What did and said Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst at Woodstock ’99? Netflix Documentary Examines the Past

A documentary about the disastrous 1999 Woodstock 99 music festival, which was completely chaotic, was released on Netflix. Limp Bizkit, a metal band, was held responsible.

The band and its violent music were blamed by the media for the festival’s mayhem, deaths, and property damage, and the lead actor, Fred Durst, was painted as the villain. However, the real reality is far different.

Let’s find out more about the band’s singer’s comments that infuriated the audience, the Netflix documentary, the mishaps and fatality during the concert, and where Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit is at the moment.

Fred Durst

Fred Durst

What did and said Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst at Woodstock ’99?

Because he attempted to interact with the audience and energize them during their performance, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst became the target of all the animosity and blame for the failure that the Woodstock 99 festival turned out to be.

The year is 1999, and John Schler made the decision to recreate the Woodstock 69 music festival thirty years later with Limp Bizkit as one of the bands playing at the event.

More than 200,000 people visited the Woodstock art and music festival in the 1960s to evoke the same sentiment of reminiscence. For an emerging band like Limp Bizkit, it was the gig of a lifetime.

However, it appeared that the audience misinterpreted the circumstances because there were complaints of sexual and physical abuse among the enraged festival visitors.

The organizers of the Woodstock 99 festival blamed Fred for the failure of the event on his remark above. However, in truth, the chaos, where people set fire to the venue and destroyed property, occurred the day after Limp Bizkit’s concert.

A Netflix documentary reveals how Woodstock 99 actually failed.

Trainwreck: Woodstock 99, a Netflix documentary that explored the reasons why the 1999 Woodstock festival was such a complete catastrophe, remembers the failures of that event.

The documentary showed that when the event’s organizers opted to put financial gain ahead of the guests’ security and enjoyment, the reincarnation of the 1960s Woodstock festival was already doomed to disaster.

On the second day of Woodstock 99, attendees had to sift through rubbish in a hot, unclean environment while eating and drinking at inflated prices.

As a result of the loud music, booze, and narcotics that had enraged the audience, they were overcharged, mistreated, and soon developed a mob mentality. On the third day of the event, which was the day after Limp Bizkit’s performance, chaos broke out.

RHCP distributed candles to remember the Columbine school shooting victims as a statement against gun violence, but the crowd took a different direction, and the brawl broke out.

Woodstock 99 Festival fatalities

Three people were killed during the disturbances at Woodstock 99, which were not just confined to the stage and venue.

Along with the fatalities, there were a lot of injuries and sexual assault cases during the final day’s mayhem and devastation.

On the festival’s last day, the crowd erupted into an angry mob that started riots, destroyed property, and engaged in inter-personal violence, leading to the arrest of more than forty persons.

Today, where is Fred Durst?

After all the commotion, Limp Bizkit’s main vocalist, Fred Durst, decided to take an extended break from the band in an effort to change the perception of him in the public eye.

He then made a comeback as an actor and director, making cameos in blockbuster films like Fast Lane, Mostly 4 Millenials, and House MD.

He also has over 40 directing credits, and some of the hits he worked on include The Fanatic, The Longshots, as well as numerous music videos and documentary shots.