Rapper and YouTuber Darren Watkins Jr., often known online as IshowSpeed, is well-known for his live streams.

He started on YouTube in 2016, and as of this writing, his channel has amassed over 10 million subscribers. All throughout the world, people have praised him for his superb work and handsome appearance.

The audience used to like watching Watkins’ NBA 2K tutorial movies and gaming videos on his YouTube account. Recent viral videos of his responses to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on TikTok and other social media platforms.



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Mugshots: Darren Watkins Jr Gets Arrested For Prank Calling

Recently, Darren Watkins Jr.’s arrest was documented on film by the Fanitizer YouTube channel. Multiple police officers arrived and handcuffed him till the feed had to be cut off as he was being charged with swatting while it was being streamed live.

He reportedly made a Livestream prank call to 911, which led to Cincinnati police detaining him.

IShowSpeed was handcuffed after being swatted live on stream, and his show was quickly terminated. His supporters have been calling for his release on Twitter ever since the news broke, and the hashtag #freespeed is popular.

Is Darren Watkins Jr Aka IshowSpeed In Jail?

It appears that some police officers are apprehending Darren Watkins Jr. in the released YouTuber video.

His arrest’s footage is currently going viral online. His detention was mostly brought on by a video of him making joking calls to police.

Three days have passed since the maker of the video last updated his Instagram. So, according to online rumours, he is being held in jail while being investigated by the law for his acts.

Although there was no hard proof to support the rumours at the time, the news of his arrest earlier this year made headlines.

According to the video that appeared in cyberspace, he should currently be working for the Cincinnati Police Department. None of the parties, meanwhile, have officially confirmed the report.

The majority of his supporters are still unsure on whether this is accurate or if he merely performed for their amusement.



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Darren Watkins Jr Facing Swatting Charges- What Does It Mean?

According to reports, Darren Watkins Jr. is being charged with swatting for recently committing the crime of deceiving a rescue agency.

Swatting is the practise of phoning 911 under the pretence of reporting a major crime.

It has a connection to the activity known as doxing, which involves acquiring and disseminating someone’s address and other personal information with the goal to harass or put them in risk, typically online.

It poses a considerable risk of violence and the possibility of liability should something go wrong and the city or county be obliged to use public dollars to deal with a bogus claim of a big law enforcement emergency.

This is brought about, among other things, by a false report of a significant law enforcement emergency, including a bomb threat, a murder, a fabricated mental health emergency, or a hostage situation.

Criminals that engage in swatting may employ a number of techniques, such as caller ID spoofing, social engineering, TTY, hoax calls, and phone phreaking. Making false statements to emergency responders is illegal in many jurisdictions, and it is typically punished with a fine or time in jail.

Darren Watkins Jr: Personal Life

Darren has a younger sister who will occasionally say “goodnight” to him or communicate with him while he is broadcasting live from his room on Twitch. He also has a younger brother, and he lives with his mother, who can sometimes be heard in the background of his livestreams embarrassing Darren by ordering him to either stop screaming so loudly or to end his streaming because of it.

Darren’s mother lives with him. Darren is a student at his high school right now, despite the fact that it is abundantly evident that he detests it. In spite of the fact that they had a bit of a rivalry with one another, he reportedly used to date Ermony Renee, better known as Dream (not to be confused with the Minecraft YouTuber).

However, this relationship is largely unsubstantiated. Although it is not known if the two are currently dating, it is plausible that transgender musician and TikTok star Ava Barbie had been in a relationship with Darren. It is also possible that the two are still dating. Darren was a member of the football and basketball teams at Purcell Marian High School when he was a student there.

The 21st of January is Darren’s birthday, however we do not know how old he actually is at this time. Because of this, his audience began to debate whether he is 19 years old (having been born in 2003) or 17 years old (having been born in 2005), in part because of the jokes he had made about people who were underage.

Darren has revealed that he is 19 years old, most likely so that he can have a better chance at entering dating competitions on Discord; but, other than that, he has not mentioned his age again several times. On the other hand, in a video he posted on December 22, 2020, of him doing a Q&A, he stated that he was 15 (at the time) and that he was turning 16 “in a minute.”

This debate persists in spite of the fact that the vast majority of Darren’s supporters and sources on the internet point out that he is only 17 years old and not 19 years old.



Darren Watkins Jr: Career

Darren did not upload any videos to his YouTube channel when it was first created in 2016, and at that time, he was not thinking making a career out of the platform. In 2018, he uploaded the footage to NBA 2K18, but it did not perform well at the time, and this depressed him. He was disappointed.

Darren, on the other hand, felt confident in his academic performance. He focused on football and also gave some thought to going to vocational school. Before deciding to pursue a career in live streaming, Darren was delivering meals to senior residents at a nursing home, where he worked before he decided to pursue a career in live streaming.

It was his friend who inspired him to start posting videos on YouTube about the things that he enjoys doing there. During the epidemic, Darren took advantage of the opportunity to launch his career on YouTube. He began uploading films in April 2020 that were associated with NBA 2K20 and 2K21, which assisted him in obtaining a considerable number of views.

He played video games like Fortnite, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and other popular titles in order to keep his YouTube channel active and profitable. Darren had more than 100,000 subscribers by the middle of the year 2020, and as time went on, he became a phenomenon on the internet.

In addition, Darren released his album under the label “What Else IShowSpeed” in an effort to attract more focus from the spectators. Shake, one of his songs, caused a stir once it was released due of certain unsuitable song lyrics. When Darren and Adin were working together on a live stream, he found himself in the middle of yet another contentious situation. During the course of the live video, he made inappropriate statements directed at Ash Kaash. As a direct consequence of breaking Twitch’s rules and guidelines, he was kicked off the platform permanently.

He is concentrating on growing his YouTube account and selecting music that his audience will enjoy listening to so that he may receive more positive feedback and support. Because of the interesting video he produced and the live broadcasts he hosted, Darren was able to amass millions of followers in just two years. He is also advertising a variety of different styles of clothing, which he is selling at prices that are reasonable so that people can readily purchase them.

Darren Watkins Jr: Social Media

IShowSpeed and IShowSpeedy are both Instagram profiles that belong to Darren. The former has 2.4 million followers, and the latter has 127 thousand. Because of the outrage surrounding his misogynistic statements, he was kicked off of Twitch.

Additionally, he is very active on Snapchat, where he has amassed an audience of 88,100 users. In addition, he can be found on TikTok, where he has amassed a following of 6.2 million users. IShowSpeed, Live Speedy, and Speedy Boykins are the three names of Darren’s channels that can be found on YouTube. Together, they have a total of 8.81 million, 2.25 million, and 542,000 subscribers.

Ishowspeed: Personal Information

Name Darren Watkins Jr.
Profile Name IShowSpeed or Speed
Date of Birth (Age) January 21, 2005 (17 years)
Date of Joining (YouTube) March 22, 2016
Total Videos 1,082
Schedule/Status Twice a week/Active
Net Worth $500,000-$1 Million
Nationality American
Residence Los Angeles, California, US

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