Chelsea Jackson Roberts shared her pregnancy news with the Peloton community during her live session, revealing that she and her husband, Shane, are expecting their first child.

Dr Chelsea Jackson

Dr Chelsea Jackson

This morning, 43-year-old Chelsea Jackson Roberts shared the exciting news with the Peloton community that she and her husband, Shane, are expecting their first child together. She made the announcement during her Gospel Slow Flow Yoga Class, which lasted for thirty minutes.

In a similar fashion, Chelsea’s first Peloton classes were on May 27, 2020. As a result, the class celebrated it having been over two years since she joined the Peloton team.

Aside from that, she spent the most of the class time thinking about some of the things that have happened to her over the past two years and how significant the Peloton community has been to her.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts Pregnant At The Age Of 43

The news that Chelsea Jackson Roberts is expecting a child was shared with the public on social media, and in response, dozens of people have expressed their joy at the development.

In addition, a baby bump can be seen in the video that she uploaded on Instagram and shared with her followers. In addition, Jackson gave off the impression that she was eager to share this excellent news with her supporters.

Peloton instructor Chelsea Jackson Roberts is not the only instructor at the company who has disclosed recent important life events. Jess King informed her class about her pregnancy approximately two weeks ago. In a similar fashion, Anna Greenberg, another yoga instructor, announced the news of her pregnancy at the beginning of March.

Peloton Instructor Chelsea Jackson And Husband Shane Roberts

In 2015, Chelsea wed the man who would become her husband, Shane, and she acknowledges that he has been a “major part” in her success.

During the live portion of her lesson, Chelsea disclosed that she and her husband Shane had recently moved away from Atlanta without having a clear idea of where their lives were headed or what the future might bring.

She talked about how certain things had to be put on hold while they moved, she changed jobs, and the Peloton community weathered the storms during the past two years. She also talked about how the Peloton community withstood the storms.

There is no other information regarding Shane that has been released elsewhere on the web media other than that.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts’ Wiki: Explore Her Net Worth

According to idol net worth, Chelsea Jackson Roberts possesses a personal wealth that is greater than $2 million. Her wealth is wholly attributable to the work that she does as a fitness coach and Peloton instructor.

According to Chelsea’s wiki, she has a doctorate in Educational Studies and has devoted her life to investigating the ways in which yoga can improve the lives of communities. In 1997, she also graduated from Trotwood High School in Dayton, which is located in Ohio.

She continued her education at Spelman College, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated with a degree in child development in the year 2001.

Jackson Roberts started his position as a yoga and meditation coach at Peloton Interactive in May of 2020. Jackson Roberts and Tunde Oyeneyin, both of whom are teachers at Peloton, are co-leading the anti-racism project known as “Breathe In, Speak Up,” which had its start in June of 2020.