Facebook introduced the “unfollow” option to the app for a purpose. However, several users have expressed dissatisfaction that the setting is no longer accessible to them, allowing postings from all the users and pages they had unfollowed to now surface on their timeline.

The problem appears at the same time that a different notification-related bug started upsetting people a few hours ago. The notification order has reversed for some members, while it has vanished entirely for others.

Facebook has not yet addressed any of the aforementioned problems as of the time of writing. Let’s see what the users have to say about their less-than-pleasant experience of seeing posts from users they consciously unfollowed in the interim.




You can choose to unfollow someone on Facebook if you want to cease seeing their updates on your timeline.

On Twitter, many app users have observed that the feature is no longer available because they can now see all the individuals they previously unfollowed on their timelines.

Although it’s unclear whether the feature has been permanently removed or is just a temporary bug, it’s obvious that the users want it back as soon as possible.


You may remain friends with someone even if you didn’t want to view their actions thanks to the unfollow option. Over the years, some users may have unfollowed a large number of friends just because they didn’t want to see their activity in their feed.

It’s safe to say that many users are unhappy about having to see posts from those they unfollowed.

Users might not be as irritated if some other feature had abruptly stopped functioning.

One user wrote on Twitter: “You could unfollow someone on Facebook to make them stop talking. Facebook is now acting as if you unfollowed someone. You cannot stop us from showing them to you.

“I almost ever use Facebook, but now that the unfollow tool has been removed or something similar happened, I have even less interest. Another annoyed user lamented, “So many people I deleted are still showing up in my timeline.

Facebook is completely crazy. It appears that the “unfollow” option has been disabled. All of my pals that I unfollowed have started to reappear. Another person remarked, “I might have to be the jerk and just unfriend.


Unfortunately, Facebook has no other option to replace the unfollow tool as of the time of writing.

Facebook users may only rely on the outdated feature that is presently inaccessible, unlike Instagram, where you can “mute” posts and stories by individuals you follow.

Unfriending someone is your sole choice if you still don’t want their posts to appear on your timeline.