Are Jamie Lissow and Wife Jessica Lissow Getting Divorced After A Marriage of 12 Years?

After a rough marriage, Jamie Lissow and his wife Jessica Lissow wanted to get a divorce.

He is a well-known actor and comedian who is best known for Gutfeld! on Fox, which is the number one late-night comedy show on TV. Jamie is best known for his role in the Netflix Original Series Actual Rob, which he co-created and co-produced with Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Norm Macdonald, and David Spade, all of whom he worked with on Saturday Night Live.

Jamie Lissow

Jamie Lissow

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Are Jamie Lissow and His Wife Jessica Lissow Divorced?

Jamie Lissow and his wife, Jessica Lissow, are said to be getting a divorce. Even though they didn’t say anything about the divorce rumors, the pair has been all over the internet. It looks like they are getting a divorce. Gutfeld of Fox tweeted in November 2021 that one of his regular guests was getting a divorce.

On the other hand, Jamie didn’t say anything about the report, and he didn’t confirm it either. Over time, Jamie and Jessica’s relationship grew stronger, and they were often seen together in public. Jamie Lissow and Jessica went out together for a while before they decided to start a new part of their lives and get married. They loved each other so much it was crazy.

The first thing that brought them together made them want to get married, and they did. Even though no one knows for sure when they got married, it seems that they did so 20 years ago. This means that the couple got married between 2001 and 2002. The rumors that they were getting divorced shocked their fans.

Who Was Jamie Lissow Married To? Meet Ex Wife Jessica Lissow

People know Jessica Lissow because she married the comedian Jamie Lissow. They are one of the most beautiful couples, and people have talked about them for a long time.

Twelve years ago, they got married, and they now have two beautiful children. They became famous as a power couple who was always in the public eye.

Jessica was always there for Jamie when things were hard in his life. She was a wonderful wife and a caring mother to their kids. But, unlike her ex-husband, she doesn’t like the media and doesn’t put personal information about herself on the internet.

Jessica Lissow looks like she is in her late 30s. No one knows when and where she was born for sure. Jamie Lissow has turned 42 at the same time. His parents brought him into the world in 1980 in the United States. Even though no one knows their exact ages, they look to be at least 4 or 5 years apart.

Her Instagram handle goes under @jessliss1. She has 155 people who follow her, but she only follows about 59 people back. Even though they are no longer married, Jessica still follows her ex-husband on Instagram. She is also very active on the platform. So far, she has made 816 posts.

Most of the pictures she posts on Instagram are of her children or of her own face. She also loves taking pictures of different things and posting them on her Instagram account. But there are no photos of her with Jamie, her ex-husband.

Jessica has also posted pictures of herself with an unknown man, who fans think is her new boyfriend. But there isn’t any proof that this rumor is true.

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Jamie Lissow's Wife

Jamie Lissow’s Wife

Jamie Lissow: Family

Even though the couple has decided to split up, they will still raise their kids together as co-parents.

Jamie’s ex-wife and he are both great parents to their kids. They often post pictures of their kids on social media, and the divorce doesn’t seem to have changed them at all.

How Old Are His Children?

Lissow has three kids: two handsome boys, Miles and Charles, and a beautiful girl, Briar. She posts pictures of her and Jamie’s kids on social media all the time. Every year on April 15, Briar has a birthday party for herself.

On February 23, Miles will be 23, and on October 19, Charles will be 19. All of the Lissow children seem to like each other, and they spend a lot of time together.

Even though there were rumors that their parents were getting a divorce, the kids were seen spending time with both of them. So the kids might not have been too affected by the split.

Jamie Lissow Parents and Siblings: Is He Jewish?

Lissow is a great comedian. He is between 45 and 50 years old. He was born in the United States at the beginning of the 1970s. Jamie and his family live in the Alaskan city of Fairbanks. His home town is Cedar Park, Texas. From 1988 to 1996, he went to Greece Olympia High School in Rochester.

