Eduardo Valesca was kidnapped and tortured by a Mexican drug cartel. His tale was shown on Dateline NBC, and many people are curious about his current whereabouts.

Eduardo Valesca has already been the victim of kidnapping. The Valseca family’s quiet and cheerful life in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, was turned upside down on a horrific morning in June 2007. After dropping his children off at school, Eduardo Garcia Valseca was abducted.

The next seven months were spent in solitary confinement and abuse. On NBC News’ “Dateline: The Ranch,” Eduardo’s incredible narrative of survival and eventual release is shared.

Eduardo Valseca

Eduardo Valseca

Eduardo Valseca’s Age and Biography

Eduardo Valseca’s current age, based on his appearance, appears to be in his 70s. He was an art trader who shared a 10,000-acre estate with his wife, Jayne Rager, and their three children in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Eduardo was abducted, and the kidnappers demanded a $8 million ransom, which Jayne couldn’t afford due to financial constraints.

Valseca had been starved and abused by cartel members until Jayne and the kidnappers agreed on a ransom of less than a million dollars. He was routinely abused by Sinaloa members, and when he was released, he was underweight and had three shattered ribs.

Eduardo Valeseca’s story has also been told by numerous others, including Valseca himself. Mark and his wife also co-wrote a book called “We Have Your Husband,” which details his kidnapping and eventual release.

Where Is Eduardo Valseca’s now?

Eduardo Valseca is still raising his three children. They appear to be happy and stable after such a horrible event. He was the son of a Mexican newspaper magnate, but he did not inherit his father’s entire money; they lived comfortably, but not prosperously.

In 1994, he married Jayne, and the two of them resided in the Central Mexican desert, where he rode horses while his wife took care of the garden.

Eduardo Valseca and Jayne Rager are a husband and wife team.

Following his disappearance, the family moved to Maryland’s Washington suburbs. Jayne attended the University of Maryland and grew up in the same neighborhood.

Eduardo Valseca Wife And Children Update

Eduardo Valseca’s wife, Jayne Valseca, died of breast cancer at the age of 45. Following the kidnapping, she worked on a book with Mark Ebner called “We Have Your Husband,” which was released in 2011.

She has also expressed her feelings and reality on NBC’s Today show and ABC’s “Dateline” news program, and she has been a key figure in the campaign to aid the families and victims of Mexico’s ruthless cartel.

Her children, for example, moved to Maryland, Washington, where they attended a local high school and are now pursuing their dreams.