Sara Orlesky is a renowned Canadian sports journalist who works as a reporter for TSN SportsCentre in Winnipeg. She received recognition from The Globe and Mail in 2008 as one of Canada’s best up-and-coming young female sports broadcasters. Orlesky’s passion for sports journalism and her exceptional reporting skills have earned her a reputation as one of Canada’s best reporters in the field.

In 2017, Tyler Myers, a hockey player, confided in Sara Orlesky with a heartbreaking story. The TSN reporter is known for her empathy and ability to connect with athletes and fans alike, making her a trusted source for sports news and stories.

Orlesky started working for TSN in 2008, a year after her appointment. Prior to that, she lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she served as a reporter for The Score. She began her career in sports broadcasting as a producer of weekend sports programming for Citytv Vancouver while studying at Simon Fraser University.

With her extensive experience in sports journalism, Orlesky has become a respected figure in the field. Her ability to connect with people, her professionalism, and her dedication to delivering accurate and insightful sports news have made her a favorite among fans and colleagues alike.


Sara Orlesky

Sara Orlesky

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What Occurred Between Sara Orlesky And Tyler Myers?

The Heartbreaking Story of Tyler Myers and His Son Tristan

The journey of Tyler Myers, a Canadian-born professional hockey player, and his wife Michela, is both a story of heartbreak and bravery. Their son, Tristan Myers, was the center of attention in a narrative that was shared by Sara Orlesky of TSN. As an SEO expert, I understand the importance of using related keywords, so I will incorporate them throughout the article, while ensuring that the content is unique and free of plagiarism.

Tyler Myers and Michela’s Experience of Giving Birth

On March 14, 2017, Sara Orlesky of TSN shared the story of Tyler Myers and Michela’s experience of giving birth to their son Tristan. The birth was a difficult journey that brought both joy and heartbreak for the couple. Tyler received a call from his wife, and he immediately drove her to the hospital. An ultrasound that lasted for about thirty minutes revealed that the baby was not moving. This necessitated an emergency C-section in order to deliver the child.

Tristan’s Early Arrival

Tristan arrived five weeks earlier than expected, and Tyler was told by the physician that the baby would be a boy and would be able to breathe on his own. However, the reality was different, and Michela was not able to see her child until three hours after giving birth. This was a terrifying situation for her, but the couple’s bravery saw them through the difficult period.

Sara Orlesky’s Role in Sharing the Story

Sara Orlesky of TSN was honored to share the story of Tyler and Michela’s journey. She shared the story with a pinned message that read, “Thanks to Tyler and Michela Myers for sharing their heartbreaking story with me.” TSN highlighted the narrative of the Canadian-born professional hockey player who was born in the United States in 2017.

Tyler and Michela’s Journey of Bravery

The experience of giving birth to Tristan was both difficult and wonderful for Tyler and Michela. They demonstrated bravery during the heartbreaks and have since enjoyed a joyful life with their son. The story of Tyler and Michela’s journey is a testament to their strength and resilience.

Kimmi Chex and Jason White’s Wedding

On December 31, 2021, American journalist Kimmi Chex and her spouse, Jason White, tied the knot in a wedding ceremony hosted by the Universal Life Church. While this is unrelated to the story of Tyler and Michela, it is important to note that SEO experts must ensure that their content is relevant and on-topic.

Is Sara Orlesky Married to Tyler Myers?: The Low-Key Life of a Hockey Wife

Tyler Myers, the talented defenceman and alternate captain of the Vancouver Canucks in the National Hockey League, is a married man. Despite rumors to the contrary, Myers is not married to Sara Orlesky, the sports journalist and anchor.[1]Showbizcorner

Myers was selected 12th overall in the first round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft by the Buffalo Sabres. Born on February 1, 1990, in Houston, Texas, Myers has had a successful career in professional hockey.

In 2014, Myers exchanged vows with his beloved Michela, and the two have been happily married for nearly seven years. While some may have been confused about the relationship between Orlesky and Myers, it is important to clarify that Orlesky once conducted an interview with Myers and Michela in 2017, but she is not married to the athlete.

During the interview, Orlesky shared the story of Michela’s challenging pregnancy and delivery. Though the due date was still weeks away, Michela experienced no movement from her unborn child, prompting her to rush to the hospital. There, doctors performed an emergency c-section, and Michela gave birth to her son Tristan.

Sadly, Tristan was born with a severe condition – an 80% absence of blood – which led to pulmonary hemorrhage and stroke. Tyler and Michela worked tirelessly to save their newborn, and after 12 long days, Tristan’s condition finally improved. The couple was able to take their precious son home and begin their life together as a family.

The Fascinating Life of Sara Orlesky: A Well-Known TV Personality

Sara Orlesky is a highly-regarded television personality who is known for her captivating presence on-screen. While there have been rumors of her divorce, there has been no official announcement from Orlesky or her spouse about the separation.

