On June 19, three generations of a Filipino family were killed in a terrible head-on crash in Picton, New Zealand. Reports say that the family was killed when their van crashed into a refrigerated truck head-on on State Highway 1. Seven of the nine people in the car died, along with the driver.

In a HORRIFIC head

In a HORRIFIC head

While the police are looking into what happened, heartbreaking pictures show the wrecked van on the highway. “The police have confirmed that one of the people who died was driving the van when it crashed. So, the case will be taken to the Coroner at the right time. The New Zealand Herald says that Inspector Simon Feltham, who is in charge of the Marlborough Police area, “remains focused on getting information for the Coroner and helping the crash victims and our first responders.”

Justin Mendez was a man whose past was hard to figure out. A driver in New York sped past police officers and caused a head-on crash that killed four people.

After a fatal crash in Commerce City, Colorado, people on the Internet said they wished officers “cared when cops kill unarmed people.”

The portal says that the two survivors are at Wellington Hospital, where one is in critical condition and the other is in critical but stable condition. “You think about what might happen and why all the time.” They spent their last hours on Earth with me on Saturday night and Sunday morning. My friend was a high school teacher, and his family was full of life. Bill, a friend of the family, told Newstalk ZB that his wife had started an online business, which made him very proud.

“They had four children, two boys and two girls. One of the boys had married a girl from Taiwan, and it was their child who died. I really liked this young girl because she was so sweet, and the fact that she and the baby are both gone really hurts me. Her husband got through it… “He’ll wake up by himself,” he said.

Romy U’anga, a leader in the Auckland Filipino community, said, “This is terrible and shocking news for the community, and our thoughts are with the families and those affected.” Newstalk ZB says, “It’s a wake-up call for other people in the area to be extra careful on the roads this long weekend.” Emilie Shi, who used to be the Philippine consul general, confirmed that the bodies of the dead have been moved to Christchurch.

The family was driving home from a funeral in Gore at about 7:30 a.m. when their Toyota Hiace minivan crashed into the truck. According to The New Zealand Herald, the crash killed Paul and Diseree Brown, ages 61 and 48, their son Mark, 14, Diseree’s sister Divine Dolar, 56, and Divine’s daughter Floreliza Dolar, 19. Pero Clariman, who is 26 years old, and Luie Lagu, who is 16 years old, both lived, but Luie Lagu was in a coma and is having surgery for serious injuries to his spine and head.

“I can’t believe it all happened so fast.” Davi Lagu, who is 21 years old, took the portal, “In the blink of an eye, it’s all gone.” Pero, who was reportedly sleeping when the crash happened, is “devastated” about the death of his partner and child. “He was brokenhearted and crying a lot. “He’s lost both of the people he loved. They look like they are in good spirits. “They had good memories before they died,” Lagu continued.

It comes as a complete shock because of our family’s trageԁy. They neeԁ our help right now, especially because my partner anԁ ԁaughter are both gone, as well as my mother anԁ aunty. “It’s very ԁifficult for my olԁer brothers, as well as my younger brothers, who are grieving right now,” a family member, Princess Clariman, saiԁ.