Henrik Stoltenberg is a 23-year-old student from Koln who took part in the fourth season of Love Island DE’s hit reality television program. The relationship began when Stoltenberg got a new job and fell in love with actress Paulina Ljubas. The couple is currently dating and has two children together. Henrik has two children with Ljubas, including daughter Sophie.


Henrik Stoltenberg Biography/Wiki

Although Stoltenberg’s parents are German, he has American citizenship. It is unknown how much money Henrik Stoltenberg earns in the US, but his net worth is between $300K and $500K. He does not reveal his total wealth. But his net worth is huge. You can expect his income to rise steadily in the future, as he possesses many successful business ventures.

Henrik Stoltenberg is one of the most popular men on the internet. The 23-year-old student from Koln is known for his role as a love island Casanova. The series aired four seasons ago, and the show gave viewers a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes footage of the show. Many fans were impressed with the way Stoltenberg looked in the episodes.

Henrik Stoltenberg Career

As of now, Henrik Stoltenberg is unmarried. He is currently studying higher education, but he is not engaged in a relationship yet. He has been a mentor for those who want to lose weight, and he is also a popular supplement maker. Many people are following Stoltenberg’s diet and supplement recommendations. His success in losing weight has inspired many people to improve their lives and get into shape.

Henrik Stoltenberg Temptation Island Vip

Henrik Stoltenberg was the most-watched contestant on “Promis unter Palmen” last year. The Norwegian leader also starred in the critically acclaimed thriller “Temptation Island.” In addition to Love Island, Stoltenberg has appeared in several movies. Henrik Stoltenberg and Kate Merlan teamed up for the film ‘Der Bergdoktor.’ ‘Temptation Island’ was an instant hit.

Henrik Stoltenberg Personal Life

Name: Henrik Stoltenberg

Age: 23

Home-Town: Koln

Occupation: Student

Competition Season: Season 4

No of Days: 29

Position: 03/18-(With Sandra Janina)

Henrik Stoltenberg Family

Although Henrik Stoltenberg is still in his teenage years, his parents are proud of him. He was a lovable teenager, but his parents did not approve of his behaviour. Henrik Stoltenberg is a good example of treating a man with respect and dignity. His parents raised him with a lot of love, and he is grateful for them.

Henrik Stoltenberg’s parents are German, and they used to love him dearly. His success has earned him a great deal of cash. He is thought to be worth around $300K to $500K. However, his exact net worth has not been revealed by him. Henrik Stoltenberg’s assets are unknown at this time, and his sources of income aren’t clear.

Henrik Stoltenberg Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet 9 inches (approx)

Weight: 57 kg (approx)

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Blonde

Henrik Stoltenberg Relationship & Girlfriend

Henrik Stoltenberg is currently dating Paulina Ljubas, a dynamic and renowned entertainer. She is also a big star on the web. She has received numerous positive responses about her new relationship with the Norwegian leader. She is 25 years old and has over 283K followers on Instagram. Henrik Stoltenberg’s current girlfriend is the niece of Gerhard Stoltenberg, the former prime minister of Norway.

Henrik Stoltenberg Net Worth

Henrik Stoltenberg is a German national and has earned considerable money. Henrik Stoltenberg’s net worth is estimated at between $300K to $500K. Henrik Stoltenberg has not disclosed the exact amount of his assets. He is currently a higher education student pursuing a career in food plan coaching and nutrition. Although he is not a millionaire, his income is high and is growing.

Henrik Stoltenberg Phone Number & other Contact Details

Phone Number: +49221 931806559

Gmail Id: [email protected]

Current Address: Eifelstraße 31 50677 Köln

Instagram: henrik_stoltenberg

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