Many of Hazel Mae’s viewers are concerned about her well-being after she went missing for a few days. Let’s see if the Canadian journalist is ill or if he has any plans to leave MLB Network.

Hazel Mae is a professional sports broadcaster who is Filipino-Canadian. She is a baseball aficionado that follows MLB news and hosts several parts for the Toronto Blue Jays. She is a field reporter who covers the game live and does interviews with the players.

Furthermore, with over two decades of expertise in the world of sports media, Hazel is a seasoned pro. Throughout her career, she has worked with a variety of networks, including SportsDesk, Sportsnet, and the MLB Network.

Mae has thrived as a women’s fashion designer in addition to her sports career. Hazel Mae Design Inc. was founded by her in 2012, and she has successfully established the company as a top clothing brand.

Hazel Mae

Hazel Mae

Is Hazel Mae Leaving MLB Network? Where Is She Going?

Hazel Mae isn’t just departing MLB Network; she’s been gone for quite some time.

Hazel joined the MLB Network in August 2008 and stayed with the organization until 2011. The Canadian analyst, however, departed the network in 2011 and returned to Sportsnet, where she had previously worked until 2004.

Mae is still working for Sportsnet as of 2022, where she focuses her efforts on the Toronto Blue Jays. She frequently mentions Sportsnet in her tweets, as do the majority of the network’s sportscasters.

Similarly, Hazel’s Facebook page indicates that she is still employed with the MLB Network, which has caused further consternation among her fans. However, because the account hasn’t been updated since 2010, the information provided may be outdated.

What Happened To Hazel Mae? Is She Sick?

Many of Mae’s fans have been concerned about her recent absence from the press and social media. While some speculate that her disappearance is due to her termination from her work, others are concerned for her health and safety.

Hazel, on the other hand, is not sick and may have merely had a few days off work. On April 28, 2021, the sports journalist sent a tweet for the last time. Despite the fact that her Twitter account was inactive on that day, she published her most recent update on Instagram on April 29.

Mae is taking care of herself, as seen by her recent visit to Toronto’s Miraj Hammam Spa for a spa day.

Hazel, on the other hand, did not specify whether she spent her vacation alone or with her family. The reporter has been off active duty since May 1, and it may take a few days for her to return for good.