Gurnam Singh Charuni, also known as Gurnam Singh Chaduni, is an Indian farmer leader. He was born in 1959. He is the chief of Bharatiya Kisan Union in Haryana.

Gurnam Singh Charuni

Gurnam Singh Charuni

Gurnam Singh Charuni Biography

Gurnam Singh was born 1959 in Charuni Jattan, Shahbad, Kurukshetra, Haryana. He uses his village name, as per tradition. Six siblings he has, and he began helping his family in farming after failing his tenth grade.

He is from Charuni Jattan village, Shahbad Tehsil Kurukshetra district. In some parts of the state, it is common to use their village names as their last names.

Gurnam is active for nearly two decades despite the existence of about half a dozen BKU factions in the state. His group is active in the northern districts of GT road belt-Kurukshetra Yamunanagar Kaithal, Kaithal, Ambala, which is also known to be the paddy belt.

His group had been raising cane dues non-payment to support farmers. He had gotten him to establish his strongholds in the districts with a wealthy peasantry, and a powerful lobby of commissioner agents. Gurnaam, despite his limited influence, continued to be active in protests against farm organizations throughout the state. He could also speak Hindi and Punjabi with equal ease, and was able to speak bangru, deswali, and bagri.

His fellow farmers’ leaders referred to him as being dedicated to the farmer’s movement from its core. One of the faction-BKU leaders said that he was not afraid to raise issues for local farmers, but that he wanted everything to be done under him. Shishpal Singh, a resident of Charuni village, said that he is 32 years old today and has seen Gurnam staging protests, going on Kisan rallies and mobilizing support since the beginning. He said, “He is Jat Sikh and has the full respect of the village.”

He was recently in the news following the Pipli protest on September 10, where he spoke out against three bills relating to agriculture. The bill included a cane charge, which police used to arrest him. This attracted attention from the public. On September 20, he made a second call to stop the state. This was a huge success and several factions of BKU supported his call. Haryana police also filed a case against him.

Gurnam received support from all sides and factions and formed a Sanjha Kisan Mocha to provide equal representation to all and unify the force against the farm laws.

Political Career of Gurnam Singh Charuni

Gurnam failed to contest the 2019 election from Ladwa, Kurukshetra assembly constituency. Despite keeping the issue of farmers at his core slogans, he was unable to garner enough support or vote. Balwinder Kaur, his wife, was unsuccessful in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Gurnam was in front for Aam Aadmi Party’s ticket, but the party elected his wife last minute.

Gurnam Singh Charuni Mission Punjab

Are farmers leaders protesting the Centre’s three agricultural laws planning to foray into 2021 state elections?

Gurnam Singh Charuni, chief of Bharatiya Kisan Union in Haryana, pitched an idea earlier this month. Since then, his “Mission Punjab”, has largely drawn flak.

Samyukta Kisan Morcha, the platform of protesting unions seeks to keep their stir apolitical. They want the removal of three farm laws as well as the legalization of the minimum support price (MSP).

“The Morcha’s SKM ‘Mission Uttar Pradesh’ is designed to defeat the BJP. He asks: “If BJP loses, who will form the government?”

Gurnam Singh, a Gurnam Singh member of Haryana’s BKU (Birds of the Kumaon), has been active among farmers for nearly 29 years. The BKU (Charuni), is believed to have influence in the areas of Ambala, Kaithal and Kurukshetra.

The 62-year old farmer leader comes from Charuni Jattan village, Kurukshetra district in Haryana. Like Gurnam Singh, some people in the state add their village name as a surname.

On July 6, he shared his poll-idea via a Facebook video. Darshan Pal, SKM leader, took to Social Media the next day to clarify that Mission Punjab was not about participation but about inventing and working towards a “model government” for Punjab.

He did not explain how it differed from Mission UP.

Hannan Mollah, All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) is a veteran of eight Lok Sabha elections. He clarified that a union leader can contest, but only as an independent candidate or for a political party.

“Mass organisations aren’t registered as political parties,” stated the septuagenarian member of Polit Bureau of Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Echoed by Rakesh Tikait, Bharatiya Kisan Union’s (Tikait), “Such an individual will need to contest the election as an independent or representative of a party; not as union leader.”

In early 2022, five states will go to the polls. These two are the most represented protestors at Delhi’s borders, except Haryana.

Some believe that Charuni, the firebrand, is an iconoclast. He also had disagreements with the SKM earlier.

Is he supportive of the Aam Aadmi Party? Since the last elections, the Arvind Kejriwal-led party is making inroads into Punjab politics.

Balwinder Kaur’s wife was an AAP candidate for the Kurukshetra Lok Sabha in Haryana. She received 32,554 votes or 2.17%.

Gurnam Singh ran as an independent candidate for the Ladwa assembly seat, Kurukshetra in 2019. He received a paltry 1,307 votes (0.95%)

He said, “I won’t comment on any particular party,” and added: “Read the Constitution.” What does the Constitution say about the need for a political party in order to contest an election?

Charuni, however, was not as elusive with other parties. Charuni’s “Mission Punjab” differs from UP in that he believes the current stir among Punjabi peasants has been successful.

“We have not been as effective in UP.” His conclusion is that it will be similar to the dream of building a castle on air if we consider forming government in UP. He then says, “Punjab wants to see a change.”

Charuni doesn’t believe that BJP will win a multi-corner election. He believes that anti-BJP votes won’t be split – with the ruling Congress on one hand and the AAP (SAD on the other) on the other.

He stated that “BJP cannot even find enough candidates.” Charuni claims that SAD was an ally of BJP when the controversial laws were discussed and therefore does not have a chance.

“People will choose from among the four to five political parties.” Charuni, who is always open to the idea of “changing the system”, says that an alternative (government), can be developed.

He sees the Chief Minister as a “direct representative”. Does he mean the electoral process used to elect the President of the United States of America. He agrees.

“This party-politics is destroying the country. It must be changed. A candidate who contests on a BJP ticket cannot ignore the party’s diktats. He is bound to his party. He opines, “How can such a person be people’s representative?”

Will it be Gurnam Sing Charuni, MLA or another founder of a political outfit?

“I never claimed that I would contest. Did I? Just sharing my thoughts. He concludes that the final decision will be made by the …,” of the people.

Gurnam singh Charuni Personal Details

Full Name : Gurnam singh

Father Name : Shri Bant Singh

Age : 60 year

Wife Name : balvindar singh

Address Village : Charuni, dist – kurukshetra

Occupation : Politician, Director of bhartiya kisan union

Study : 9th Passed from KKH School Shahabad in 1976

Contact Number : 9812335244

Assets : Rs 1,87,97,230 1.87 crore

Gurnam singh chaduni contact number

Contact Number : 981235244

Email Id : [email protected]