Kelly McCoy’s obituary news announcement devastated the people. Learn about the death cause of the legendary radio host. 

Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy, a well-known radio presenter, has died. She was most known for her long career as a radio personality, primarily on KZ-106.

People have shared their sorrow and honoured Kelly through her obituary. Her fans had been listening to her voice for over three decades, and the news of her death came as a shock.

Let us discover more about McCoy while people reminisced about her and paid tribute to her. Kelly was recognised as the mother of the Radio Ranch.

What Is Kelly McCoy’s Death Cause? Obituary Details

Kelly McCoy passed away following a brief illness, according to the report. For the time being, no further information about the cause of her death is known.

Kelly’s obituary has also yet to be published. Regardless, her loved ones have informed her of her passing and expressed their condolences to her and her family.

With her extensive history at the station, McCoy was considered as a renowned radio personality. She was also known as the “mother of the Radion Ranch.”

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KZ-106 Radio Host Kelly McCoy Passes Away At 58

Kelly McCoy, the host of KZ-106 radio, died at the age of 58, leaving behind a legacy. Following the news, her fans are both weeping and grieving for the radio legend.

Kelly was also a Chattanooga fabric designer, a Boyd- Buchanan Buccaneer, and an East Ridge Pioneer. McCoy was a well-known radio personality who had a long list of achievements.

Kelly, who hosted the 10 a.m. show on KZ-106, was recently honoured when she passed away. She made the day of her listeners for more than three decades as a radio personality.

What Illness Did Kelly McCoy Have?

Kelly McCoy passed away after a brief illness. Her disease details, however, have yet to be revealed to her adoring fans.

Furthermore, her family is currently going through a difficult period after losing a loved one. They haven’t spoken much about McCoy’s illness or given any specifics about her death.

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Who Was Kelly McCoy’s Husband? Find Her On Facebook

Kelly McCoy’s Husband: Who Was He? On Facebook, you can find her.

For the time being, no information on Kelly McCoy’s husband or children is known. Her family is now in shock at her untimely death.

On Facebook, many have also expressed their sympathies and comforted the family. We hope to learn more about Kelly’s personal life as her loved ones remain strong throughout this trying time.

Who is Kelly McCoy? Who is Kelly McCoy?

Kelly McCoy grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But she didn’t say much on the internet about her childhood or teenage years.

Kelly had a strong relationship with artists, performers, events, and, most importantly, listeners. She also spoke up for those who couldn’t say anything, like animals. The Humane Educational Society worked with Kelly’s Pet Project to help find homes for hundreds of dogs.

She was the best midday radio host in the area for nearly 20 years while she worked at KZ-106. Thousands of people loved and listened to her every day.

She was the program director at WSKZ and also hosted a lunchtime show. Kelly Mccoy closed her eyes for the last time when she was 58 years old. She was born in 1963, and there is nothing else on the internet about her birthday. On the other hand, her coworkers and loved ones thought of her as a mother figure who was very kind and caring toward others.

Kelly is not on Wikipedia, even though she has been on the radio for a long time. In the 1980s, she started her career as a reporter for WZRA, the first news radio station in Chattanooga. She then worked at WGOW-AM, a Top 40 music station, as a programming secretary and on-air personality. She was the number one midday host at KZ-106, where she worked, for almost 20 years.

Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy

What Did Kelly Mccoy Do?

Kelly McCoy, who was a well-known radio host, died on March 22, 2022. Most people know her best for her long career as a radio host, especially on KZ-106. Through her obituary, people have shown how sorry they are and paid tribute to Kelly. People had been listening to her voice for more than 30 years and were sad to hear that she had died too soon.

Let’s find out more about McCoy as people talk about her and remember her. Kelly was known as the mother of the radio ranch. The story says that Kelly McCoy died after a short sickness. At this time, there is no more information about what caused her death.

What happened to Kelly Mccoy?

Kelly McCoy died after being sick for a short time. The details of her illness, on the other hand, haven’t been told to her diehard fans yet. After the death of a family member, her family is also going through a terrible time. They haven’t talked much about McCoy’s health or said much about how she died. The story says that Kelly McCoy died after a short sickness. At this time, there is no more information about what caused her death.

Death of Kelly Mccoy

Kelly Mccoy, who was the host of KZ-106 radio, died at the age of 58, but he left behind a lot of good things. Because of the news, her fans are both crying and sad about the radio station. Kelly also designed fabrics in Chattanooga, worked for Boyd-Buchanan, and was an East Ridge Pioneer. McCoy was a well-known radio host who had a long list of things he had done. Kelly hosted the 10 a.m. show on KZ-106. When she died, she was remembered. She has been making people happy for more than 30 years as a radio personality.

McCoy’s music has been played on WSKZ-FM 106.5 for more than 30 years. Her first job in radio was at WZRA, 35 years ago. She later moved to WGOW-AM 1150, where she worked for a while before going to work for classic rock station WFXS. She then moved to classic rock station KZ-106, where she was the #1 midday radio host in the area for 20 years.

Scott Chase, the operations manager for WSKZ, which is owned by Cumulus Media Chattanooga, said, “Kelly McCoy was a much-loved radio personality and colleague. We mourn her loss and send our deepest condolences to her family.” “Kelly set the bar for music show hosts on the radio in Chattanooga. She will be missed very much.”

Chase said over the phone that McCoy, whose real name was Katie Echols, was “a wonderful person who took what we did seriously. She was there when the weather was bad or when someone needed help. Through her Kelly McCoy’s Pet Project, she found homes for a lot of animals. She put one a week for a long time.

“She was also one of the few people who could understand what I wrote.”

Chase also said that she was a very intuitive person who could “cut through the crap and know exactly what to do, and she was almost always right.”

Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy

She was known for liking classic rock music and having a good sense of humor.

Chase said, “She almost got kicked out of a Dan Fogelberg concert because she yelled “Freebird” not once but twice.”

He and McCoy once did a bit on air about a bet they were having. The loser had to take her dog on a naked walk at noon at Miller Plaza. It turned out that her dog’s name was Naked.

Kevin West worked with McCoy for more than 25 years, and he spoke highly of him as a friend and coworker.

“Kelly and I have been good friends and coworkers since the old Fox 102 days,” he wrote in a text. “But when I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2016 and 2017 for my Navy job, she went so far above and beyond that I could never have thanked her enough.

“It’s hard on the people you leave behind when you go to war. But Kelly made it a point to always check in on my wife, Carlene. She took her out with her friends sometimes to give her a break from taking care of the whole house and family by herself. This probably helped Carlene keep everything together while I was 7,000 miles away for more than a year. It was more than just being friends. That was love for other people. A genuine love.”

He said in a text message, “Kelly was one of the most naturally talented communicators I’ve ever heard and one of the kindest, most caring people I’ve ever met.

“Without her, the world is a much quieter and sadder place. She was also a very caring person. I’ve been in the control room with her a few times when a listener was having trouble. Kelly never just said “lip service” to these problems. She really cared, and she did everything she could to help get rid of the problem.

Jeff Styles, a veteran of local radio and podcast host, first worked with McCoy when they were both among the first people to work at the news-talk station WZRA.

He wrote in a text message, “Katie was my first partner at Talk Radio (WZRA) and in Chattanooga radio in general.”

“This big loss really hurts me and has a big effect on me.”

People can give money to the Humane Educational Society in McCoy’s name as a memorial. Final arrangements are pending.

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