Former champion Eddie Betts is returning to the game by playing as a guest player for Palmerston in the Northern Territory.

The 34-year-old Indigenous legend will take part in community work in the Northern Territory in addition to playing an unspecified number of games for the Magpies.

He was a former Australian rules football player who played for the Adelaide and Carlton Football Clubs in the Australian Football League. Betts spent nine years playing with Carlton before Adelaide signed him as a free agent at the end of 2013. In the 2004 Pre-Season Draft, Carlton first selected him with choice number three.

He moved returned to Carlton for the 2019 season, where he played his remaining 350 games and scored 640 goals before hanging up his boots in 2021.

Eddie Betts

Eddie Betts

Real Name Eddie Betts
Occupation Australian rules footballer
Date of Birth 1986/11/26
Wife Name Anna Scullie
Children Name Billy And Lewis Betts
Awards Receieved Goal of the Year (AFL),Goal of the Year (AFL),Goal of the Year (AFL)

What Is Eddie Betts Doing Now?

Eddie Betts is now a development coach for the Geelong Football Club. The 34-year-old Indigenous legend will take part in community work in the Northern Territory in addition to playing an unspecified number of games for the Magpies.

Betts and his family are currently under quarantine at Howard Springs. Betts announced his retirement from the AFL in August following a stellar 17-season career that included 350 games with Carlton and Adelaide and 640 goals.

He has been employed part-time as a development coach for Geelong. The next year, he would combine that job with one in welfare, working with Indigenous liaison officers at other AFL clubs.

Betts said earlier this month that he now had a “bigger role” to play in battling racism because he had ended his career as an AFL player.

Eddie Betts Have A Huge Family With Five Children

Three males and a set of twin girls are born to parents Eddie Betts, 35, and Anna Scully, in her mid-30s. The younger brother of the twin brothers was born in December 2020.

Their two oldest sons are older than 5, and their twin daughters turned four this year. Among their younger children were the identical twins Alice and Maggie, Lewis, and Billy. They travel as a family a lot, and their pictures are beautiful.

As he reveals their pregnancy, Betts calls his wife a “superwoman” and expresses his appreciation for her. He also says on Fox Footy’s AFL 360 that it was difficult for him to leave his family in Melbourne at the time because his wife was expecting twins.

Eddie Betts, a 35-year-old former Guidelines soccer player, has achieved prominence in the sport and sparked curiosity about the financial success of his career. Eddie won Goal of the Year for the second time in his career in 2015 after controlling the ball at half-forward on the edge.

Anna Scullie – Eddie Betts Wife

Eddie Betts and Anna Scullie have been married since August 5, 2015. She is the Managing Director of Frankly Eco and the Special Projects Manager for Betts’ Eddie’s Lil Homies Series.

She was born and reared in Victoria, where her family still resides. While the star forward scores goals at Adelaide Oval, Betts’ wife of six years, who has been the center of his life, maintains things in order.

Scullie reportedly said, “The way our relationship works is that we feed off of one another for support,” according to The Outer Sanctum on ABC. People presume you have a strong support system, but you may not; racism, in my opinion, can be isolating (for gamers).

Supporters like Alex Rance and Patrick Dangerfield need to speak up for Eddie.

Eddie Betts And Anna Scullie’s Relationship Timeline

Eddie Betts and Anna Scullie dated for a long period before they were wed in August 2015. On the occasion of Betts’ 30th birthday, a surprise wedding was arranged.

In the city’s Public CBD, the celebration first began as a birthday party for Anna, but Eddie stunned everyone—including his fiance—by organizing a wedding ceremony.

The couple had two young children, Lewis and Billy, before getting married. Eddie collaborated with a few friends behind Anna’s back to carry out the plans. The wedding was attended by Adelaide’s family, friends, teammates, and coaches.

With nearly six years of marriage, the couple has five young children. We can follow them on Instagram to gain a better understanding of their daily life.

More About Betts Family Life

Since August 5, 2015, Eddie Betts and Anna Scullie have been wed. She serves as managing director for Frankly Eco and is in charge of the special initiatives for Betts’ Eddie’s Lil Homies Series.

She was born in Victoria, where her family continues to call home. As the talented forward scores goals in the pocket at Adelaide Oval, Betts’ wife of six years acts as the rock in his life and maintains order.