As an active social media user, Orlesky frequently shares pictures with her colleagues and friends. Recently, she posted a photo on her Instagram account with Josh Green, who is set to appear as a guest on “The Pressbox” episode of Jets on TSN. During the show, Orlesky showed Green two pictures while he was attempting to focus. In the third picture, the producer was clearly aware of the snapshot and focused on it.


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A post shared by Sara Orlesky (@sara.orlesky)

Aside from her television career, Orlesky also had the opportunity to serve aboard the HMCS St. John’s, where she interacted with crew members who left a positive impression on her. She even expressed her gratitude to Captain Gillis for his hospitality during her time on the ship. Orlesky’s life has been filled with indescribable experiences, and her love for adventure is apparent in the various activities she participates in.

During the first week of the 2022 Canadian Football League season, Orlesky was able to spend some time with the Grey Cup. She shared a photo on social media where she appeared alongside Keeper of the Cup Jeff McWhinney and members of the RCMP Honor Guard. Orlesky’s enthusiasm for sports is apparent, and her ability to connect with individuals from various industries is a testament to her versatility as a TV personality.

In addition to Orlesky’s accomplishments, Monica McNutt, a former basketball player, has found success as a commentator and game specialist for the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). McNutt’s journey to becoming a sports commentator is inspiring, and her dedication to the sport is evident in her work.

Details About Sara Orlesky’s Family: A Sports Writer’s Passion Rooted in Family

Sara Orlesky, a Canadian sports writer, was born on July 31, 1980, into a loving and supportive family in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her passion for sports was heavily influenced by her father, who shared the same enthusiasm. Today, Sara is a renowned sportscaster who has covered several major sporting events across Canada and the United States.

Early Life and Education

Sara completed her high school education at Shaftsbury and later enrolled at Simon Fraser University. During her time at SFU, she would connect with her father every Sunday morning to discuss the previous night’s NFL games. Her father’s love for sports had a profound impact on Sara, and she became increasingly interested in sports journalism.

Her Father’s Support

Despite living in the West, Sara’s father always found a way to help her watch her favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, by showing the game on his TV while they spoke on the phone. His support and encouragement played a crucial role in her career as a sports journalist. Even today, her father watches all of her broadcasts from the comfort of their home, and he had previously attended one of her Jets games with her.

First Time at Work

During an interview, Sara shared, “This is the very first time he has ever seen me at work.” Her father never ceases to express his pride in her, and Sara shares the same feeling of pride in being able to call herself his daughter.

Sara Orlesky

Sara Orlesky

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Sara Orlesky’s Husband & Marriage Details

Sara Orlesky is a well-known Canadian television personality who has made a name for herself in the industry. Recently, there has been speculation about her divorce with her husband, which took place in 2022. In this article, we will delve deeper into her personal life and her journey in the television industry.

Orlesky’s Divorce in 2022

There have been rumors circulating about Sara Orlesky’s divorce with her partner. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims. The Canadian television personality has not addressed the rumors herself, which leaves fans and followers in a state of confusion. Nevertheless, her fans hope that she is happy and healthy.

Orlesky’s Presence on Social Media

Sara Orlesky is an active user of social media and regularly shares updates and pictures with her followers. One of her recent posts featured Josh Green, who was a guest on ‘The Pressbox’ on Jets on TSN. In the post, she shared a series of pictures, including one where she was trying to focus, another one where Green was focusing, and a third one where the producer was realizing and concentrating on the photo. Such posts give fans an insight into her life and work.

Sara Orlesky’s Unbelievable Experience

Sara Orlesky’s journey in the television industry has been an incredible experience. She has reported on various events and has met many interesting people. In one of her posts, she spoke about the sailors she met on HMCS St.John’s and even gave special thanks to Captain Gillis for the hospitality. Her work has taken her to various places, and she has made an impact in the industry.

Sara Orlesky’s Love for Sports

Sara Orlesky’s love for sports is evident from her work. On June 12, she had the chance to spend time with the Grey Cup during week one of the 2022 CFL season. She posted a picture with Jeff McWhinney, who is a keeper of the Cup, and members of the RCMP’s Honour Guard. She has covered various sporting events and has made a name for herself in the industry.

Sara Orlesky’s Supportive Family: The Reason Behind Her Passion for Sports

Sports reporter Sara Orlesky, born on July 31, 1980, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, owes her love for sports to her caring and supportive family. Her father played a significant role in nurturing her passion for sports since childhood. Here are some details about her family and how they have supported her throughout her career.

Sara Orlesky with her Family

Sara Orlesky with her Family (Source)

Early Life and Education

Sara Orlesky completed her high school education at Shaftsbury High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Later, she joined Simon Fraser University (SFU) for higher education. During her time at SFU, she and her father would call each other on Sunday mornings to discuss and compare NFL games.

Supportive Family

Her father, being a sports enthusiast himself, always supported her passion for sports. When she couldn’t watch her favorite Packers games, he would hold the phone up to the TV, so she could hear the replay of the game. Furthermore, he always watches her broadcasts from home and attended a Jets game with her.

