The newest drama on Hulu, titled “Welcome to Chippendales,” was completely filmed in the cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the states of California and Nevada.

Robert Siegel is the mind behind the Hulu series “Welcome to Chippendales,” which is a biographical drama based on the book “Deadly Dance: The Chippendales Murders” written by K. Scot Macdonald and Patrick Montesdeoca. Siegel is also the show’s executive producer.

The events of the story, which take place in the 1970s, revolve around Somen “Steve” Banerjee, a forward-thinking Indian immigrant who established the first make-stripper group known as the Chippendales. Many individuals, particularly women, consider Steve’s establishment to be a cultural phenomena, despite the fact that it has been the topic of discussion in a few different contexts.

The exceptional performances delivered by the gifted ensemble cast, which includes Kumail Nanijiani, Murray Bartlett, Annaleigh Ashford, Dan Stevens, and Juliette Lewis, considerably elevate the biographical story.

Even though the compelling stories that are told on the show keep viewers interested throughout each episode, the setting in the late 1970s and the Chippendales in the backdrop make one question where the show is actually produced.

Hulu set the Welcome to Chippendales release date at 3 a.m. ET 12 a.m. PT on Tuesday November 22

Hulu set the Welcome to Chippendales release date at 3 a.m. ET 12 a.m. PT on Tuesday November 22

Welcome to the Chippendales Filming Locations

The majority of “Welcome to Chippendales” was shot in the cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, both of which are located in the states of California and Nevada.

The principal filming for the first season of the drama series began in March 2022; however, it was abruptly postponed for approximately one week owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Following the postponement, filming resumed and continued until it was finally wrapped up in July of that same year. Let’s get an overview of each one of the one-of-a-kind websites that are mentioned in the Hulu series.

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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, the most populous city in the state of California and the second most populous city in the United States, serves as the setting for a number of significant scenes in the film “Welcome to Chippendales.”

The production crew for the series sets up camp next to Plan B, which is located at 11637 West Pico Boulevard, in order to film numerous important moments for the series. In addition, Micro Computer Center Inc., which is located at 11651 West Pico Boulevard, and the surrounding region of Chatsworth are both significant production locations.

The vibrant downtown region of the City of Angels, which can be found in Southern California, is home to a variety of stunning beaches, posh neighbourhoods, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

In addition, it encompasses a number of well-known tourist locations, such as the Wilshire Grand Center, the Wilshire Sign, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles, the Venice Canal Historic District, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

In addition, throughout the years, it has been used as the setting for the production of a number of movies, such as “Bullet Train,” “Don’t Worry, Darling,” “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” and “From Scratch.”

Welcome to Chippendales will include a total of eight episodes.

Welcome to Chippendales will include a total of eight episodes.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Filming also takes place in Las Vegas, which is the most populous city in Nevada and the county seat of Clark County. The production crew of “Welcome Chippendales” makes the trip there. It would appear that the cast and crew camped out at several locations throughout the city in order to film different scenes against the right settings.

The basin of the Mojave Desert, in which Las Vegas is situated, along with the mountain ranges that surround it create an atmosphere that is stony and dry.

Las Vegas’s economy is influenced in various ways by a variety of factors, including gaming, conventions, and tourism. The city’s most prominent tourist sites are its opulent casinos and hotels, such as The START Hotel, Casino & Skypod and the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, to name just a few. These establishments attract a large number of visitors every year.

In addition, Las Vegas has been an essential setting for the production of a significant number of well-known films and television series. There are many of them, but some of them include “Up in the Air,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and “Iron Man.”

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Watch Welcome to Chippendales: Where to Stream and When?

On Tuesday, November 22, 2022, “Welcome to Chippendales” will make its debut. It will be available to watch on a variety of platforms, including Hulu in the United States, Disney Plus around the world (accessible in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries), Star Plus in Latin America, and more.

Because Hulu and Disney services are not available in countries other than the United States, travelling to countries other than the United States may create some difficulties. If you use a virtual private network (VPN), you will be able to bypass this restriction and access your membership even while you are travelling outside of the country. By utilising the programme to switch your local IP address to your home IP, geoblockades can be circumvented and deleted.

The new season will consist of a total of eight episodes, and it would appear that the first two would be broadcast concurrently on the day that the season begins, after which the remaining episodes will be made available once every week. Additionally, new programming often becomes available to watch on streaming services at three in the morning Eastern Time (or midnight Pacific Time).

How does Hulu work? pricing, plans, channels, and how to get it

What is Hulu?

