Fans can’t get enough of Stefanos Tsitsipas, who is reported to be dating Holger Rune’s sister Alma Rune.

Things blew up in the opening set of the thrilling fourth-round encounter between Stefanos Tsitsipas and emerging Danish phenom Holger Rune on Monday afternoon at the French Open.

Tsitsipas was so sure that he stopped playing, leading in a confrontation between him and Rune over the ruling, with the umpire having to get out of his chair to argue his point.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Is Stefanos Tsitsipas Dating Alma Rune?

Stefanos Tsitsipas is not in a relationship with Ama Rune. The myth arose during the 2022 French Open, when Stefanos was pitted against Holger Rune, who was accompanied by his lovely sister and mother during the matches.

Holger’s sister is generally the center of attention due to her stunning attractiveness. In the most recent match, the same thing happened, and fans began shipping these two criminally handsome guys.

According to Tsitsipas’ LinkedIn profile, he is currently in a serious relationship with his girlfriend Theodora Petalas, who was born in Greece but now lives in London and works as a junior strategist for a branding and marketing agency.

Before beginning her career, Petalas lived in New York City and attended NYU. She has a bachelor’s degree in arts and a master’s degree in science with a project management and technology specialization.

Who is the boyfriend of Holger Rune’s sister? Relationships with Alma Rune

Holger Rune’s sister arouses interest in her lover and romantic life. Alma is frequently associated to those with whom she collaborates for her modeling job. Furthermore, because she is linked to one of the most well-known tennis players in the world today, it is understandable that her personal life is the subject of intense scrutiny.

However, a quick review of her Instagram and other social media sites reveals that she has kept her personal life private. In fact, there isn’t a single person who could be her future mate.

She is more concerned with her professional image and avoids disclosing information about her romantic relationships. There’s a chance she’s in a relationship but doesn’t want the public to know about it, or she could be entirely unattached right now. Because she is still young, the latter explanation makes reasonable.

On Instagram, Alma Rune

Alma Rune’s Instagram account has a sizable following. She has nearly 10,000 followers and has published 316 posts, the majority of which are travel and modeling photos.

The model and celebrity sister @alma.rune has 395 followers and may be found with the handle @alma.rune.