Greta Thunberg: Who is She? Know About Her Family Tree

Greta Thunberg’s family tree includes her parents, Malena Ernman and Svante Thunberg, her sister Beata Thunberg, also grandfather Olof Thunberg. Thunberg is also distantly associated with Nobel prize-winner Svante Arrhenius.

Thunberg’s family includes a very long lineage of theatrics interests. Her dad, mother, and sister are involved in theatre. Her grandfather, Olof, turned was a famous actor and director.

Although Thunberg family focused on theatre, they also have a keen interest in environment just as greta herself is. Svante, Beata, Malena and Greta co-wrote a book, titled Our House Is On Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis. The book’s expected release date was March, 2020. The overview for the book around GoodReads reads in part,

“This is the story of a family led to confront a crisis they had never foreseen. Aged eleven, their eldest daughter has stopped eating and speaking. Alongside diagnoses of autism and selective mutism, her parents slowly become aware of another source for her distress: her imperiled future on a rapidly heating planet.

Steered by her determination to understand the truth, the family begins to see the deep connections between their own and the planet’s suffering. Against forces that try to silence them, disparaging them for being different, they discover ways to strengthen, heal, and act in the world. And then one day, fifteen-year-old Greta decides to go on strike”.

Here Is What You Will Need to know about all the members of Greta Thunberg’s family tree:

  1. Thunberg’s Mother, is an Opera Singer in Sweden

Thunberg’s mum, Malena Ernman, is an opera singer. She’s also an actress. Specifically, she is a mezzo-soprano, though she has also fiddled in other genres of music, including jazz and cabaret.

Malena Ernman

Malena Ernman

Malena was convinced by her environmentally focused daughter hence she decided to give up her professional career in international opera, according to The Guardian. That is due to the environmental problems caused by aviation, the guardian reports.

In addition to her opera career, Malena wrote a novel about her family, which in English translates to Scenes from the Heart. In the book Malena wrote about her daughters’ upbringing as well as their struggles. As DW,” Malena reveals that Greta has Asperger’s syndrome (in addition to high-functioning hepatitis and obsessive compulsive disorder, as per The Daily Beast), and Beata contains ADHD.

Her Twitter bio reads, “maybe not ready to make nice,” and a link of Malena Ernman website that seems to be defunct. Malena has over 44,000 followers on Twitter.

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  1. Thunberg’s Sister, Beata, Has Their Mother’s Performing Chops; She’s Over 11,000 Followers on Instagram

She is 13 years of age, 3 years younger than Thunberg. Beata has over 11,000 followers on Instagram.

Beata Thunberg

Beata rarely posts about her sister on Instagram. Rather, her social networking feed has been dominated by her obvious passion for singing.

Beata goes by “Bea,” as per her Instagram bio. Besides singing, she regularly plays in front of audiences, and also choreographs her performance as well.

  1. Thunberg’s Father, Svante Thunberg, Is an Author, Producer, & Actor

Svante Thunberg is an author, performer, producer. He’s also performed with his spouse, Malena, as a co-artist. In fact, he supervises Malena’s career; he co-wrote “Scenes From the Heart” together with his spouse.

Svante Thunberg

Svante Thunberg

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For his acting career, Svante is known for his character in a Swedish television drama series called Skärgårdsdoktorn, which translates into The Archipelago Doctor in English. The show ran from 1997-2000, as per IMDB.

Svante has an active Twitter account and often posts photos of Greta, as well as additional climate-related information. In addition, he is a proud parent: he re-tweeted an article which fact-checked the accuracy of Thunberg’s various climate change claims and found them all to be correct.

  1. Thunberg Is Distantly Linked to Nobel Prize winner Svante Arrhenius

Teen Age Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Continues to Be Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. 16-year-old Swedish indigenous Greta Thunberg has been nominated by lawmakers in neighbouring Norway. Thunberg has lately delivered many fervent speeches to world leaders in-action on climate change which got support from various celebrities around the globe.

Svante Arrhenius

Svante Arrhenius

However, if she wins the trophy, she won’t be the very first woman in her family to achieve this; she is distantly linked to Svante Arrhenius, winner of this Nobel prize, in accordance with the profile of the young woman at Union of Concerned Scientists.

Precisely, Thunberg’s daddy, Svante, was named after his close relative, according to a publication. Still, the connection between Thunberg and Arrhenius remains uncertain. However, as a result of his official Nobel-prize bio., a lot of this late scientist’s life is known to people.

Arrhenius was born in 1859 and died in 1927. He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1903, because of his outstanding work in the field. Ironically, Arrhenius’ work revealed the very initial calculations that clarified how carbon dioxide emissions might lead to greenhouse effect, which is the current truth.

  1. Thunberg’s Grandfather Is Olof Thunberg, a Swedish Army & Director

The theatrical DNA in the Thunberg’s family go beyond Thunberg’s Sister and parents. Her paternal grandfather is a popular Swedish actor and manager called Olof Thunberg.

Olof Thunberg

Olof Thunberg

As per his IMDB bio, Olof was born in 1925, and has been known for several Hindi TV series and films.

Many right-wing outlets and folks have criticized Thunberg’s Parents on the job as a climate activist, many accusing them of behaving as stage parents. Neither Thunberg nor her parents have addressed these opinions, though many on Twitter have spoken up in defence of Thunberg.

Many pundits have insulted Thunberg with improper and contentious remarks. For Example, conservative Michael Knowles Called Thunberg that a “mentally ailing British kid” within a Fox News segment on Sept. 23. Knowles’ remarks were swiftly condemned by thousands of folks on Twitter, as well as several Advocate groups.

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Thunberg Genealogy

About 37 Thunbergs. Related surnames: TENBORG (53) TENBERGE (39) TUNBERG (36) THUNBORG (7) TENBERG (5) TANBERG (9) TOMBERG (2).

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Unlisted Thunberg
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