Gyaneshwar Singh IPS is the DDG, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. On Monday 28 September 2020, Gyaneshwar Singh IPS officer Himachal Pradesh 1999 Batch was named as the Deputy Director General Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Ministry of Home Affairs. Government of India.

Gyaneshwar Singh

Gyaneshwar Singh

Gyaneshwar Singh Biography/Wiki

Gyaneshwar Singh is from the 1999 IPS officers batch of himachal pradesh. He was appointed as the Deputy Director General of Narcotics Control Bureau by the ministry of home affairs, govt. of india. He is currently in the news for Aryan Khan’s drug case.

Gyaneshwar Singh in Aryan Khan’s Drug Case

Gyaneshwar Singh, the Deputy Director General of the Narcotics Control Bureau, (NCB), has responded to sensational claims made by the Nationalist Congress Party that the raid on the ship rave party was “a pre-planned conspiracy”.

Singh addressed the media and stated that all allegations against NCB were baseless, motivated, afterthought, and prejudice. These statements are based upon conjecture and assumptions which are frivolous in light of records and documents produced by NCB-persons.

This media addressal follows just hours after Nawab Malik, NCP National Spokesperson, and Minority Affairs Minister, stated that 11 people were taken into custody following the October 2nd swoop. Aryan Khan, the son Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was also present.

“Later, 3 people were allowed to leave by the NCB officials that night. These are Rishabh Sachdev (the nephew of a BJP leader Mohit Bharatiya, Amir Furniturewala, and Pratik Gabha. Malik demanded that the NCB answer why they were freed from detention.

He elaborated further by stating that Aryan Khan was invited to the ship party at the invitation of Sachdev Furniturewala, Gabha, and Gabha.

“But, after detaining eleven persons, the three people who brought Aryan Khan along to the party were allowed out. Malik stated that this proves that the whole fraudulent raid on the vessel was pre-planned to trap high-profile people.

Sachin Sawant, Congress State Spokesperson, called for action under Section 59 NDPS Act. “The sequence of documentary and video evidence shows a large conspiracy and a collusion between BJP, NCB gets established. Sawant demanded that the MVA government investigate the whole plot.

Neeraj Yadav, Bhopal resident and alleged that he “tipped” the two men, who alerted NCB.

Aryan Khan Drug Case: Bhopal Man says he ‘tipped off’ a BJP worker who told NCB about the cruise party

Two people were in question: Manish Bhanushali, a BJP worker, and Kiran (KP), Gosavi, a private detective. Aryan’s selfie at the police station became viral.

Yadav claimed that he learned of the party from a friend who was also at the October 1 bash. According to the report Yadav called Bhanushali informing him about the alleged drug use on the cruise. According to reports, Bhanushali passed the message on to the NCB officials.

Bhanushali had sent Yadav a WhatsApp message. He asked Yadav to contact KP Gosavi. Then, he sent his details to him. Yadav called Bhanushali hours later to ask where they were. He was informed that Gosavi and 25 other NCB employees were with them.

Tiwari demanded that Sameer Wankhede be arrested by the Maharashtra Police immediately. He had flouted all rules to conduct bogus operations involving celebrities to continue in media glare, and divert attention away from the drug seizure of Mundra Port.”