He went to the State University of New York College at Fredonia and got his Bachelor of Science in mathematics and psychology. Jamie, on the other hand, has never talked about his parents or his upbringing.

The actor doesn’t like to talk about his parents in public, and he has never talked about his siblings to the media either. So it’s not clear if the actor has brothers or sisters or not.

Jamie Lissow: Net Worth

The actor and comedian should have $2 million in the bank by 2022. The majority of his money comes from his appearances on TV. I think it’s safe to say that his first time on TV was on Gutfeld!, which is one of Fox’s most popular late-night shows. His most well-known works as a composer and producer are Real Rob (2016) and Person with a System (2016). (2016). (2017).

He also did well at the Great American Comedy Festival and the Montreal Comedy Movie Pageant. Matt Leblanc was in another movie he directed called Guy With a Plan. On the other hand, dry bar comedy was loved and taken seriously.

His Career Looked Into

Jamie Lissow is well-known in the business for his work in comedy, acting, writing, and producing. He is also a regular on The Greg Gutfeld Show, which is the most popular show in America. Every weekday at midnight, there is a comedy talk show. Up until 2022, Jamie was a regular on the show.

Joe Machi came back after his time on the show was cut short. Jamie Lissow has also worked on the Netflix show Real Rob, where he was a co-producer, an assistant writer, and an actor. He has been on many TV shows, such as The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, Last Comic Standing, Gotham Live, Star Search, Comedy Central Presents, and others.

His last movie was Daddy Daughter Trip, which was a comedy with Rob Schneider, Wayne Lundy, and John Cleese. During his trip with his daughter over spring break, he wrote and filmed a movie about their bad luck.

He is an actor and performer with a lot of skill. Jamie has also been in a lot of stand-up comedy shows and loves to do gigs. The actor has been working steadily in the entertainment business, and he has a lot of projects planned for the future. His fans can’t wait to see how well he does in his next projects.

Comedian Jamie Lissow Wikipedia Bio

In the comedy, acting, writing, and production fields, Jamie Lissow is well-known.

He frequently appears on Gutfeld, the top program in America!

The Greg Gutfeld Show, as well. It is a weekly comic talk program that airs at midnight.

Since 2022, Jamie has appeared on the program frequently. He appeared when the comedian Joe Machi’s appearance on the program was cut short.

Jamie has also contributed as a co-producer, an assistant writer, and an actor to the Netflix Original series Real Rob. He has appeared on a variety of comedic programs, including Comedy Central Presents, Gotham Live, The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, and many others.

The comedian’s final performance was in the film Daddy Daughter Trip, which also starred Rob Schneider, Wayne Lundy, and John Cleese.

A father and daughter who go on a spring break trip together and have a lot of bad luck are the subjects of the film he both wrote and directed.

How old is the comedian Jamie Lissow?

Early in the 1970s, Lissow was born in the United States. He is presently between the ages of 45 and 50.

Living in the Alaskan city of Fairbanks is Jamie and his family. He is a native of Cedar Park, Texas. He attended Rochester’s Greece Olympia High School from 1988 to 1996.

Also, earned a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York College at Fredonia in both math and psychology.

And, has three kids with his wife of three years, Jessica Lissow. The actor and his kids appear to be very close.

On Instagram, he frequently discusses his two boys, Charlie and Miles, as well as his daughter Briar. When he takes time off from work, he is frequently spotted going on vacations with his family.

Earnings for Jamie Lissow in 2022

Lissow, who possesses a wide range of skills, is estimated to have a net worth of millions as of 2022.

Writer, stand-up comic, producer, and actor Jamie is also an actor. He has been generating a lot of money since 2008 by making people laugh.

He has a large following on social media platforms as well. On Instagram, he is followed by more than 83,400 users (@iamjamielissow).

The well-known comedian additionally earns a sizable sum of money through endorsing and marketing companies. He appears as a panelist and guest on several comedic shows.

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