A Las Vegas vape shop owner allegedly stabbed a would-be thief on Wednesday, and video of the event quickly went viral online.

The 22-year-old owner of Smokestrom Smoke Shop in Sahara Avenue Suite, Las Vegas, can be seen in the video conversing with the two alleged robbers at his establishment.

Nguyen could be seen escalating the situation and stabbing him with a sharp blade. Soon after, Las Vegas police responded to complaints of the heist. The situation is still being looked into right now.

Incident at Las Vegas Vape Store

Incident at Las Vegas Vape Store

Details of the Las Vegas Vape Store stabbing

Jonathan Nguyen became suspicious at 3:25 p.m. when two males wearing ski masks walked into his store, according to TMZ. One of them took a tip jar when he ordered them to go, but he disregarded it.

Nguyen launched an assault on one of the suspects after they allegedly crossed the counter in an effort to take more. He grabbed the suspect and stabbed him at least seven times. Later, he explained to authorities that he was compelled to act in self-defense.

The alleged robber who was stabbed in the event was later identified as being only 17 years old, according to Las Vegas police.

Violent crime in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas vape shop stabbing is the latest in a string of crimes that the state has seen, according to the Nevada Independent. While many areas of Nevada have seen an overall drop in crime, some areas have seen an increase in murders, assaults, and robberies since 2021.

Even though the Covid-19 shutdown had a negative impact on crime in 2020, violent crimes have only gone up in some areas of the State since then.

According to Ernesto Lopez, a research specialist with the Council on Criminal Justice, there are a variety of reasons why such changes can take place. He claimed that finding plausible explanations for social phenomena is highly complicated in an interview with the Nevada Independent.

From a different angle, a spike in crime rates may also signal an improvement in overall law and order because it may indicate that people are more likely to report crimes to the police.