Last year, Instagram celebrity Genie Delise, a.k.a. Genie Exum, stabbed her partner. In the article below, you may learn more about the incident and the IG model.

Genie Delisee

Genie Delisee

Following her infamous assault case last year, Genie Exum became viral. After an argument, she allegedly stabbed her partner.

The allegations were eventually withdrawn after her boyfriend chose to drop all charges. She quickly took to social media after her release and revealed her OnlyFans on Twitter.

Genie Delisee: Who Is She?

Genie Delisee is a popular Instagram model who has gone viral. Last year, the Instagram model went famous after sharing her OnlyFans account.

She was detained for stabbing her lover, but after being arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court, she was released. She uploaded a selfie of herself exposing her breasts in front of an NYPD police vehicle shortly after her release.

She then tweeted about her OnlyFans account.

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Did Instagram Star Genie Exum Stab Her Boyfriend?

During a disagreement, Genie Exum stabbed her lover, Babyboy Palujas, with a kitchen knife. After a disagreement in her Midtown apartment, the Instagram celebrity stabbed him in the back and arm.

Palujas was bleeding when he hurried to the lobby and informed the doorman of the event, according to reports. The victim was brought to Bellevue Hospital for medical care after the police were contacted.

The IG celebrity, on the other hand, was freed without being held in custody. Despite the fact that it was a violent offense for which she was charged with second-degree assault, she was released after her partner dropped all charges.

A comprehensive order for the victim’s protection was issued by the Manhattan Criminal Court, requiring Exum to remain away from her partner.

Genie Delisee Instagram

Genie Delisee, also known as Genie Exum, can be found on Instagram under the handle @genie.exum.

On her verified Instagram account, the Instagram star has 81.2k followers and follows 386 accounts. She’s published 110 posts and uses Instagram Stories to keep her followers up to date.

Her Twitter handle is @genieexum, and we can find her there as well. She currently has over 35k followers and has shared around 13.6k tweets. Exum has been a member of the platform since November 2016 and currently follows 610 users.