The Bachelorette Australia’s first episode aired Wednesday night. To sum it all, “Wow!” Brooke Blurton had a hot kiss with someone special, and the petty drama started almost immediately.

Jamie-Lee Dayz is not just a contestant on The Bachelorette this year, but Brooke and her are also close friends. The two met for the first time during Honey Badger’s season on The Bachelor. They quickly developed a relationship that could have grown into something greater, but they never got the chance.

Although it’s been many years since they last met, sparks began to fly as soon as Jamie Lee walked onto the red carpet.

Brooke was told by Jamie-Lee that there were many occasions in the mansion when I wanted to sneak over to your bedroom, but she didn’t know. It was frightening because it meant that if I had expressed my feelings and Nick ended up with me, I would have lost you as a friend.

Jamie-Lee Dayz

Jamie-Lee Dayz

Brooke was shocked but shared her thoughts with Jamie-Lee.

“I am going to be open with you, I felt for you in that house. She said, “Just know that.” “But I knew I was there for Nick. It was difficult for me… I felt like it was a moment of transition for us.”

Brooke and Jamie Lee shared an intimate kiss later on. This is something that was almost unheard of in the first episode. Not just once, but three times.

Jamie-Lee Dayz Biography

The Bachelorette Australia is an unscripted version of the U.S. series with a similar title. The Bachelor Australia also has a side project called The Bachelorette Australia. Brooke Blurton will be the Bachelorette in 2021.

Brooke Blurton and Jamie-Lee Dayz are currently competing in The Bachelor season 6, 2018. Jamie-Lee Dayz is part of an unscripted television series called The Bachelorette Australia 2021.

Jamie-Lee Dayz is currently tearing the internet with her appearance on the latest season of The Bachelorette Australia. Jamie-Lee Dayz was raised in Sydney, Australia. She is currently a brain research assistant.

Jamie-Lee is a scene supervisor, and used to also do topless displaying. A Tumblr blog that is X-evaluated is also managed by Jamie-Lee. Jamie-Lee is an individual who values profound things. Her Instagram posts show that she is a friendly and fun person.

Dayz is not straight. This means that she is sexually unattached and happy. Dayz has a slight advantage because she was previously present in The Bachelor, where Brooke was also present.

Jamie-Lee stated that Brooke and she had just recently clicked in a trailer before the premiere of the show. Jamie-Lee acknowledged that Brooke and Brooke were more than just companions, and seemed to be crushing on Brooke for quite a while.

Jamie-Lee Dayz doesn’t seem to have a sweetheart at the moment, despite Jamie-Lee being involved with both men and women. Jamie was previously rumored to have been in a long-lasting relationship with a woman before she appeared on The Bachelors dating show.

Jamie doesn’t want to date anyone homophobic or bigoted. Brooke has retorted to these stories, claiming that they are just old friends.

Jamie-Lee seems to be taking a break from her relationship and dating life. Jamie-Lee Dayz was conceived in 1991. Jamie turns 30 in 2021. The exact date of Jamie’s birth is unknown.

Jamie was born in Sydney. Jamie currently resides in Darlinghurst (New South Wales), Australia. Dayz is a normal height with a well-conditioned body. Dayz is, by all accounts, exceptionally fit and fine for her weight. Instagram account.

Jamie-Lee: Who are you?

Jamie-Lee Dayz was born and raised in Sydney. She is a woman with many talents. She is a psychology student, but has also been a venue manager and model in the past.

What is the connection Jamie-Lee has with Brooke?

Brooke, a 30-year-old, was the first to romantically link him with Brooke while they were on The Bachelor 2018. Jamie-Lee refuted rumors that they had dated briefly, despite the rumors.

Mamamia told her back then that she actually thought it was a very disappointing rumour.

“Just because two people are in the same room does not mean they are automatically dating. It is a shame that we see this as the society we live in. It’s kinda pathetic.

It’s not true. Brooke is a legend and I have a lot to love her. But we are still friends.”

Every Wednesday and Thursday, The Bachelorette Australia airs on Channel 10 or 10play at 7.30pm.

Jamie-Lee Dayz Wikipedia

Jamie-Lee Dayz and Brooke Blurton shared a sexy kiss during the seventh season. You can read more about her below.

Jamie-Lee Dayz, a psychology student from NSW.

She was a contestant in Bachelor Season 6.

Jamie-Lee Dayz, meanwhile, is cutting the internet with her appearance on the latest season of The Bachelorette Australia.

The Bachelorette Australia’s seventh season premiered Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021.

Brooke Blurton (26 years old social worker) will star in the World’s first season. She will be the first bisexual Bachelorette to join the franchise.

Jamie-Lee Dayz Career

Jamie-Lee Dayz is part of The Bachelorette Australia 2021, an unscripted television series.

Through her Instagram, she shared her excitement about joining The Bachelorette’s new season.

The Bachelorette Australia is an unscripted version of the U.S. series with a similar title. The Bachelor Australia also has a side project called The Bachelorette Australia.

Dayz admitted that she was secretly in love for Brooke Blurton, her former Bachelor star.

Jamie-Lee Dayz works as a scene supervisor. She used to perform topless shows.

She also runs an X-evaluated Tumblr Blog.

Brooke has also appeared with her on Honey Badger’s season, The Bachelor.

Jamie-Lee Dayz’s Parents: Jamie-Lee Dayz was the child of her parents, Sydney, Australia. She has not shared any details about her parents. She currently resides in Darlinghurst (New South Wales), Australia.

She seems to be living alone and away from her parents, as she posts on social media.

Jamie-Lee Dayz Age and Height

Jamie-Lee Dayz is thirty years old as of 2021. She was born in Sydney, Australia in 1991. Her exact date of birth is unknown. Looking at her, it appears that she is 5′ 8″ tall.

Jamie-Lee Dayz Instagram

Jamie-Lee Dayz on Instagram Jamie-Lee Dayz can currently be found on her Instagram account at @jamieleedayz She has 4791 followers and 284 posts. She shares most of her cute pictures on Instagram.