This 27-year-old smoking sexy model got fame in 2015, developing such a faithful following that she needed to turn down a $50,000 prostitution offer from a billionaire!

Jayce Ivanah is a newly-engaged online star in Phenix City, Alabama, under her real name Elena.

This brown-haired, blue-eyed hottie turned into a stripper and moved into Atlanta, Georgia. 

Jayce Ivanah

Jayce Ivanah (Image: Source)

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Jayce Ivanah: Who Is She? Bio Explored

Jayce Ivanah is a well-known American model and exotic dancer currently residing in Atlanta.[1]biographytalks

She has worked on various photoshoots and even appeared in a few music videos. Despite being a single mother, she has not publicly disclosed the identity of her daughter’s father and has not been in a relationship for a long time.

Her Exotic Dancing Career

Jayce Ivanah has been working as an exotic dancer for quite some time now, but she plans to quit this career soon to ensure that her daughter is not influenced by it.

In a recent interview with DZ Small Eyes 2, she discussed the challenges of being an exotic dancer, including strange requests from clients. She also talked about the perception of people towards her and the industry.

Jayce Ivanah

Jayce Ivanah (Image: Source)


Refusing a $50,000 Offer

Despite working in the adult entertainment industry, Jayce Ivanah has no plans to enter the adult film industry. She has also been offered $50,000 for prostitution by a billionaire, which she immediately turned down.

She has no regrets about her decision and has shared her story to encourage others to prioritize their self-respect and dignity over money.

Jayce Ivanah: Personal Life

Jayce Ivanah has been raising her daughter as a single mother and has not been in a relationship for a long time. She also mentioned in her interview that her ex-boyfriend left her for her best friend, which was a challenging experience for her.

Nevertheless, she remains strong and committed to her daughter’s well-being and her career.

Jayce Ivanah With Her Daughter

Jayce Ivanah With Her Daughter (Image: Source)

Charity Work

Jayce Ivanah has also been involved in charity work and attended the 2019 Babes in Toyland ‘Support our Troops’ Red Carpet Charity Event held at the Academy Nightclub in Los Angeles.

She has a strong following on Instagram with 206k followers, and she uses her platform to inspire others and share her life experiences.

Jayce Ivanah is a woman of strength and resilience, who has made tough decisions and faced challenging experiences in her life.

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Jayce Ivanah: Family Background And Ethnicity

  • Talking about Jayce Ivanah, this is not her real name. Her name is Elena. She, however, decided to alter it for her livelihood.
  • Now residing in Atlanta, Jayce is a version and an exotic dancer in lots of the worldwide exotic and stripping nightclubs. Regardless of being a worldwide star today, she’s been keen on keeping a low profile.
  • Owing to her sexual professional history, she’s been avoiding family background discussions from the public.
  • Yet, there are a couple of items from her family background known to the masses. Included in these are the information available online and facts accumulated through her bills during interviews.
  • As mentioned above, Ivanah is an American citizen out of Alabama. She follows Christianity because of her religion and goes to white ethnicity.
  • Jayce cleared away the doubts telling them that her mother belongs to the Indian, Comanche race. And that is from where she had needed her ethnicity mixed. But she follows her father’s race also has been whitened. Produced in January, Capricorn stays her zodiac sign.
Jayce Ivanah With Her Husband

Jayce Ivanah With Her Husband (Image: Source)

Jayce Ivanah: Profession & Career

  • Jayce Ivanah is presently an aspiring model apart from being an exotic dancer.
  • She began her career when she was only 19. Not only it but she’s also featured in quite many music videos such as “Soulstice” and has been part of several photoshoots.
  • Lots of people frequently confuse themselves within their profession. There are confusions that she is a porn model too.
  • On the other hand, the truth isn’t so. Jayce Ivanah claims that although she’s a sensual dancer.
  • But she would never turn towards the pornography industry. In her head, she does not own a thing to make her own body an entertainment material for the masses.
  • In an interview with D Smallz, she said, I would not enter the p****graphy business and sell my body. My moral does not let me so. She stated that once, a billionaire provided her $50k to be his prostitute; however, she turned down the deal.
  • When asked if she regretted her decision ever and she gave him a big “NO.”
  • She’s even planned to start her dance career in some time.
  • She considers that she wouldn’t dance forever and would surely end it sooner or later. One reason she intends to quit her exotic dance soon, as stated by Ivanah, is her daughter.
  • She says that she doesn’t want her daughter to be affected by her career at a young age. But she would not mind if her kid occupies a similar profession in the future.
Jayce Ivanah

Jayce Ivanah (Image: Source)

Jayce Ivanah Contact Details

TWITTER: @jayceivanah

We have mentioned her Twitter handler link above, and the Id is not Authentic and Verified. If you want to follow her, then you can use the above username.

INSTAGRAM: @iamjayceivanah

We have mentioned her Instagram ID link above, and the Id is Authentic and Verified. If you want to follow her, then you can use the above username.

