Evanka Osmak’s Husband: Who Is Adam Hutton? A Look Into Their Age Difference

Evanka Osmak, a well-known sports host, is married to Adam Hutton. The Ontario Telemedicine Network’s vice president is Hutton.

She is one of the people who can be seen on Rogers Sportsnet. She started working for the network in 2007, and now she is a co-anchor on Sportsnet Central, the evening sports news show on the network. Evanka decided to do things backwards and go after a job in television, even though she had a degree in electrical engineering.

She is on the board of Special Olympics Ontario, is an ambassador for Golf Fore the Cure for Golf Canada, and is on the committee for the Sports Media Canada Luncheon.

Evanka Osmak

Evanka Osmak

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Who Is Evanka Osmak Husband Adam Hutton?

Evanka and Adam got married in 2011. Evanka has a degree in civil engineering, and Adam is a managing director at DoctorCare in Toronto, Canada.

They planned a fancy wedding in a small church and invited close friends and family members. The couple looked very happy, and since then, their love has only grown deeper and stronger.

In a chat with Chateline.com, Evanka talked about her job and marriage. She told the sources that she has always loved sports, even though she majored in civil engineering.

This is how she became well-known as a sportscaster. She said, “Working nights makes it hard to have a lot of friends, so I spend most weekends with her husband.”

They also shared some photos of themselves on social media. They seem to want to stay out of the public eye and enjoy their privacy as much as possible.

Find out more about Evanka Osmak and Adam Hutton’s family life

Evanka Osmak has always played sports, even when she was a small child. Sports have always been important to the Osmak family. The youngest Osmak took her dad to games, and she and her siblings played tennis and soccer.

Osmak is a well-known newscaster, and she is also the proud mom of a son named George. She came into the world in 2007. Adam, her husband, and their child live with her in Toronto.

She is always upbeat and easy to talk to, and she adds humor to everything she does. People are inspired by her performances to follow their dreams. When he wasn’t on TV giving the latest sports news.

Evanka worked for an engineering consulting firm for a few years before she realized it wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life. She decided to make a change. It turned out to be a turning point in her career.

Evanka Osmak's Husband

Evanka Osmak’s Husband

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Evanka Osmak Net Worth In 2022

Ivanka Osmak is thought to have a net worth of $700,000. She’s been working in broadcasting for the past ten years. From what the 650 websites say, she would have gone into engineering if she hadn’t chosen to work in broadcasting. She has degrees in both of these areas.

As of 2022, the reporter’s successful career at Rogers Sportsnet is expected to pay him or her $65,758 per year. The top 10% of sports anchors at Comcast SportsNet make more than $131,556. The average salary for a sports anchor at Comcast SportsNet is $107,448. At the 25th percentile, people make $94,504, and at the 75th percentile, they make $118,720.

Information about how successful Evanka Osmak’s career has been

He co-anchors Sportsnet Central with Ken Reid. Evanka is a good source of fun, humor, and smarts for sports fans from coast to coast. So far, the highlights of her career have been hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and reporting from the sidelines at the Rogers Cup in Toronto.

Evanka is one of the best-known sportscasters in Canada, and her path to success has been anything but typical. She went to Queen’s University and got a degree there.

Most of Osmak’s childhood was spent trying to keep up with her older brother and sister. They played all kinds of sports, like tennis, field hockey, running, and ultimate frisbee. Even on family vacations, people went to sports games and watched them.

Evanka worked for a while at a radio station in Orillia, Ontario, and then moved to Arizona to learn how to do a morning news show. She did this for two years. “I was up at 2 a.m. talking about anything, like the weather and people crossing borders without permission,” she says.

What does Adam Hutton do for a living? What does Evanka’s husband do?

Adam is the vice president of the Ontario Telemedicine Network at the moment. He is a doctor for DoctorCare, a company in Toronto. Even though Adam is successful at work, he is best known for his relationship with his wife, who is a well-known celebrity.

Adam Hutton is popular because of who he is as a person. Evanka Osmak, who writes about sports, is his reporter wife.

Adam became a dad in September 2017, and he and his child enjoy going on trips together. Their wedding took place at the Royal Conservatory of Music on Bloor Street.

Evanka Osmak Has Dual Citizenship

Evanka was born on September 20, 1980, in New Jersey, which is in the United States. She still has Canadian citizenship even though she lives in Toronto, Canada, but it has been said that she also has American citizenship.

She loves sports in part because she grew up in Toronto during one of the most exciting times in sports history there. The Maple Leafs went to the playoffs every year, but the Blue Jays won divisions and the World Series.

She didn’t know that her fame would be short-lived. I was the youngest of three kids, so I spent most of my childhood trying to keep up with my brother and sister. Even tennis, field hockey, running, and ultimate frisbee were allowed.

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