Andrew Norman, the husband of Fatima Whitbread, passed away at the age of 46 as the result of a heart attack.

Former British javelin thrower Whitbread, who is now retired from the sport, won the European Athletics Championships in 1986. She had a throw of 77.44 meters at Stuttgart, which was enough to break the world record. She was the first javelin thrower from the United Kingdom to ever break a world record.

In the past, Whitbread was victorious at the World Championships in 1987, the Olympics in 1984, and the Olympics in 1988. Throughout the course of her career, she was awarded two gold medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals.

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award for 1986 was given to Whitbread, who won the award. She received the Sportswoman of the Year award from the Sports Writers’ Association on two separate occasions.

Fatima Whitbread's husband, Andrew Norman passed away

Fatima Whitbread’s husband, Andrew Norman passed away

Some Quick Facts

Birth name Fatima Vedad
Born Stoke Newington, London
Birth Date 3 March 1961
Age 61
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight 10 st 10 lb (68 kg)
Husband Andy Norman (m. 1997–2006)
Son Ryan Norman

What Happened To Fatima Whitbread Husband Andrew Norman?

Andrew Whitbread’s husband was a law enforcement official who suffered a fatal heart attack on September 24, 2007, when he was 64 years old. He passed away. In the world of British athletics, he was a well-known figure. Before he passed away, he had been stripped of his official status in Britain for a total of 13 years.

Due to the fact that Norman was involved in the case of former Sunday Times journalist Cliff Temple, he was fired from his job as the promotions officer at the British Athletic Federation. After the investigation into the suicide of the Temple was completed, there was speculation that the athlete had threatened a prominent journalist and unfairly destroyed their reputation.

The contributions that Norman made to the sporting communities of Europe and South Africa were invaluable. In the 1990s, Holmes was the athlete’s first manager. He served in that capacity throughout the decade. Andy’s performance at the European Championship in 1994 earned him a second-place finish. The athlete triumphed in the 1500-meter event at the Commonwealth Games.

On September 21, 1943, Norman was born in Suffolk, which is located in the United Kingdom. He had previously served in the police force and was employed at the conclusion of the European Grand Prix. In his role as a promoter, he made appearances in eastern Europe and South Africa. Even the athlete served as the race agent for a large number of competitors from the United Kingdom.

In 1997, Norman tied the knot with Fatima, who had previously held the world record for the javelin throw. The ceremony took place in Copthorne, West Sussex. The couple had been together for nine years before breaking up. Her spouse was laid off from his position in British athletics in the early 1990s. Is This Your Life aired an episode in January 1995 in which they discussed the details of the suicide case involving Temple.

Previously, Agnes Jebet Tirop, a Kenyan athlete, was found dead at her home in Iten, Kenya, after being stabbed to death by her husband. Her body was found there.

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Fatima Whitbread was Born To A Family In Stoke Newington

On March 3, 1961, Whitbread joined his family in their home in the London neighborhood of Stoke Newington. At this point in time, she is 61 years old. It would appear that she has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches and a weight of 68 kg. Her mother was a member of the Turks who originally came from Cyprus, while her father was a member of the Greek Cypriots ethnic group.

During her formative years, Whitbread spent most of her time at homes for children. She had been left in the hands of her abusive mother after her parents had abandoned her. In addition, she spoke about her youth in an interview in the year 2003. She described her youth in The Observer, a newspaper published in the United Kingdom, as a living nightmare.

Later on, Whitbread developed a passion for sports, which ultimately led her to her biological mother. The athlete began throwing the javelin when they were 11 years old. She maintained her passion in track and field after hearing the story of Atalanta, which encouraged her to do so.

Whitbread approached David Ottley, a retired British athlete, and inquired about the use of his javelin. On the other hand, the athlete requested that she hold off until the coach arrived. Margaret Whitbread was the coach at that time period. She worked in a school in the area as a teacher of physical education.

As a result of what happened to Fatima, Margaret comes to some conclusions about her childhood. It was the same situation for her as it was for the sportsman. After a period of three years, the athlete in retirement and her family decided to adopt Vedad. She spends her teenage years at Chadwell St. Mary, Essex, where she currently resides. The Torells school became her new alma mater.

Her younger brothers were just two and four years old when she married into the Whitbread family. Therefore, they referred to her as the big sister.

Fatima Whitbread

Fatima Whitbread

Fatima Whitbread Children

Whitbread and her former husband Norman only produced one child together. On February 25, 1998, Ryan Norman made his debut into the world in Pretoria, South Africa. At this point in time, he is 24 years old. The athlete’s son created a name for himself in the competition in the year 2011.

In the television show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!,” Ryan played the role of Fatima’s son. for the first two parts. On the other hand, his appearance in episode 11 has not been ascribed to him. The reality television spin-off show that was produced by ITV2 featured information, conversation, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Following the traumatic events of her own childhood, Fatima resolved to become an adoptive mother. After sending her kid off to college, she started thinking about being a foster parent. After he has completed his education, his son will relocate far away from her.

According to Fatima, his son grew up with a strong sense of independence in his personality. Cooking, cleaning, and doing other chores around the house come easily to him. In the year 2020, Ryan was in his senior year, and it’s possible that her child moved in with his girlfriend.

The current location of Whitbread Fatima is somewhere in the vicinity of Brentwood in Essex. She retired from her career as an athlete and stayed at home to spend her later years. Even the athelet had intended to become a parent at some point. In addition to this, she was a single mother who had brought up her son Ryan after the death of her husband.

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