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Jeon Do Yeon And Jung Kyung

Jeon Do Yeon And Jung Kyung

Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho might be working on a new drama together.

On June 21, tvN said that it was possible that the two actors would be in “One-Shot Scandal” (literal title).

“One-Shot Scandal” will tell the good and cozy but cold and sweet but exciting story of people who have to deal with how competitive entrance exams are all the time. The drama is about a bittersweet scandal between the owner of a side dish store who joins the world of entrance exams late and a star trainer in Korea’s top private coaching field.

The drama might be written by “Once Again” and “Familiar Wife” writer Yang Hee Seung and directed by “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” director Yoo Jae Won. This is the third project that the creator and director have worked on together after making “King of High School” and “Oh My Ghostess.” Their reunion makes us want to read the great, cozy, and heartwarming story again.

Jeon Do Yeon might play with Nam Haeng Sun, a former national athlete who is just now getting into the crowded market for entrance exam prep. She will run the National Representative Side Dish Shop with a lot of heart. Even though Nam Haeng Sun is tired from life, she is a tough person who sticks with her choices and doesn’t make excuses for them. But she keeps getting into trouble with Choi Chi Yeol out of the blue after she joined the private coaching business too late. Jeon Do Yeon has been great in a number of hit dramas and movies, which makes people excited to see how she changes in “One-Shot Scandal.”

Jung Kyung Ho might play the role of the popular trainer Choi Chi Yeol, who was born smart and has a hard-working personality. Not only does he have unique experience, but he is also a great talker with a lot of showmanship, so he is rich and famous to the max. But the downside of his fame is that he can’t even take a second to relax, so he’s become irritable and uncaring around most of us. When they meet Nam Haeng Sun, who is always happy and full of energy, they will be part of a sweet and exciting story. After being good in “Hospital Playlist,” “Prison Playbook,” and “Life on Mars,” people are looking forward to Jung Kyung Ho’s next performance.