Noel Mikaelian, the model Fernanda Flores’ lover, is an American-German professional boxer with a fortune in the millions.

Mikaelian competes in the Cruiserweight division and is a competent fighter. In 2014, he was awarded the World Boxing Organization Youth World. He was the WBO international junior heavyweight champion in 2016.

Furthermore, the boxer’s stepfather is Khoren Gevor, the former European middleweight champion. He has followed in his father’s footsteps as a world title challenger.

In February 2022, Noel will compete for the vacant WBC Silver cruiserweight title in Studio 69, Riga, Latvia, against Youri Kalenga.

How wealthy is Fernanda Flores fiancée Noel Mikaelian Boxer?

Noel may have a net worth of around a million dollars based on his professional experience. The fighter, on the other hand, has not revealed his actual financial situation to the press.

Noel has recently been photographed roaming around with Fernanda Flores. He is trying to pay off his debts and spending time with his loved one on vacation. Mikaelian is also the model Flores’ favorite travel body. They appear to have had a lavish vacation in Spain this June, complete with a wide variety of cuisines.

Noel debuted his profile on on June 16th. He’s discussed going to the market to get his new stuff. In the market, his t-shirt with the name Mikaelian is popular. His name appears in product and service-related media. The merchandise is available at Millions.

Furthermore, Noel Mikaelian’s information has been developed on his new page. He is a WBC Silver world and WBO Jr. world champion, as well as the WBSuperseries’ top fighter. He is a WBO and WBC international boxing champion.

The fight is now ranked second in the world by the WBC in the cruiserweight division. He is an Armenian who was born and reared in Germany and currently resides and fights in Miami.

Earnings of Fernanda Flores boyfriend Noel Mikaelian

Mikaelian makes money by boxing and selling merchandise. On May 13, 2017, the fighter began his professional career. He fought for the cruiserweight title against Krzysztof Wlodarczyk. The boxer was ranked No. 1 by the WBO, No. 3 by the IBF, No. 4 by the WBA, and No. 12 by the WBC.

He may have made a lot of money from his professional career after obtaining several titles in the area. His designer clothes could fetch a higher price. He’s also traveling and spending a lot of time in Spain.

Noel Mikaelian Professional Background is Examined

Mikaelian debuted on August 16, 2014, and won his first match against Ismail Abdoul. He defected to Tams Lodi by TKO on September 27, 2014. He met Tamas Polster three months later and won the fight by TKO.

In February 2015, he knocked out Alejandro Emilio Valori in the World Arena in Kreuzberg, Germany, by unanimous decision. Up till 2016, he had victories over Mohamed Azzaoui, Lukasz Rusiewicz, Daniel Alejandro Sanabria, Valery Brudov, Christian Javier Medina, and Stephen Simmons.

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, a fighter, defected in May 2017. In the same year, he defeated Isiah Thomas in a fight. In November 2018, he lost his second game, this time to Mairis Briedis.

He defeated Isossa Mondo in 2019 and Jesse Bryan in 2020. He has fought 26 contenders in his professional boxing career, winning 25 of them via knockout.