Elena Ferrante, a pseudonymous novelist, has left her admirers in a state of panic after online death rumors started to circulate.

The Neapolitan Novel, a four-book series by Elena Ferrante, includes My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, and The Story of the Lost Child.

However, the author stated in one of her interviews that she viewed the four-book collection as “a single novel” that was only serially released. It was released and sold in 40 countries with ten million copies.

My Brilliant Friend was further translated into English by American editor and translator Ann Goldstein. The book’s original title is L’amica geniale.

Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante

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Who Is Elena Ferrante?

Italian author Elena Ferrante, who writes behind a pen name, is well known for maintaining secrecy in her personal life. Whoever she is, she has sold millions of copies all over the world.

One of the best novelists has authored a book under the pen name “Elena Ferrante.” Despite being well-known, the author has remained a mystery since the release of her debut book in 1992.

She has given numerous interviews about the analysis and content of her book. Her fans, who were eager to learn about her personal life, began to form various presumptions and speculations about the author.

Many of her admirers and enquirers have worked to support their theories about who she is throughout the years. James Wood summarized the piece in 2013, gathering the letters from the volume and attempting to learn more about her.

She “grew up in Naples and has lived for a while outside of Italy,” according to Wood. She has a classic degree; she “has referred to being a mother…”

Who Is Author Elena Ferrante Partner? Meet Her Husband

It is assumed that author Elena Ferrante is married and has kids. The author’s information about her personal life and covert identity, however, is still ambiguous.

Despite having diverse beliefs, many have managed to connect Anita Raja and her husband, novelist and journalist Domenico Starnone, with her personal life.

Also, following up on her books, many of her curious followers have claimed that she has two daughters who separated from their father.

Either way, her admirers are still on the mission to find her identity while the author has perfectly sealed herself. Her fans hope that to get close to the novelist someday in the future.

Elena Ferrante one of the best selling books My Brilliant Friend

Elena Ferrante one of the best selling books My Brilliant Friend

Find Elena Ferrante Wikipedia – Family Facts On Novelist

According to her Wikipedia profile, Elena Ferrante is an anonymous Italian novelist. Since 1992, she has been actively involved in the field.

Since the author has kept her identity a secret up until this point, details about her family have also been kept a secret. Nevertheless, in response to the magnitude of her book, her supporters have developed many hypotheses.

Marco Santagata, an Italian novelist and philologist, completed his theory about the author by noting that the author had once lived in Pisa but had gone by 1966. He thought that Marcella Marmo, a professor from Naples, was the most likely author.

Elena Ferrante Fake Death News Was A Hoax

The internet is flooded with phony death announcements for Elena Ferrante, according to Italian publisher Sandro Ferri. But it’s just a fraud made by a bogus account.

On Twitter, staff writer for the New Republic Alex Shephard refuted the death hoax by writing, “FYI this is our Italian friend Tomasso Debenedetti. Elena Ferrante is OK and is presumably relaxing somewhere along the Amalfi Coast.

“Just to be absolutely 100 percent clear: Elena Ferrante is not dead,” he added in another tweet. The account saying she is dead is fake.”

Neapolitan Novels

The Neapolitan Novels, a quartet of books written under the pseudonym Elena Ferrante and initially released by Edizioni e/o, were translated into English by Ann Goldstein and distributed by Europa Editions (New York). My Brilliant Friend (2012), The Story of a New Name (2013), Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (2014), and The Story of the Lost Child (2015) are the titles of the respective books (2015). The entire series is referred to as L’amica geniale in the Italian edition (“My Brilliant Friend”). It has been said that the series is a coming-of-age tale or bildungsroman.  Elena Ferrante claimed that because of their length and duration, she saw the four works as “a single novel” in an interview with Harper’s Magazine. In 40 different countries, the series has sold over 10 million copies.