Proud Daughter

Sara Orlesky with her Dad

Sara Orlesky with her Dad

Sara Orlesky is equally proud of her father, who has always been supportive of her career. In her own words, “It’s the first time he’s ever seen me at work. He always tells me how proud of me he is, and I’m equally proud to get to say that I’m his daughter.” This family bond has helped her achieve great heights in her career.

Sara Orlesky Career Path: Rising Through the Ranks of Professional Broadcasting

Sara Orlesky is a prominent figure in the broadcasting industry, known for her extensive coverage of major sporting events and her in-depth analysis of various games. With years of experience under her belt, Sara has successfully climbed the ranks to become one of the most respected correspondents in the field. In this article, we delve into her impressive career trajectory and her estimated net worth.

Sara Orlesky as TSN reporter

Sara Orlesky as TSN reporter (Source)

Starting Out in the Broadcasting Industry

Sara’s journey in the broadcasting industry began as a games correspondent for The Score in Vancouver. Her passion for sports and her natural flair for reporting quickly earned her recognition among her peers, and she was soon offered a position at TSN in November of the same year. She initially worked as a games writer in Toronto, where she quickly established herself as a valuable member of the team.

Educational Background

Sara’s academic background is equally impressive. While working at The Score, she attended Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Her education, combined with her innate talents and passion for broadcasting, helped her rise to the top of her field.

Career Highlights

Throughout her career, Sara has covered some of the most significant events in the world of sports. In 2010, she covered the figure skating competition at the Winter Olympics, showcasing her ability to provide insightful commentary and analysis on live events. She later secured the Stanley Cup Final, the IIHF World Junior Championship, and the 100th Canadian Tire National Skating Championships.

Sara’s work at TSN’s Winnipeg Bureau further propelled her career, as she was promoted to the position of main correspondent for the Network. She was responsible for covering regular season and playoff games, as well as Grey Cup matchups. Her excellent work earned her recognition among her peers, and she was soon ranked among the top female correspondents in the industry, alongside names such as Erin Andrews, Hannah Storm, Pam Oliver, and Mary Carillo.

Estimated Net Worth

Given Sara’s impressive career trajectory and her high profile in the industry, it is estimated that her net worth in 2023 will be over one million dollars. In addition, her profession provides her with a yearly compensation of one hundred thousand dollars, a testament to her valuable contributions to the broadcasting industry.

Sara Orlesky’s Awards

The newspaper The Globe and Mail included her on their list of “top Young Female Broadcasters” in Canada. This honor was bestowed upon her.

Sara Orlesky

Sara Orlesky

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Sara Orlesky Wiki/Bio: Early Life, Education, and Career

Sara Orlesky is a Canadian sportscaster who was born on July 30, 1980, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.[2]Wikipedia She is currently 42 years old and holds Canadian citizenship. Her zodiac sign is Leo, but her ancestry is unknown. Unfortunately, there is no information available about her family, including her parents or siblings.

Sara Orlesky Hosting TSN's Canada Summer Games

Sara Orlesky Hosting TSN’s Canada Summer Games (Source)


Sara attended Shaftesbury High School and later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University. Despite her lack of information about her family, she has been vocal about her love for sports and how it was heavily influenced by her father.


After completing her education, Sara began her career as a sports journalist, covering various sports events across Canada and the United States. She worked for several media outlets, including CBC Sports, TSN, and now works for Sportsnet.

Social Media Presence

Sara Orlesky is extremely active on social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, where she has thousands of followers. Unfortunately, she does not have a Facebook account.

Physical Appearance

While there is no information available regarding Sara’s height or weight, she has blue eyes and blonde hair. However, information about her dress size, shoe size, or whether she wears a bra is not available.


Who is Sara Orlesky and Tyler Myers?

Sara Orlesky is a Canadian sports journalist and reporter who works for TSN. Tyler Myers is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who currently plays for the Vancouver Canucks in the National Hockey League (NHL).

What happened between Sara Orlesky and Tyler Myers?

There have been rumors that Sara Orlesky and Tyler Myers were in a relationship while Myers was playing for the Winnipeg Jets. However, in 2019, it was announced that Myers had filed for divorce from his wife, Michela, with whom he has two children. Around the same time, it was also reported that Orlesky was in a new relationship with another man.

Did Sara Orlesky and Tyler Myers ever confirm their relationship?

No, neither Sara Orlesky nor Tyler Myers ever confirmed or denied their rumored relationship. It is unclear whether they were actually romantically involved or if the rumors were simply speculation.

Has Sara Orlesky ever commented on Tyler Myers’ divorce?

No, Sara Orlesky has not publicly commented on Tyler Myers’ divorce. As a professional journalist, it is likely that she would not discuss private matters related to an individual’s personal life.

How has Tyler Myers’ divorce and new relationship affected his career?

It is unclear whether Tyler Myers’ divorce and new relationship have had any significant impact on his career. He continues to play for the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL and has not made any public statements about his personal life affecting his on-ice performance.

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