American Idol finalist, Tennessee singer Hunter Wolkonowski aka HunterGirl is loved and supported by her parents Chris and Urla Wolkonowski. Let’s take a look at the details of the father and mother.

Hunter Girl

Hunter Wolkonowski

In addition to Hunter, Leah Marlene and Noah Thompson, both from Normal, Illinois, and Louisa, Kentucky, respectively, compete for the ultimate prize of the Idol franchise, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 22, at 8:00 pm on ABC.

On Spotify, HunterGirl has more than 65,000 regular listeners per month. The thirteenth of May, 2022 saw the release of her newest song, titled “Red Bird.”

Both Hunter and her younger sister Rylan were born to Hunter’s parents, Chris and Urla Wolkonowski. Here are more details regarding Hunter’s parents.

American Idol: Where Are HunterGirl Parents From?

Chris and Urla Wolkonowski, a married couple from Tennessee, are HunterGirl’s parents. HunterGirl is a finalist on American Idol. Since they wed on August 11, 1996, the couple has been together throughout their whole relationship.

The woman, now 23, acknowledges that her parents are her most ardent supporters. They have been there for her from the very beginning, offering their support. Her mother, Urla, promotes her daughter through various initiatives throughout the state of Tennessee and on social media, where she sells products bearing the HunterGirl brand.

The Wolkonowskis have two lovely girls, and they are quite proud parents. The 25th of May, 1998 saw the arrival of the eldest daughter, Hunter. She will be 23 years old this year. Rylan, the younger of the two, came into the world on March 9, 2003. She will be 19 years old this year.

HunterGirl Father And Mother Age Difference

The births of HunterGirl’s parents are separated by one year from one another. On December 22, 1971, Chris Wolkonowski was brought into the world. He will turn 50 years old later this year. Urla Wolkonowski, on the other hand, made her debut into the world on June 1st, 1972. She will be 49 years old this year. She had her first daughter when she was 26 years old, and she was a daughter.

On December 22, 2021, Chris’s family of four was together to celebrate the occasion of his turning 50 years old. The fact that the girls spend most of their time away from the family due to employment and school made the day feel more special.

The finalist on American Idol claims that her mother has been her most trusted confidante throughout her life. She paid tribute to her mother at the Mother’s Day program by singing Lauren Alaine’s song “Like My Mother Does.” Her mother was in the audience for this performance.

HunterGirl Parents Wikipedia Biography

The United States Department of Agriculture employs Chris Wolkonowski, the biological father of HunterGirl, in the position of Assistant State Conservationist. The Natural Resources Conservation Service chose him to participate in the field operation that will take place in Middle Tennessee.

Chris spent his childhood going on outdoor adventures with his father and brother, including hunting, camping, and fishing. He possesses a great deal of passion and has had a deep-seated interest in the natural world from a very young age. Since 2002, he has held the position of Area Biologist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service. After that, the National Wild Turkey Federation selected Chris to serve as the organization’s liaison to the NRCS.

The same may be said for Urla Wolkonowski, who is employed at Franklin County High School as a teacher of special education. She received a Bachelor of Applied Science and an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice from Tennessee Technological University, where she also graduated with honors. Additionally, she earned a degree in special education from Middle Tennessee State University.

The season finale of American Idol will air on ABC at 8 o’clock on May 22. This will be the show’s final episode. Keep an eye out for HunterGirl, Leah Marlene, and Noah Thompson as they battle for the top prize.