Author Elena Ferrante
Translator Ann Goldstein
Country Italy
  • Edizioni e/o
  • Europa Editions (English publisher)
Published 2011–2014
Published in English 2012–2015
No. of books Four

The series follows the lives of two perceptive and intelligent girls named Elena (sometimes called “Lenù”) Greco and Raffaella (“Lila”) Cerullo, from childhood through adulthood and old age, as they attempt to create lives for themselves amidst the violent and stifling culture of their home – a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Naples, Italy. Elena Greco is the one who tells the story in both books.

In March of 2017, April De Angelis presented a two-part play adaptation of the series that she had written at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

The Rose production, which starred Niamh Cusack and Catherine McCormack, will go to the Royal National Theatre in November 2019, where it will run until May 2020. The first three books in the series have been made into an HBO television series that is going by the name of My Brilliant Friend.


My Brilliant Friend (2011)

The Neapolitan Novels start in the year 2010, when the main character, a woman in her 60s named Elena (sometimes referred to as “Lenù” throughout the books), receives a phone call from the son of an old acquaintance. A childhood friend of Elena’s named Lila (a nickname for “Raffaella”) has vanished and eliminated all traces of herself from her home; her son is unable to locate her. Elena is aware that Lila, in her later years, has always talked about committing this behavior, and she believes that Lila’s departure was a conscious decision on her part. Elena decides to put on paper what she can remember about Lila, beginning with Naples in the 1950s, in the spirit of their love but conflicted approaches toward each other. She does this beginning in the 1950s.

Elena and Lila spend their childhood in a run-down neighborhood that is plagued with conflict and violence. It is only Lila who discovers that a good guy has been falsely accused of murder by the local criminal family known as the Solaras. No one believes the girls will complete elementary school or any further level of education. Due to Elena’s hard work, one of her teachers at primary school, a spinster named Maestra Oliviero, takes an interest in her. Maestra Oliviero inspires Elena to rise above the existence of the plebeian class, which is known for its poverty. Everyone was taken aback when they discovered that the obstinate and defiant Lila was a child genius who had taught herself how to read and write. She swiftly achieves the greatest grades in the class, making it appear as though she had not put in any effort. Lila has the ability to fascinate as well as terrify Elena, especially after Elena reads one of Lila’s stories and believes it demonstrates true genius on Lila’s part. She starts to push herself in an attempt to keep up with Lila, and she disregards her teacher’s advice to avoid associating with “plebs.” When Lila once threw Elena’s doll down the basement chute of the neighborhood loan shark, Elena responded by doing the same thing to Lila’s doll as a demonstration that she is just as daring as her pal. Elena accompanies Lila when she bravely confronts the loan shark in order to demand the return of the dolls; nevertheless, despite their best efforts, they are ultimately unable to get the dolls back.

The Story of a New Name (2012)

Throughout their marriage, Lila is chilly to Stefano because she no longer feels anything for him. On their honeymoon, Stefano rapes and beats her, severely dividing the couple. Lila is compelled to assist the Solaras with the shoe shop despite her protests as they eventually take over the profitable shoe enterprise.

Both Lila’s family and her in-laws are concerned about the fact that she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet as she continues to rebel in various ways. Her physician diagnoses stress as the cause and advises a vacation. Elena agrees to go with Lila because she is frantic to not be alone with her mother and sister-in-law. Elena agrees on the condition that they travel to a specific beach resort knowing Nino will be there. Elena is a bright student who has fallen in love with the arrogant older boy named Nino Sarratore. Elena doesn’t realize Nino isn’t interested in her and that he is envious of her writing abilities. Elena and Lila will soon be spending more and more time with Nino during the day. Surprisingly, Lila and Nino start dating and have a relationship. They even use Elena as a shared confidante. Elena, who is feeling defeated, gives in to Donato Sarratore’s overtures and loses her virginity.


International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award longlist, My Brilliant Friend.

The Story of the Lost Child has been nominated for the prestigious Strega Prize in Italian literature.

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