Users in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Japan are able to view popular television episodes thanks to Hulu, a video-on-demand service that is available in those countries. The Walt Disney Company, the service’s parent company, launched an offshoot service called Star through its Disney Plus platform to customers in Canada, Western Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, and parts of Asia-Pacific at the beginning of 2021. This was done in order to facilitate the service’s expansion into new international markets. Hulu’s primary areas of emphasis include the streaming of more recent television episodes produced by a large number of well-known network broadcasters, as well as original material, blockbuster and independent films, and documentaries.

The platform is unique in comparison to other well-known streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in that it provides users with early access to popular series produced by numerous traditional television networks. After an episode of a major broadcast television series has aired, the episode may often be viewed online within a week, and in rare situations, it can even be viewed within a single day. A membership to Hulu does not come with any surprises in the form of additional costs, equipment rentals, or installation appointments, in contrast to cable television. Hulu is compatible with a wide variety of streaming media players, so you may watch it either at home or on the road.

The capability to download and watch material offline was added to Hulu in 2019, allowing users to do something that customers of competing streaming services have been able to do for years. Viewers have the ability to download up to 25 titles across five different devices, and they have up to 30 days to watch content that they have downloaded from their streaming library. When you begin downloading a game, you have forty-eight hours to complete it before the download timer runs out and you have to start the process all over again. This feature is only available with Hulu’s ad-free subscription tiers (more on these plans below).

Hulu also features a growing roster of unique original material, such as the Emmy Award–winning drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, the hip-hop docuseries Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and more. This content is not available on any other streaming service.

How much is Hulu?

Hulu costs $8 per month or $80 per year (with advertisements). The price that is being charged now is the result of a price increase of $1 that went into effect on October 10th. Access to all of Hulu’s on-demand programming is included on this package; however, users will be subjected to advertisements.

After a price increase of $2 on October 10, the only way to view content without interruption from advertisements is by upgrading to Hulu’s “No Ads” plan, which now costs $15 per month.

Hulu subscribers who want live TV in addition to the content that is available on demand also have a few options to choose from. Hulu Plus Live TV has a starting price of $70 per month, and it gives access to over 75 additional channels in addition to Disney Plus and ESPN+.

Streaming on-demand shows and movies is available with any Hulu package. This includes Hulu originals such as “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Only Murders in the Building,” as well as current TV favourites such as “Abbott Elementary” and classic comedy such as “I Love Lucy.”

The True Story Behind Hulu's Welcome to Chippendales

The True Story Behind Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales

The most recent series to debut on Hulu focuses on handcuffs, collars, and criminal activity.

Somen “Steve” Banerjee, the entrepreneur behind the multi-million dollar company known for its displaying of shirtless men who would strip down for their adoring admirers, is the subject of the true narrative that is told in the film Welcome to Chippendales.

The series, which was developed by Robert Siegel, the creator of Pam & Tommy, covers the development and fall of the one-of-a-kind male revue. Kumail Nanjiani plays the role of Banerjee in the series. In spite of the fact that he is best known for his humorous parts, the actor has stated in the past that the gig is “the most demanding job I’ve ever done.”

However, there is more to the eight-part series than just striptease and bowties! As a result of the sudden success of the strip club throughout the early 1980s, there was an increase in the amount of competitors in the industry, which led to Banerjee’s legacy being tainted with greed, scandal, and even murder.

The true crime series that is being broadcast on Hulu is not the first version of this tale to be told. Curse of the Chippendales was a documentary television series that was shown by Discovery+ in September 2021. The film detailed the terrifying events that took place by conducting interviews with former dancers and the initial business leads of the homicidal tragedy.

Here is everything you need to know about the real-life events that inspired the film “Welcome to Chippendales, ” including the crimes that Banerjee committed and the charges against him.

American drama miniseries Welcome to Chippendales

American drama miniseries Welcome to Chippendales

Welcome to Chippendales

Robert Siegel is the mind behind the American drama miniseries Welcome to Chippendales, which was inspired by the book Deadly Dance: The Chippendales Murders written by K. Scot Macdonald and Patrick MontesDeOca. Siegel is the show’s creator. The show features Kumail Nanjiani in the role of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, the creator of Chippendales. The first episode was released on Hulu on November 22nd, 2022.

Welcome to Chippendales
Genre Drama
Created by Robert Siegel
Inspired by
Deadly Dance: The Chippendales Murders

  • K. Scot Macdonald
  • Patrick MontesDeOca
  • Kumail Nanjiani
  • Murray Bartlett
  • Annaleigh Ashford
  • Dan Stevens
  • Juliette Lewis
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of episodes 2

Hulu’s ‘Welcome to Chippendales’ looks a little under-dressed for success