Jackson Ruai, a basketball player at Oakland City University and a college student, is said to have died in a car accident on June 11, 2022.

Jackson Ruai went to the University of Oakland and played basketball there. The athlete played for the Amphitheater High School Amphi Panthers team in Tucson, Arizona. The basketball star also took part in the Arizona Select UAA programme. He also played forward for Oakland City University’s Mighty Oaks. Ruai went to Amphitheater High School in Tuscan, Arizona, before he joined the Mighty Oaks.

The forward for the Amphi Panthers was a strong player who stood out in almost every game. Ruai chose to go to Oakland City University so that he could play in the NBA one day. He played with the Mighty Oaks in a few games. Sad to say, the young basketball player is said to have died.

Jackson Ruai

Jackson Ruai

What Happened To Jackson Ruai? Oakland University Basketball Player Death In Car Accident

Jackson Ruai died in a terrible car accident on Saturday night, June 11, 2022. He was on the team called Arizona Select UAA. The official Twitter page for the show confirmed that he had died.

Unconfirmed sources say that the accident that happened in Indiana was terrible and that he died right away. We don’t know much more about the accident yet. May his quiet soul be happy for all time.

Jackson Ruai Died At An Early Age

Jackson Ruai, a basketball player, was likely around 20 years old. He was in his second year of college. He was born in South Sudan and grew up in Tucson. It’s sad to find out about death at such a young age.

The South Sudan Basketball Association website says that Ruai wants to use what he learns in college to help South Sudan make medical progress. After his second year at Oakland City, an NAIA school, Ruai just signed up for the transfer portal.

During his first year of college, he went to College of Southern Idaho, a junior college in Twin Falls, Idaho. He joined Oakland City after he didn’t play college football in 2020-21. Since he didn’t play for the Mighty Oaks in 2021-22, he still had three years of eligibility left.

Jackson Ruai Parents

The death of a child is a huge tragedy that can hurt parents for a long time. Jackson Ruai’s parents must be very sad to hear about their beloved son’s terrible death.

Similarly, Ruai’s other family members and close friends who are going through a difficult period may find the fortitude to get through it.