English rock singer Eric Clapton has a total of five children from his multiple marriages and relationships. Keep reading to learn more about the 77-years-old singer.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is a well-known English rock and blues guitarist, singer, and composer who is widely considered to be one of the most influential guitarists of all time. Clapton has been performing since 1962 and has earned numerous prizes, including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award as a member of Cream.

Eric Clapton, Behind the Sun, Sessions for Robert J, 461 Ocean Boulevard, August, and Back Home are some of his famous studio albums. He has sold over 280 million records worldwide in his solo career, making him one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

Clapton performed with Delaney & Bonnie and Derek and the Dominos, with whom he recorded Layla, one of his signature songs, in addition to his solo career. Over the next several decades, he continued to release other popular solo albums and singles, including a 1974 cover of Bob Marley’s I Shot the Sheriff. Clapton is in in the spotlight after testing positive for COVID-19 and canceling two upcoming European concerts.

Eric Clapton Has A Total of 5 Children

Eric Clapton has five children from his many marriages and partnerships, as previously stated. Conor Clapton, Julie Rose Clapton, Sophie Belle Clapton, Ruth Clapton, and Ella May Clapton are his children’s names.

Clapton began a relationship with Yvonne Kelly in 1984, while recording Behind The Sun. Ruth Clapton was born together with Kelly. Conor was also born as a result of his relationship with Italian model Lory Del Santo. When Conor died on March 20, 1991, at the age of four, after falling out of an open bedroom window on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building, the former couple faced a significant problem.

Clapton’s additional children, Julie Rose Clapton, Sophie Belle Clapton, and Ella May Clapton, are the result of his current marriage to Melia McEnery.

Eric Clapton Wife Melia McEnery Is Administrative Assistant

Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery have been married since 2002. The couple met for the first time after a performance in Columbus, Ohio, at a reception thrown for him. Clapton was 53 years old at the time, while McEnery was only 22.

The couple dated for almost a year before going public with their love in 1999. On January 1, 2002, they married and walked down the aisle. Clapton’s birthplace, Ripley, hosted the wedding ceremony at St Mary Magdalene church.