J-hope is defended by the BTS Army amid rumours that he is dating model Irene Kim

The chemistry between BTS member j-hope and model Irene Kim has garnered a lot of attention on Korean social media, and ARMYs aren’t laughing it off.

What precisely is [the relationship between J-Hope and Irene? is the heading of a post made on the internet forum on August 5 by a user going by the name of Nate Pann. The internet user noted how frequently they had run across each other in recent weeks. At the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Irene Kim and BTS member Jimin were seen supporting the performer.

Together with j-hope and another friend, she also paid a visit to Kaws. K-pop fans immediately took notice when the BTS member himself posted several pictures with Irene Kim and the same acquaintance on his personal Instagram.

ARMYs used social media to defend the Arson singer against persistent rumours regarding his personal life, believing it was intrusive of internet users to do so. Fans think that BTS members, regardless of their gender, have the right to hang out with pals. Additionally, not every casual get-together ought to start an online conversation about the celebrity’s romantic relationship.

j-hope BTS army

j-hope BTS army

Irene Kim, a model, and the BTS member may have met for the first time when attending the septet’s Love Yourself concert tour in Seoul in 2018.

Irene Kim has since been seen socialising with BTS members on numerous occasions, including the MORE singer’s Jack in the Box pre-release party. She was even just spotted going to Jimin’s inaugural performance as the festival’s headlining act in 2022 Lollapalooza. She later paid j-hope and Hyejoo Woo, the editor in chief of W Korea magazine, a visit at the Kaws studio.

It’s intriguing to see that the member of Bangtan and Irene Kim haven’t hesitated to post photos of themselves together on their Instagram pages. Irene also posted pictures from the Jack in the Box listening party with the caption, which was accompanied by the emojis for a rainbow, fire, and heart:

He is a world-class human on the inside and out and is our HOPE.

Irene Kim, Jimin, and the editor of W Korea were all featured in the BTS member’s Instagram images from his record-breaking performance at the 2022 Lollapalooza event.

Irene Kim also uploaded a video to her Instagram story in which she can be seen cheering on a BTS performer as they set the stage on fire at Lollapalooza. This prompted Korean internet users to wonder whether the two are romantically involved.

Previously, Rosé from BLACKPINK was romantically linked to the BTS member, but K-Pop fans quickly shot down the speculations. The claims gained popularity after Pierre Sang, a well-known Korean-born French chef, released images of the K-pop stars eating at his establishment in June of this year.

BTS’s Jin shares the humorous explanation for the absence of images at j-pre-release hope’s party: “I sat in the corner to read webtoons.”
The first week of sales for the singer’s solo first album is already complete. Jack in the Box had the seventh-highest first-week sales of any K-pop solo album in history from July 29 to August 4, according to data made public by Hanteo. Even Kang Daniel’s MAGENTA, which sold 323,167 copies, was outsold by it.

His second solo project following Hope World, Jack In The Box features 10 songs, including the pre-release single MORE and the title tune, Arson. It is his first full-length album.