The quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League is Andrew Stephen Lock.

The full name of this person is Andrew Stephen Lock, and he was born on November 10th, 1996. (NFL). At the University of Missouri, he took part in the collegiate football program. In the second round of the 2019 National Football League Draft, the Denver Broncos selected him.

Drew Lock

Drew Lock

Drew Lock Parents

Laura Lock and Andy Lock are Drew Lock’s parents.

The boyhood dream of Drew’s father to play professional football was never realized due to a leg injury. In the late 1980s, Andy Lock played offensive line for the University of Missouri football team.

He had a leg injury during his senior year, which was unfortunate because it kept him from getting selected. When the New York Giants encouraged him to take part in a training camp, he gained some optimism. He was not, however, chosen to be on the team’s roster. The prospect of Andy playing in the NFL was dashed by that response.

He is fortunate to have a bright child who will help him realize his dream. Drew played for his college, and Andy and Laura attended all of his games. They now make an effort to attend as many NFL games as they can. When questioned by Broncos Wire, Drew responded that he makes an effort to carry on his father’s legacy in each game.

Drew’s mother expressed her anger with the NFL after it banned Drew from participating for violating the COVID-19 rules. Fans and media outlets criticized Lock for violating the NFL’s rules regarding mask use in late November of 2020. He and the other Denver Broncos quarterbacks were forced to miss their team’s game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday as a result of their actions.

Although it was generally agreed that Drew’s actions were foolish, many people thought the punishment imposed by the League was disproportionate. In her blistering social media critique of the NFL, Laura frequently used the word “shame.” She criticized the League for treating Drew and his rivals unfairly and blamed Drew for it.

Drew Lock Contract At Seattle Seahawks

The National Football League’s starting quarterback position is up for grabs between Drew Lock and Geno Smith.

Unless a deal involves the addition of another quarterback from the NFC West, one of them will receive that chance. The Seattle Seahawks have been experimenting with their new starting quarterback since 2012, Wilson’s first season with the team, as a result of the offseason trade that sent Wilson to the Denver Broncos.

Both candidates for the starting center position can be supported by a number of strong arguments. Smith is more knowledgeable about the offensive playbook. Wilson began all three of the Seahawks’ games in 2021 while Wilson missed the season due to a finger injury, and since 2020, he has been the team’s backup quarterback in Seattle.

Then there is Lock, who joined the group as part of the Wilson trade. One may contend that Lock still has promise and that, in order to realize it, he simply needs a fresh start.

Carroll’s comments suggest that Lock is currently in second place on the depth chart. Smith, he recently said, “continues to remain on top.”

Carroll thinks Lock can close the gap if he keeps playing the way he does right now. Carroll has already expressed his confidence in having Lock play center, according to those statements. Seattle didn’t need to trade for a quarterback, he said in an interview with Seattle radio station KJR in May. Lock, in his opinion, would have been the top quarterback available in the 2022 NFL Draft. According to him, Lock would have been the greatest quarterback on the market.

Where Is Drew Lock Now?

In 2022, the Cleveland Browns traded tight end Noah Fant, defensive lineman Shelby Harris, quarterback Russell Wilson, two first-round picks, two second-round picks, a fifth-round pick, and Lock to the Seattle Seahawks.

As the Seattle Seahawks are ready to play their first preseason game of the 2022 season, there is a competition for the starting quarterback spot on the team’s roster. Geno Smith, an experienced quarterback, ended up being the Seahawks’ choice to start the game, with 25-year-old Drew Lock set to enter the field with the rest of the reserves to start the second half.

Even though Seattle lost 32-25, it became clear by the end of regulation that Lock had a more significant impact on the Seahawks. This could play a big role in deciding who gets the call for game two.

Drew Lock’s Net Worth

Drew Lock’s net worth is thought to be over a million dollars.

Current Contract
Contract: 4 yr(s) / $7,010,817
Signing Bonus $3,118,776
Average Salary $1,752,704
Total Guarantees $3,932,450
Guaranteed at Signing $3,932,450
Free Agent: 2023 / UFA

Information About Earnings Over Time

Earnings Details Over The Years

Year Age Base Salary Signing Cap Hit Annual Earnings
2019 23 $495,000 $779,694 $1,274,694 $3,613,776 ($3,613,776)
2020 24 $813,674 $779,694 $1,593,368 $1,041,779 ($4,655,555)
2021 25 $1,057,347 $779,694 $1,912,041 $1,132,347 ($5,787,902)
2022 26 $1,351,021 $1,451,021 $1,451,021 ($7,238,923

Lock and the Denver Broncos reached an agreement on a $7,010,817, four-year contract. This total includes a $3,118,776 signing bonus, a $3,932,450 guarantee, and a $1,752,704 annual compensation.

Lock’s cap hit would be $1,451,021 and his base salary would be $1,351,021 if he decides to stay with the Denver Broncos. He would also receive a $100,000 workout bonus.