The fans of Heather Paterno want to know if she is related to Joe Paterno. Heather is a family law practitioner, advocate for children, professor, and author.

Heather Paterno

Heather Paterno

She is a guardian ad litem appointed by the court and an attorney who focuses on family and children’s issues. This empowers her to advocate for the best interests of children in a variety of legal proceedings.

Heather worked for 17 years at Goldberg Katzman, P.C., a law company in Harrisburg. Heather has been an Adjunct Professor of Paralegal Studies at Harrisburg Area Community College since 2011.

Except for the fact that they share the same last name, Heather Paterno is unrelated to Joe Paterno. Joe was an American collegiate football player, athletic director, and coach, while Heather is a lawyer.

Joe was born in the borough of Brooklyn, in the state of New York. He went to Brown University and was a quarterback and cornerback on the football team. In 1950, he was hired as an assistant football coach at Penn State instead of going to law school.

His coaching career came to an end in 2011, just months before his death, when his contract was terminated by the Penn State Board of Trustees owing to a child sex abuse scandal involving his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

Heather was also pleased to provide comments and insight into Milton Hershey’s ambitions, successes, and philanthropy for The Food That Built America, a History Channel docuseries (2019).

Family And Ethnicity Of Heather Paterno

Ms. Paterno’s professional character is certainly recognized to many of you, but just a few of you are likely to know her personally. Don’t worry if you’re in the latter category; we’ve covered you.

Heather L Fernsler was born to her parents in the year 1973. Larry Fernsler (father) and Barbara Fernsler (mother) raised her in Central Pennsylvania (mother). Despite her citizenship in the United States, she has yet to declare her heritage.

Little is known about her parents or other family members because she keeps a low public profile and chooses to keep her family details out of the media because it could affect their personal lives.

Despite her humble personal life, she is married to Scott Paterno, Fehlinger Construction Group’s Director of Strategic Planning.

Net Worth – How Much Does Heather Paterno Earn?

Heather Paterno’s actual net worth has yet to be revealed to the public. According to our calculations, she must be well compensated for her exceptional work as a family law attorney, child advocate, author, and lecturer.

She worked for 17 years with Goldberg Katzman, P.C. in Harrisburg, then practiced law as a sole practitioner before joining James, Smith, Deitterick, and Connelly in Hershey in 2020.

In the fall of 2021, she was also chosen as a custody conference officer in Dauphin County.