Geisa Vitorino Biography/Wiki

Geisa Vitorino is a body star mhp, ring girl and ifbb athlete. She is from Goiânia. Her height is 161 cm and weighs around 62 kgs. She is a trained professional athlete. She is the winner of the title MHP Brand Body Star. She is an inspiration to the youth.

Name: Geisa Vitorino

City / State: Goiânia

Height: 1.61M

OFF weight: 62 KG

ON weight: 60 KG

Bust: 89

Waist: 68

Hips: 102

Thigh: 63

Title: MHP Brand Body Star

Geisa Vitorino Age

Geisa Vitorino’s age is 28 years old.

Geisa Vitorin Height

Geisa Vitorino’s height is 161 cm.

How and why did you get started in physiculturism? have you been inspired by any athlete?

I started practicing high intensity sport from the age of four (Olympic gymnastics and swimming). I spent the whole day at the gym or by the pool. I was always very competitive and I really liked the stage of physical preparation of the sports that I practiced. I stood out physically in relation to other children, but I always thought I was very thin. At the club where I trained, there was a swimming teacher with the body of my dreams, when she was not teaching, she was in the weight room. It was my dream to have a strong body like hers.


One day I got up my courage and asked her if when I grew up I would be able to stay that way, she looked at me and said “pull iron”. After that, after much insistence, I managed to convince my mother to enroll in a weight training academy. Unlike my mother, my father was always an athlete and encouraged me from the beginning. I started training weight training at the age of 15, with the goal of one day having a body as flawless as that of the “aunt goddess swimming teacher”.

The gym instructor (Marcão), currently one of the names of bodybuilding in Goiânia, indicated the bcaa supplement to me. He tried to sell my mother the supplement that cost R $ 50.00 at the time, but at the same time my mother forbade me to go back to that gym. She thought he wanted to give me an anabolic. In those days, supplementation was something that few people knew about. . Even though my mother did not approve of using bcaa, I collected the money for school snacks and bought the hidden supplement and took one capsule a day so I wouldn’t run out soon.

Could you divide us a full day of your food (schedules and menu) before a competition?

My training and my diet are practically the same all year round, as I compete in the wellness category and work as the only official ring girl in the biggest MMA event in Latin America, the jungle fight. For this reason I have that your body is always perfect. I never do it off, but when I have events, rehearsals or championships I reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and remove salt from the diet. I confess that at least once a month, usually after the jungle fight I can’t resist and like chocolate and ice cream.

What was the last competition / event in which you participated and which was the position you got?

My last championship was the Brazilian 2012. It was a drama in my life, I was prepared, perfect, with an impeccable bikini, beautiful hair and naturally tanned skin, but unfortunately I injured my right knee with only 20 days left for the championship.

I ended up in second place with 4 kg below my normal weight and with one leg thinner than the other. I entered the stage literally discouraged, lackluster and without confidence. But I believe that this year I will get the over all. This is my biggest goal and I am sure that I will succeed, as I have people and companies that are supporting me so that I can achieve this dream more.

Could you divide your training routine with us? name of exercises, sets, repeat?

Regarding my training, I follow the instructions of my physical trainer Rafael Yassunaga who prioritizes the training of the lower parts. It divides into two parts. On Monday we emphasize quadriceps, but we also work on glutes. We started the training with extensions being 4 series of 12 repetitions, then I do leg 45 ° 4 series of 10 unilateral repetitions, then I do squats with legs apart 4 series of 15, advance on the bench 4 × 12, adductors 4 × 20 and calf 4x until exhaustion. On Tuesday I do a series of sit-ups and boxing class.

In the fourth rest under strong pressure from my trainer, as I preferred to do cardio. On the fifth, we focused on the hindquarters and worked the glutes with different exercises than the ones performed on the second, we started with a flexor table 5 sets of 10 without resting and reducing the load to warm up, right after that I make a flexor chair 4 sets of 12, one-sided flexor 3 sets. 10, stif 4 sets of 12, glutes in the cable 3 sets of 15, pelvic elevation 4 sets 12, abductors 4 × 15 and calf 4x exhaustion. On Friday I do boxing class and a set of sit-ups again.

On Saturdays I take the opportunity to rest and enjoy the family and on Sundays I decided to do cardio, one of my favorite exercises, I usually do an average of 25 minutes to 40 minutes of cardio.

Curriculum as a physiculturist (year, event / competition classification obtained)

The first time I went up to the stage to compete was in the Brazilian championship of 2011, my preparation was done in Goiânia, where unlike São Paulo I got support from

the physical trainer Marcão, he who encouraged me and gave me all the support for me to go on stage for the first time.

I got to the Brazilian championship, with no experience and, incredible as it may seem, I got an honorable second place. In the same year, three months after the Brazilian championship, I won the title of champion of the IFBB Champion. in 2012 due to knee injury, I was in second place again.

What supplements do you use?

I only use and recommend MHP supplements. They are excellent and the results are quite satisfactory. Among the supplements I use are Probolic, bcaa, isofast, glutamine, active, macrobolic, dark matter and hardcore trac

Would you like to thank someone?

I want to thank my family who, even though I don’t understand my lifestyle, which involves strict discipline and exposure of the body, support me. I also want to especially thank my dear daughter, a Christian teenager who despite everything understands me and accepts my choices, including I took her with me to the last Brazilian championship, there she even helped me pass the protan, fixed my hair, took pictures and most importantly, it comforted me when I came down from the stage crying and barely walking due to the injury.

Finally, I want to thank the jungle fight that renewed my contract for another year, the body tech academy, the clinic female and MHP, my main sponsor and that has contributed to the realization of one of my dreams, to be recognized as a great athlete, moreover, i thank mhp for giving me the dear 5 kilos of lean mass in four months.