with their daughter’s accomplishments. Because he had worked for networks such as WJZ-TV, WKNR, and Oprah, her father enjoyed a certain amount of renown during his lifetime.

What Is Jericka Dunan’s Salary With CBS? Net Worth Update 2022

According to, the typical annual wage range for a CBS journalist is anywhere between $70,000 and $90,000. And taking into account the median wage, Jericka’s net worth is probably anywhere between one and two million dollars.

Her professional life got off to a good start when she was hired at WETM-TV in Elmira, New York. After gaining a few years of experience prior to moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she was called by the television station WIVB-TV, which is connected with the CBS network.

After she had accomplished some ground-breaking work in her career, CBS News hired her in 2013 to work as a national reporter for the network.

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Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

It is known that Jericka attended Aurora High School. While there, she was involved in a variety of sports, including basketball and track and field, where she established five school records. Little is known about Jericka’s early years or what inspired her to pursue a career in media.

After graduating, she enrolled to Ohio University to pursue a degree in communications and to continue competing for the university’s track and field team. She finished her degree in 2005 and won an NAACP Image Award for athletics in the same year. Following that, she began working for the NBC-affiliated WETM-TV in Elmira, New York. She remained there for a brief period of time before relocating to Buffalo, New York State’s WIVB-TV, a CBS affiliate station where she worked for the following five years.

Career Prominence

Duncan rose to stardom after joining CBS as a national correspondent in 2013. She covered important national events, with a particular focus on the East Coast, including Boston during the winter storms, for which she was recognised with an Emmy for Best Morning Show. Also, she won the Best Spot News Coverage Award from the New York State Broadcasters Association for her reporting on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the Washington Navy Yard Shooting, and Hurricane Sandy’s first anniversary.

She covered the Basement of Horror case in 2011, in which the detainer held four individuals hostage and stole their social security payments. They were already living in deprived conditions when they were found (it was also called the Philadelphia basement kidnapping.) She received a prize as a result from Associated Press. She received the Broadcast Journalist of the Year Award from the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists around the same time. As more than 50 people’s documents were discovered during a check of the area, investigations are still ongoing to determine whether the kidnapping was a part of a wider operation.

Jeff Fager

Several women come forward in 2018 to accuse executive of “60 Minutes” Jeff Fager of sexual harassment. When Jericka learned about the situation, she began to report on it. Fager then threatened her in a combative text message, warning her to cease reporting or it would get really bad for her. He lost his job as executive producer after she revealed the texts on TV. Fager acknowledged that she sent the message after receiving kudos for covering a segment of the Me Too Movement, but she continues to deny the sexual harassment claims.

She gained support from other CBS employees after he was fired, including as John Dickerson, Gayle King, and Norah O’Donnell, and she was praised for taking a stand and disclosing the texts that were sent to her. She received a lead speaker position at the Buffalo Association of Black Journalists’ event titled “Social Media and Reporting on Race” shortly after that. In addition, Jeff Glor of CBS Evening News spoke on behalf of his whole staff, expressing the team’s complete support for Jericka’s choice.

Personal Life and Social Media

Little is known about Duncan’s personal life with regards to her romantic relationships; neither her current dating status nor her marital status are known. Many sources claim that she is single, however there are unsubstantiated claims that she is dating fellow journalist Dray Clark.

She devotes a lot of her free time to charity endeavours. Also, she has worked with the Boys and Girls Club in addition to being a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. And, she has also supported the Black Leadership Commission on Aids and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Also, shelikes to spend time with her family, run for exercise, and read during her free time. And, she maintains social media profiles and is very active there, especially on Twitter.

She uses her internet channels, like many journalists, to keep her audience informed on the most recent news. Aside from that account, she also has films posted online through YouTube, frequently shared by the CBS YouTube website, which publishes excerpts and advertisements for her shows. One of the reasons she has stayed with CBS is that it is known that her father had previously worked there.

Likes and interests

  • Jericka is a fan of various cuisines, but her favorite is Mexican.
  • Her hobbies include reading, and two of her favorite books are “The Help” written by Kathryn Stockett and “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas.
  • She is also very fond of listening to music, with her favorite genres being country and blues.
  • She is keen on watching movies, and the actors she likes the most are Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston.
  • Her favorite movies are all from the “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.
  • Jericka enjoys travelling, and her job as a reporter has taken her around several states in the US.
  • The place she likes the most is Miami.
  • She enjoys wearing dresses, and her favorite color is red.

Appearance and net worth

Jericka is 36 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, weighs around 114lbs (52kgs), and her vital statistics are 32-26-35. She wears shoes size eight. Her net worth is over $1 million, while her supposed boyfriend Dray Clark’s net worth is over $700,000.

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