Where Is Je’Niece McCullough, Daughter of Bernie Mac?

Je’Niece McCullough, the daughter of Bernie Mac, caught the public’s attention after appearing on a Can We Talk podcast. As of 2022, people have become curious regarding her location.

She discussed parental trauma and wounds during the podcast back in 2021. Je Niece acknowledged that she constantly dealt with her father’s severe parenting techniques as a child.

Things ultimately improved after she at last found reconciliation with him. She revealed details of the late comedian Bernie Mac’s never-before-seen family life during the time.

Je’Niece continued by outlining the devastating effects of Bernie Mac’s rigorous upbringing. She also discussed how she developed the habit of “walking on eggshells” due to her father’s rage, impatience, and insensitivity toward her femininity.

She struggled as a result to assert herself or challenge her own father.

Je'Niece McCullough

Je’Niece McCullough

Je’Niece McCullough, the daughter of Bernie Mac, is currently where?

Je’Niece McCullough, the daughter of Bernie Mac, has been working toward becoming a professional speaker as of late. She proudly owns it and is referred to as Bernie’s daughter.

McCullough, whose username is @berniesdaughter, also made reference to it in her bio. She gives opening addresses at gatherings, seminars, conferences, and other events all around the country.

Her objectives include promoting women’s wellness, child mentorship, self-empowerment, and sarcoidosis awareness. Prior to this, McCullough began working for The South Suburban Council after receiving her master’s.

At the time, offered eligible TANF participants a wide range of client services. Following that, she also utilized to help people set, achieve, and maintain professional goals.

About seven months ago, she started working as a personal assistant for MacMan Enterprises, Inc. The Bernie Mac Sarcoidosis Foundation then hired McCullough as a vice president.

Je’Niece McCullough’s age: Age Specifics

Je’Niece McCullough, who was born on January 21, 1978, will be 44 years old in 2022. Her parents, Bernie Mac and Rhonda, welcomed their lone daughter into the world in Chicago, Illinois.

She takes into account her childhood, her development as a woman, and the effect having a famous and entertaining father had on her. Janice learns more about herself as she develops a relationship with her father.

Je’Niece gained knowledge about how to establish boundaries, satisfy needs, and acknowledge generational differences. Janice remembered how her late father had saved her life in July 2021 during a difficult and traumatic birth.

When she realized her father was there for her and that she realized she needed help, she even sobbed into his arms.

Photos of Je’Niece McCullough are examined

Je’Niece McCullough, a public speaker, frequently posts selfies on her social media accounts. She has more than 11k followers and 771 posts as of this writing.

Through her account, people may see her photos and videos. She often informs her followers about the important events in her life.