As the owner of the Rancho San Julian, Elizabeth Poett has a net worth of $1 million. The new season of Ranch to Table will be hosted by Elizabeth Poett.

The TV personality has worked on Ranch to Table from the beginning, and the host will also stand out in season 3 in 2023.

She lives and works on the cattle ranch in California that her family owns. The host grew up in Goviota on Rancho San Julian, which has been in her family for 200 years.

Poett helped her mother cook and take care of events like branding and tea parties when she was a child.

Elizabeth Poett

Elizabeth Poett

Net Worth of Elizabeth Poett

As the owner of Rancho San Julian, Elizabeth Poett has a net worth of $1 million. In 2007, she joined the family business.

She is a well-known 7th-generation rancher who has made a name for herself on the TV show where she shares family recipes. She owns the family cattle ranch, Rancho San Julain, which is on a Mexican land grant of 48,222 acres.

The land was given to her ancestor Jose de la Guerra Y Noriega by Governor Juan B. Alvarado of California. He may have been the wealthiest military officer of that time who started the famous Guerra family in California.

Poett is most famous for being the cowgirl of this century. She is also active on the YouTube channel, and the host may make more money because of her views. She also hosts a show called “Ranch to Table” on the Mongolian Network.

ZipRecruiter says that the average salary for a TV host in the United States is $107,129 per year. She has been working on the show since 2021 and has been successful up to this point. Even the third season of a show on the channel won’t start until 2023.

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Elizabeth is a cattle rancher in her seventh generation

Poett is the seventh generation of her family to raise cattle on a 14,000-acre ranch on Santa Barbara’s Central Coast. The ranch is a family heirloom.

She owns one of California’s oldest cattle ranches. Since 1837, her family has owned it.

She spent her whole life protecting the land and growing healthy food, just like her ancestor. After school, she worked full-time on the ranch. She went into business for herself and called it Rancho San Julian Beef.

Poett is known for her business that has been in her family for generations. She sells her family’s beef straight to chefs and customers from their ranch.

Her husband, Austin Campbell, who is also a rancher, is being talked about. Campbell, her children, and her chickens, turkeys, sheep, horses, dogs, and cats were all raised in the family house by the couple.

She is also a member of Range Land Trust, which covers 306,781 acres and provides up to $1.44 billion in ecosystem services every year. The organization gives back the money that was invested without taking loss into account.

Elizabeth Poett

Elizabeth Poett

After taking a look at the finances, the net asset at the end of the year was $30,098,634. As the owner, she makes a lot of money from the ideas she has for her business.

In 2018, Poett opened The Ranch Table, a place where people can take cooking classes and eat special meals. She uses organic ingredients from her estate to make a variety of tasty dishes.

At the events, people ate food grown in California and learned about its culture. Also, the people who took part knew about the environment, the culture, and the past.

In the meantime, some people got together to save the ranch. Later, the business owner ran a cooking show called “Ranch to Table” on the Magnolia Network. Chip and Joanna Gaines asked her to join their channel, which made her feel proud.

It was a dream come true for Poett, who had been working on a cooking show based on a few months of her life on the ranch. The viewers could find out about Poett’s life on the ranch, where she shared the tasty recipes she had made over the years. She even gave out the family recipes that had been used for years.

Elizabeth Poett Tied the Knot

Austin Campbell, who is also a rancher, is Poett’s husband. In 2008, she worked at a family branding where he worked. They liked each other right away and began dating before Austin asked her to marry him. On September 6, 2020, they had a party for their wedding anniversary. They have two boys, whose names are Jack and Hank.

At Rancho San Julian, Austin is in charge of the cattle and the ranch. He always wanted to be a rancher when he was young. By the time he was 20, he was already in charge of a large herd of cattle that grazed on the 30,000 acres of grassland at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

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Ranch to Table by Elizabeth Poett

Elizabeth is the host of her own TV show, Ranch to Table, which debuted on February 19, 2021. In the show, Poett shows how well she can run her family’s 14,000-acre ranch while making regional dishes with fresh ingredients from her own farm.

In 2017, Poett started a business called The Ranch Table. At the historic adobe at Rancho San Julian, she held cooking classes, special meals, and educational events. Poett’s blog and website are both called the same thing. She often gives out her recipes and advice.

In 2007, Elizabeth started a business called Rancho San Julian Beef to sell the grass-fed beef that her family raised. They sold beef straight to chefs and regular people at farmer markets in the area. This was after she had worked for many years in New York and Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Poett

Elizabeth Poett

Family of Elizabeth Poett

Poett’s parents are his parents. Her father, Jim Poett, is one of the first certified organic ranchers in California and is an organic rancher. Marianne Partridge is the name of her mom. She said that she learned how to run a ranch by helping her father and that she learned how to cook by helping her mother. She also said that her mother taught her “how important family is, but also how important it is to be true to yourself and follow your passion.”

The rancher grew up on a family ranch on the Central Coast of Santa Barbara called Rancho San Julian. It is 14,000 acres big. Since 1987, Elizabeth’s family has owned the Rancho San Julian.

A History is Born

De La Guerra was hired to raise cattle so that soldiers at the Presidio would have meat to eat. The story goes that De La Guerra helped Mexico fight against Spain during the junta. In 1837, the Mexican governor in charge of what was then called Alta California gave De La Guerra the title to the ranchlands, which were called Rancho National at the time. De La Guerra and his wife, Maria Antonia Juliana Carrillo, went on to have 13 children. After the Gold Rush of 1849, when Thomas Bloodgood Dibblee came to town, Hispanic and Anglo cultures began to mix. People were moving to California quickly, and stockmen from the East, like Dibblee, started bringing in purebred Shorthorns and Devon cattle. Dibblee would marry Francisca De La Guerra, who was the granddaughter of José Antonio Julian De La Guerra.

Pablo, one of José Antonio Julian De La Guerra’s thirteen children and Francisca’s father, was a politician, lawyer, and judge who took care of the family’s 488,329 acres of land and 10,000 head of cattle. Rancho San Julian was on a piece of that land. As more people got married, the family tree kept spreading out. Today, the Russell, Donohoe, Hoyt, and Poett families are its direct descendants. All four of these families own the San Julian together.

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