FACEBOOK: @iamjayceivanah

Her Facebook ID is also has mentioned above. It is verified, and authenticated is confirmed. To get updates, you can search for the above-written address on Facebook.


You can send your business proposals to her by writing to this email id.

Jayce Ivanah Shared Her Pregnancy News


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by JAYCE IVANAH (@iamjayceivanah)

Jayce Ivanah shared her pregnancy news through her instagram page some time ago. this is her another child as she already is a mother to a daughter.

Jayce Ivanah Early Life & Family

Jayce Ivanah’s profession doesn’t permit her to reveal much of her household details. But during her talk flows, she speaks of them.

Though we don’t have accessibility to know their titles, her family is composed of some seven associates. These comprise both her parents and four siblings besides herself.

In a meeting, Jayce disclosed that she’s exceptionally close to her family especially, her sisters and mother. Her parents have had a very long marriage together and unfortunately finished off after long 18-years. Her parents are married to their spouses and are on good terms together also.

Her family does not just include her sisters and parents but also an adorable daughter.

Jayce has been a proud single mother for quite a while now. She is yet to show who the father of her kid is. She doesn’t even plan to enter a new relationship or get married anytime soon.

Jayce Ivanah

Jayce Ivanah (Image: Source)

Jayce Ivanah Boyfriend, Relationship & Love Life

  • Jayce Ivanah is in a serious relationship. Her boyfriend name is Dquan Cage. Both of them are engaged now.
  • Jayce Ivanah revealed that she has been single for quite a long period now. She, however, had a boyfriend. Talking more about her love story, she disclosed that both met in a bar.
  • The man was immediately interested in her wanted to shoot her out on a date.
  • She had been still on a work trip of three days at that time. He would visit her regularly to show his sincerity. It was the very first time she developed feelings for somebody.
  • Both struck collectively on a fantastic note and began dating shortly. They were together for over 6-8months. The duo even lived together. But things, for some reason, didn’t work out, and they called the relationship off.
  • Things did not work out because the guy had fooled her into being unmarried while he had been a married person.
  • She did want to ruin his marriage and, therefore, instantly ended the connection. Since then, Jayce was pretty single and doesn’t want to have into one anytime soon.


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A post shared by JAYCE IVANAH (@iamjayceivanah)

Jayce Ivanah’s Rumors and Controversies

Jayce Ivanah is no stranger to the limelight, but her rise to fame has not come without its fair share of controversies and rumors.

Rumor has it that Jayce Ivanah lost her best girl friend and a boy in one night, after discovering their affair. According to some reports, Jayce took to social media to publicly shame them and used the story as a PSA to warn others about trusting people.

However, it’s important to note that these claims are unverified and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Parenting Choices and Stripping

Another controversy that has surrounded Jayce Ivanah is her parenting choices. She made a statement that she would support her daughter if she chose to become a stripper.

This led to some backlash from her followers, who accused her of promoting inappropriate behavior.

According to Ivanah, her own experiences with stripping led to a cocaine addiction, but it also provided her with a decent living. She believes that it’s her responsibility to educate and encourage her daughter, regardless of her career choice.

Charity Event and Flirting Comment

In 2019, Jayce Ivanah attended a charity event in Los Angeles called “Babes in Toyland.” During an interview on the red carpet, the celebrity was asked what the party was missing.

Jayce jokingly replied that it needed “beautiful women and awesome guys,” and added that those were a “necessity” for a celebration. Unfortunately, her comments were taken out of context, and she was accused of being a flirt.

Separating Fact from Fiction

It’s essential to separate fact from fiction when it comes to rumors and controversies surrounding celebrities like Jayce Ivanah. While some of the stories circulating online might be true, others are simply unfounded or exaggerated.

As always, it’s important to get the facts straight before jumping to conclusions or making assumptions.

Disclaimer: Contact us if you find some information irrelevant since the data is from various sites.


Who is Jayce Ivanah and what is her profession?

Jayce Ivanah is an American model and exotic dancer currently residing in Atlanta. She started her career as a dancer at the age of 19 and has also appeared in music videos and photoshoots.

Has Jayce Ivanah ever worked in the adult film industry?

No, Jayce Ivanah has no plans to enter the adult film industry. Despite working in the adult entertainment industry, she turned down a $50,000 prostitution offer from a billionaire and has no regrets about her decision.

What is Jayce Ivanah’s ethnicity and family background?

Jayce Ivanah is of white ethnicity and follows Christianity as her religion. While she has kept her family background private, it is known that her mother belongs to the Indian, Comanche race.

What are Jayce Ivanah’s plans for the future of her exotic dancing career?

Jayce Ivanah plans to quit her exotic dancing career soon to ensure that her daughter is not influenced by it. She also mentioned that she wouldn’t dance forever and would end her career at some point.

What is Jayce Ivanah’s social media contact information?

Jayce Ivanah’s Twitter handle is @jayceivanah, and her Instagram username is @iamjayceivanah. However, her Twitter account is not verified.

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