Before getting married, they dated for a very long time. Betts even planned a surprise wedding for her on her 30th birthday.

After Anna’s 30th birthday party had begun in the city’s Public CBD, Eddie arranged a wedding ceremony as a surprise for everyone, including his fiancée.

Eddie Betts Joins Geelong’s Coaching Staff

Former AFL legend Eddie Betts, who retired earlier this year, has joined the Geelong Cats.

The illustrious small forward is currently the Cats’ development coach. With 640 goals in his career, he will be a major contributor to the team, especially in terms of developing the younger players.

Betts remarked that he was eager to start a club statement. When Tyson Stengle, 22, and Betts, a former teammate from Adelaide, are reunited, they will both sign with Geelong in 2022.

Geelong’s list manager Stephen Wells talked about the Stengle entering the squad. We’re interested in Tyson, and he’s lucky to have someone like Eddie behind him, the man said.

Net Worth Of Eddie Betts In 2022

One of Australian Rules Football’s richest and most popular players is Eddie Betts. The net value of a well-known birthday website is pegged at $1.5 million by all estimates.

He played for Templestowe in the EFL Division 3 and was named Best and Fairest in 2002.

Betts played football with the Calder Cannons in the TAC Cup and Templestowe in Melbourne, where he won the EFL Division 3 league best and fairest award in 2002. He participated for Vic Metro in the 2003 AFL Under 18 Championships as a 16-year-old, and that year, he was selected for the Under 18 All-Australian squad.

Even though osteitis pubis prevented him from being selected in the AFL draft after 2003, he played another season with the Cannons. He was therefore disqualified from the 2004 National Draft.

Look Back At Eddie Betts Career

After being passed over in the National Draft, Betts was chosen by the Carlton Football Club with pick three in the 2004 Pre-Season Draft to play in the AFL. He attracted notice as a flamboyant small forward during the 2005 preseason and made his AFL debut in round one against the Kangaroos.

He played as a little permanent striker and scored 19 goals in 19 games in 2006, garnering the crowd’s support. Betts won the Goal of the Year title the following year for his goal in round 21 against Collingwood, a banana kick from the boundary while under siege.

In his first four seasons, Betts scored roughly one goal per game. In 2009, Betts’ goalkicking output increased; he kicked 38 goals that year, then 42 in 2010, surpassing Carlton’s goal total for the first time and finishing in the top 10 of the club’s Best and Fairest.

Betts struggled early on in the 2011 season and was on the verge of being benched, but he returned to finish the year with 50 goals, including a career-high eight goals against Essendon in round 18.

Eddie Betts with his wife, Anna Scullie.

Eddie Betts with his wife, Anna Scullie.

The AFL Great Who Overcame So Much With No Hint Of Bitterness

Eddie Betts’ granddad passed suddenly in a Port Lincoln detention cell. His father was incarcerated for a while. By the time he was eight years old, the Kalgoorlie police, often known as “the monarch,” had already harassed him once.

Because he had taken a spoon, he was held. It was a reality for us, he writes in his recently released memoirs. Expectations were met. Domestic abuse and alcoholism were pervasive. “We developed the skills of situation management, people reading, and tension release. He was formed by the stolen generation and the generational effects of colonialism.

He grew raised with regular access to strong female influences. Family, culture, and sports were all significant. When he moved to Melbourne, he hardly knew how to read or write. He longed to return to his house and his neighborhood. His first AFL coach was the formidable Denis Pagan.

His first opponent was Glenn Archer, one of the toughest football players to play against. As a reward for scoring the opening goal of the year, he received a Toyota Aurion. He was detained a little while later by two policemen who wanted to know whose car he was driving.


What Is Eddie Betts Doing Now?

Betts is currently employed by the Geelong Football Club as a development coach.

What is Eddie Betts famous for?

Betts’ additional achievements include four AFL Goal of the Year accolades, two Carlton leading Goalkicker (2010, 2012) and four Adelaide leading Goalkicker (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) trophies, as well as earning three All-Australian honors. Betts has more career goals than any other Indigenous Blue (2015, 2016, 2017).

What happened to Eddie Betts at camp?

After Adelaide reached the 2017 AFL grand final but lost to the Richmond Tigers, a four-day preseason camp was held.