Mike Hosking is a television and radio presenter from New Zealand who has worked for both Radio New Zealand and TVNZ. Fans are interested in learning more about his health.

Michael Noel James Hosking IV is a telecaster who has worked for Radio New Zealand and TVNZ in New Zealand. He has presented “The Mike Hosking Breakfast” on Newstalk ZB since 2008.

He is a supporter of the National Party’s center-right faction, and he regularly opposes the government led by Labor.

Mike Hosking

Mike Hosking

Mike Hosking: Where Is He Now?

Mike Hosking is an Auckland-based telecaster who has worked in Wellington, Christchurch, and Auckland. The morning show on Newstalk ZB is hosted by Mike Hosking. Mike Hosking has aired his big Breakfast show on Newstalk ZB since around 2008. Every working day, beginning at 6 a.m., you may listen to the experience on Newstalk ZB.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has received many complaints about Hosking (BSA). Andrew Judd, the mayor of New Plymouth, was unsuccessful in his complaint that Hosking’s statements on a local matter were discriminatory in 2016. Despite this, the Mori Party filed a case in 2017 saying that he made false statements regarding who was eligible to sign up for Mori electorates, which was successful.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the BSA also complained that Hosking’s comments concerning Coronavirus death rates breached the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice.

Fans wondering if he’s ill this week

Mike does not appear to be unwell this week. Many followers believe he is suffering from a mysterious sickness similar to the one he had in 2015. In 2015, the talk show host spoke on Newstalk ZB this morning and discussed his “secret ailment,” which is still unknown.

Recently, though, he looks to be in terrific health. He has been tight-lipped about his medical condition.

Mike Hosking: Family Information

Hosking grew up in the Christchurch neighborhoods of St Albans, Mairehau, and Linwood, attending St Albans Primary School, Mairehau Primary School, and Linwood High School.

In 1989, Hosking married Marie Angela Hosking, and in June 2001, she gave birth to twins Ruby and Bella. In August of 2002, they called it quits. They were sued by Pacific Magazines in 2003 for photographs of Marie and her two young kids shot by sensationalist Simon Runting in December 2002. The security misdeed was developed in New Zealand customary legislation as a result of the Hosking v Runting judgement.

In 2012, Hosking married Kate Hawkesby, an individual telecaster. From a previous marriage, she has three children.