Hiyam McKelvey is known as the wife of the co-founder of WeWork Miguel McKelvey.

Hiyam McKelvey

Hiyam McKelvey

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Hiyam McKelvey is a businesswoman and a retired funding banker. Her spouse, Miguel, has put her in the spotlight. Miguel is a businessman and co-founder of WeWork. He is also the company’s chief cultural officer.

WeWork is a coworking space that is currently known as The We Company. Miguel and Adam Neumann co-founded it in 2010.

Who Is Miguel McKelvey Wife Hiyam McKelvey?

Hiyam McKelvey, Miguel’s wife, is a successful entrepreneur who has launched her own cosmetics line, Pucker. In 2013, she and makeup artist Julio Sandino founded the makeup firm Pucker.

Pucker also opened a makeup studio in New York, where customers may receive the appearance they want for any event, work, or special occasion. Their first store was in Soho, and it offered customers affordable and accessible cosmetics and therapies.

Her marital specifics aren’t available, but it appears that Miguel and Hiyam’s union didn’t survive since they appear to be divorced. They split in 2017 and appear to be on different paths.

Hiyam is a private individual who does not appear to be active on social media. She is a private person who rarely speaks about her personal life in public.

How Old Is Hiyam McKelvey? Age Explored

Hiyam McKelvey is between the ages of 30 and 40, however her actual birthdate is unknown. As a result, determining Hiyam’s age is difficult.

Miguel is 47 years old, according to Wikipedia, however he will turn 48 this year because he was born in 1974. Lucia, his mother, was the family’s first entrepreneur, as she founded and maintained the Eugene Weekly, a weekly newspaper.

His mother was a role model for becoming a businesswoman, and she encouraged Miguel to pursue a career in business.

Hiyam McKelvey Net Worth Bio Explored

Hiyam McKelvey’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, however this estimate is not exact because it is still being evaluated. Hiyam began her career in finance at a number of different banks.

From 1999 through 2010, Hiyam worked as an Executive Assistant at Lehman Brothers before founding Pucker Makeup. Her vocation and business venture appear to have paid off well for her.

Miguel McKelvey

Miguel McKelvey

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Miguel Mckelvey: Biography

Miguel McKelvey grew up in Eugene, Oregon. Miguel stated, “I had the privilege of growing up amongst a group of single mothers who were always there to support each other.” Lucia McKelvey, his mother, was one of the co-founders of What’s Happening, the publication that would later evolve into Eugene Weekly.

Miguel received his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Oregon in the year 1999. Later, when asked about his creative approach, McKelvey noted in an interview that “architecture helped me learn and build my own creative method.”

After completing his studies at the university, McKelvey made the decision to move to Japan. There, Miguel developed the website known as “English Baby,” which is geared toward teaching users spoken and colloquial English. He quit his job in order to move to New York and pursue architecture, which had always been his first real love.

Miguel and Adam Neumann established Green Desk in the month of December in 2007. Green Desk is an alternative option to WeWork in the category of month-to-month office rental services. Additionally, McKelvey established Generation Design Studio in the year 2007.

Miguel Mckelvey: Age And Education Update

Mckelvey was born in the year 1974 in the city of Eugene, which is located in the state of Oregon, in the country of the United States of America. He will turn 47 years old in the year 2021. It is impossible to identify when he celebrates his birthday because he has not divulged his exact date of birth.

Mckelvey received his diploma in business administration from South Eugene High School in 1992. Mckelvey attended South Eugene High School. After that, in 1992, he went on to enroll at Colorado College, where he had a professor named Carl Reed who, after seeing the sculptures that he had created, was so taken with them that he pushed him to consider taking a graduate course in architecture. After that, he went on to pursue a degree in architecture at the University of Oregon, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1999, having completed his coursework there in 1995.

Miguel Mckelvey: Net Worth

By the year 2020, it is anticipated that Miguel would have amassed a net worth of 900 million dollars. This includes all of his assets, as well as cash and other potential sources of income. His business and entrepreneurial ventures are his primary source of revenue because he is a businessman and an entrepreneur. Despite the fact that he has been able to amass a sizeable fortune because to the several ways in which he brings in money, he has chosen to maintain a low-key approach to life.

Miguel McKelvey

Miguel McKelvey

Miguel Mckelvey: Career Details

Before McKelvey earned his degree in business administration, he worked as a busboy in a restaurant and then spent two summers working in a fish processing company in Alaska. English, baby! is a web portal and social network that enables students to develop and take online classes in other languages.

After McKelvey graduated from college, he flew to Tokyo to see a friend, and while he was there, he co-founded English, baby! The website has multiple-choice tests to test users’ knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, as well as a social network that connects English language learners with peers who are fluent in English. The company now has 25 people working for it.

After that, McKelvey uprooted his life and found work at the Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture studio in New York City. McKelvey was promoted to the position of manager of the international retail roll out after the company assumed responsibility for all of the American Apparel initiatives.

Adam Neumann and the host of the party both worked in the same office building, so they were certain to cross paths eventually. The two individuals were successful in persuading their landlord in 2008 to allow them to transform the floors of an empty building into semi-communal workplaces that they could then rent out; this was the beginning of Green Desk.

In just one night, McKelvey came up with a name for the new company, as well as a logo and a website that really worked. Green Desk was an environmentally conscious coworking space that emphasized the use of recycled furniture and electricity generated from wind power. After some time, McKelvey and Neumann parted ways with the company and sold it to Joshua Guttman, who then developed the idea into what is now known as WeWork.

WeWork was established in the year 2010, and its first office space was located in the SoHo section of Manhattan. McKelvey was WeWork’s chief cultural officer throughout his time there. In addition to his responsibilities in the company’s construction, architectural, and web design departments, he oversaw the establishment and maintenance of the company’s culture.

Since 2010, The We Company has introduced a number of new businesses, including WeLive, which is a concept for shared living spaces, Rise by We, which is a luxury gym, and WeGrow, which is a private primary school. The We Corporation is the parent brand of the WeWork, WeLive, and WeGrow businesses, as well as several more projects that were launched by the company in 2019.

WeWork appointed McKelvey as its chief culture officer in 2017, and the following year, Fast Company included McKelvey on its list of the 100 Most Creative People in the world. McKelvey made the announcement that he would be quitting his job at WeWork on June 5, 2020. His last day would be on June 30.

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