American pop singer and model Carol Anthony, who is 38 years old, will shortly wed Liverpool football legend Ian Rush, 60, who is thirty years her senior.

Ian Rush, now 60, played professionally as a forward for the Welsh National Football team in his heyday. Between 1980 and 1987, he also participated in football leagues for teams like Liverpool Football Club.

Ireland-born The future wife of former Welsh footballer Ian Rush is Carol Anthony.

Ian, a Liverpool player, was born on October 20, 1961. He may be celebrating his 61st birthday with Carol Anthony, his new wife, after the two became engaged in 2019 after dating for five years.

Ian Rush

Ian Rush

Wife To Be Of Ian Rush: How Old Is Carol Anthony?

Irish actress and model Carol Anthony, who will soon become Ian Rush’s wife, is 38 years old. Since 2013, Carol and the 60-year-old football great have been dating.

Later in the year, Ian Rush, then 57, and Irish vocalist Carol, then 35, became engaged. After Ian and Tracy’s long-term separation, they had been dating for a year. After 25 years of marriage, he filed for divorce from Tracy.

Anthony, a stunning woman in her mid-30s, was born on October 11, 1983, in Ireland. In a few weeks, she will celebrate turning 39 with her fiancé Ian Rush. Since they began dating in 2013, the couple has shared birthdays together.

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Carol Anthony Is Singer From Ierland – Career Explored

Carol Anthony works as a vocalist and glamour model, and she will shortly wed Ian Rush. On Instagram, the Irish singer has amassed thousands of followers.

The Irish singer is primarily recognized as Ian Rush’s fiancée. Carol, however, has succeeded in using her modeling job to gain favorable attention. She expresses gratitude to the public for providing her widespread recognition.

Anthony had an appearance on the TV show TV’3 Celebrity Shop in 2012, where she and five other celebrities were put through a hair and beauty boot camp before being taken into a genuine beauty salon to practice their newly acquired skills on members of the public.

Carol’s major break came after she decided to pursue the pop music industry and began performing as Carol Havana Havana. Her YouTube channel is where she has posted her music videos.

Carol Anthony Net Worth: How Rich Is Ian Rush Future Wife?

Carol Anthony is a well-known singer and model who works in the entertainment industry. Anthony’s net worth is predicted to be around $1.5 million as of 2022, based on a number of sources.

Carol’s work as a singer and model has contributed to her wealth and income. She adores touring the world and leading an opulent lifestyle. Her records have sold thousands of copies, and her wealth is rising.

Rush, however, has accumulated a net worth of almost $2 million over the course of his career as a National Football Player. He has served as an analyst for many networks since since he finished playing football.

ian rush wife carol anthony

ian rush wife carol anthony

What Does Carol Anthony Do For Work?

The youngest of the nine Anthony siblings, Carol, is a model and vocalist. In 2012, she adopted the Pop Music aesthetic and performed songs as Havana.

Home-run Productions, which Carol founded, is a producing firm. Together with her lover, Ian Rush, she frequently attends football and horse racing games.

She uses her Instagram account to promote her music. Carol has put out a number of tracks that have received millions of views. She has always supported Liverpool.

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Ian Rush Daughter: Who Is She? Meet Carol Anthony: Former Footballer Wife-to-be.

Ian Rush, a football hero for Liverpool who is 60 years old, recently got engaged to his girlfriend Carol Anthony, a model and pop singer who consoled him after he divorced his wife of 25 years and helped him through the process of moving on with his life after the breakup. Rush is over 30 years older than Anthony, who is the younger of the two.

Forward for the Welsh national football team with a lot of experience, Rush plays as a veteran. Between the years 1980 and 1987, as well as 1988 and 1996, he was a club football player for Liverpool. Even now, Rush is competing for Wales as a member of the national team. Because he has scored 346 goals for the squad in his career, he holds the record for most goals scored by a single player in the history of the club.

He was a member of the Wales national team in 73 different international matches, and he was the player who held the record for the most goals scored by a single country’s Wales team until 2018. He racked up a grand total of 28 goals scored during the years 1980 to 1996 combined.

Who is the daughter of Ian Rush? Meet His Children

Ian Rush and Tracy had their first child together in 1987, after which they went on to have two more children together. The couple’s first wedding took place in 1987. The great football player does not have any biological children of his own, including sons or daughters.

According to his bio on Wikipedia, he is a dedicated father to his two children, Jonathan and Daniel Rush. Because of this, he must be a very proud father. At this point in time, they are in their 30s; nevertheless, there is no information that can be uncovered regarding their whereabouts or the employment that they hold.

Additionally, the father of two fell head over heels in love with Carol, a tall and lithe blonde, in the year 2010, when they met for the very first time in Portugal. Carol was a tall and lithe blonde. Ian and the model had a talk, and they swapped phone numbers before beginning to text each other frequently, according to a mutual friend who let the information go.

Because Tracy’s husband’s phone included a text message from Carol that contained explicit sexual content, she was made aware of the relationship that existed between the two ladies. According to Business Standard, she was left with a broken heart and the notion that she had given up her entire life for the purpose of a single individual. She had given up her entire life for the sake of a single individual.

Who exactly is the future Wife Mrs. Ian Rush, Carol Anthony?

Carol Anthony, who hails from Ireland and is a model and singer, is best known for her relationship with the musician Ian Rush, whom she is currently engaged to marry. She had a hasty wedding in 2012, despite the fact that she has been married to Rush for about five years at this point in time.

After making an appearance on TV3’s Celebrity Salon in 2012, performing under the stage name “Havana,” and being managed by the former inventor of Wham!, she made her debut in the world of pop music that same year. Simon Napier-Bell.

Before filing for divorce from her in 2015, the former Liverpool striker was married to his wife Carol for a combined total of 28 years before they separated. After it came to light that Carol and Ian, who both grew up in public housing in Wales, had been seeing one other for three years, the couple made the decision to discontinue their relationship when it became known to the general public.

Anthony said that there was no criminality on her part in the dissolution of their marriage and that he had no problem with their age gap of 22 years. He also stated that he had no problem with her being innocent of any misconduct. After being together for five years, the two persons, who consider one another to be their closest friend, have come to the conclusion that they want to get married.

Difference in Age Between Boyfriend Ian Rush and Girlfriend Carol Anthony

There is an age difference of 22 years between the famous former football player Ian Rush and the Irish beauty Carol Anthony, who is his partner. Carol Anthony is also famous for her beauty.

Rush, who was born on October 20, 1961 in St. Asaph, Flintshire, first came to the attention of the public in January 1980 when he scored the game-winning goal for Chester City in an unexpected 2-0 victory over Newcastle United in the third round of the FA Cup. Rush’s goal helped Chester City advance to the fourth round of the tournament.

The couple has been together since late 2013, when they initially got together, and Carol was ecstatic when her lover, a former striker, proposed to her in 2019. The couple has been together since late 2013. According to the assertions that were made by The Sun, they were present at the Sean Cox charity event that was held in Dublin. This was stated in the assertions.

Even though the young model is quick to laugh off any allegations that she is a gold-digger, she does acknowledge that it is common for people to evaluate wealthy athletes and their younger companions, even if their relationship is exceptional. Even though she laughs off the allegations, she does acknowledge that it is common for people to evaluate wealthy athletes and their younger companions.

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