Jamey Rootes (Former Houston Texans president): Cause of Death, Education, Award, Net Worth & Wife details

Jamey Rootes was a very important person in the world of sports administration in the United States. Rootes was president of the National Football League’s Houston Texans for a large part of the team’s history.

The sports executive was in charge of running the business side of the team. Before he joined the Texans, Jamey was the president and general manager of the Columbus Crew, a team in Major League Soccer.

Later, Rootes went to Clemson University to get his degree. There, he played intramural sports and joined the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

He worked as an assistant soccer coach after getting his master’s degree in business administration from Indiana University Bloomington. Rootes had been a part of the Texans for nearly 20 years before he left the team in February 2021.

Jamey Rootes

Jamey Rootes

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Jamey Rootes had a lot of money before he died, which is surprising.

At the time of his death, it was thought that Jamey Rootes was worth $5 million. Everyone in the sports business knew about the sports executive’s plans for a successful career.

He worked in the field of sports for a long time. In the United States, executives in the sports business make a total of $99,191 a year, with a mean salary of $52,146. It is expected that wages will go up by $47,045 per year.

Rootes was a part of the Texans organisation for more than 20 years before he quit in February 2021. So, he must have lived well all those years.

Rootes was the General Manager of the Houston Dynamo FC and the Houston Dash of the National Women’s Soccer League for a total of 18 days before he gave his resignation.

He made a lot of money in the sports business through things like writing, public speaking, consulting, and teaching at the University of Houston.

Jamey worked for the Texans for more than twenty years before he finally quit in February 2021.

Where Can I Find the Wife of the Former President of the Texans, Melissa Rootes?

Jamey Rootes had a wife and children. He was a family man. The sports executive was married to the beautiful Melissa Rootes. She was his wife. They had already been married for a long time.

Chris and Caroline Rootes were named after their parents. The family lived in Houston for the rest of their lives.

Chris and Caroline Rootes are both going to school full-time at the moment. Caroline went to Episcopal High School, but Chris’s school was never brought up in the conversation.

At this point, both of them are probably in their teens or early 20s. His wife, Melissa Wildgen Rootes, confirmed the terrible news in a message on Facebook late on Monday night.

According to the message she sent out, Jamey Rootes died on Sunday, August 21, 2022. He had been having problems with his mental health. She said that the news is terrible for their family.

Reports say that mental health problems were the reason for the death.

Reports say that Jamey Rootes, who worked in sports, died at the age of 55. His mental health is to blame for Jamey’s loss, as his wife pointed out early in their conversation.

She said on Facebook that the family would like to be left alone during this hard time and that they won’t be able to answer any questions from the media right now.

She went on to say that Jamey Rootes was popular in Houston because he had an effect on a lot of people, either directly or indirectly.

Jamey Rootes was born and raised in Houston. He was known for his business, intellectual, and charitable work.

She then said that anyone who is having suicidal thoughts should get help right away, and she gave a phone number that people could call to get help in this area.


Jamey Rootes went to college at Clemson University. There, he joined the Beta Theta Pi fraternity and played soccer for the school’s men’s team. He also got a master’s degree in business administration from Indiana University Bloomington, where he also worked as an assistant coach for the university’s soccer team.

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How Did Jamey Rootes Die?

Jamey Rootes, who worked in sports for a long time, died not too long ago. He was the first president of the Houston Texans and the CEO of the Houston Dynamo and the Houston Dash, two of the most successful soccer teams in the city.

Melissa, who was married to him, wrote on Facebook that he had died. She also said that he “fought with mental health problems” before he died.

Our family can’t get over the fact that Jamey Rootes died on August 21, 2022, in Houston, Texas, after a long battle with mental illness. Jamey’s friends and family have our condolences. Jamey was best known for how much he cared about his family and friends, but he was also the President of the Houston Texans before he stepped down in 2021.

Jamey was a loyal Houstonian who loved his city and was able to make a positive difference in the lives of so many people through his work in the business, academic, and charity worlds. Our family asks that you give them the privacy they need and that we don’t answer any questions from the media. The details of Jamey’s memorial service will be announced at a later time.

Information about Jamey Rootes’s work life

Jamey Rootes was the first president of the Houston Texans, a team in the National Football League. The Texans are an NFL team based in Houston (NFL). When he worked for the Texans, he was in charge of all of the business operations for the team. As part of his job, he was in charge of a lot of different things, like coming up with and introducing the Texans’ new name and logo.

Before finally leaving his job as president of the Houston Texans in February 2021, Rootes held that position for almost 20 more years. He was also the President of Lone Star Sports & Entertainment (LSSE), a sports management company that worked with the Texans.

Jamey Rootes is one of the most well-known sports executives in the United States. He was also the CEO of both the Houston Dynamo FC of Major League Soccer and the Houston Dash of the National Women’s Soccer League for 18 days before he quit both jobs.

Important Results Achieved

Since he became head coach, the team has stayed one of the most valuable in the NFL and the whole world. During his time as president, Texans won a lot of awards. The most recent were two American Business Awards for marketing excellence. During his time in office, the Texans also won a number of “Crystal Awards.” After the end of the 2019 National Football League season, the Texans’ streak of consecutive sold-out home games reached 185, which is an NFL record for the city of Houston.

Jamey Rootes

Jamey Rootes


Jamey Rootes has been an important person in his community and in the business world for almost twenty years. Even though Jamey used to be the Board Chairman of the United Way of Greater Houston and the Chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership, he is still involved in the community. Jamey was President of the Houston Texans for twenty years. During that time, he was in charge of the Houston Texans Foundation, which gave more than $32 million to different activities for young people. After Hurricane Harvey did a lot of damage, Jamey worked with the National Football League, the United Way, and other groups to help raise money for people who were hurt by the storms. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the National Football League and its related organisations have given more than $50 million to help with relief and recovery efforts along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Jamey grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and went to the Calhoun Honors College at Clemson University, where he got his Bachelor of Science degree with the highest honours. He then went to Indiana University and got his Master of Business Administration with the highest honours.

Jamey Rootes has been remembered by the Houston Texans

After the former president of the Houston Texans died because of mental health problems, McNair’s wife, Janice, along with his son Cal and daughter-in-law Hannah, released a joint statement on Twitter in Rootes’ honour. In honour of Rootes, the statement was made.

“It makes us very sad to hear that Jamey Rootes, who used to be President of the Houston Texans, has died. During the twenty years that Jamey was our CEO, he ran our business with an unwavering commitment to the Houston Texans. We owe him a lot of thanks for his steady leadership of the Texans and all the other good things he has done for the team. “During this extremely difficult time for Jamey, our thoughts and prayers are with Melissa, Jamey’s wife, and their two children,” the team said in a statement.

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