Johnny Depp’s psychiatrist is an MD who is actively practicing in Los Angeles California. His testimony in the Depp-Heard case is bringing a kind of havoc in the internet world.

Dr Alan Blaustein

Dr Alan Blaustein

Johnny Depp’s former psychiatrist testified on Thursday, May 19, that the actor shown displeasure with Amber Heard over the course of their marriage. The testimony was presented during Johnny Depp’s trial. Because of this, Dr. Alan Blaustein is now in the public eye, and many are interested in gaining further insight into who this individual is.

In light of his disclosure regarding the villainous side that the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star possesses, the following is everything that we know about him.

Who Is Johnny Depp’s Psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Blaustein?

Johnny Depp’s former psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Blaustein, testified on May 19 in the ongoing defamation trial that the actor is currently facing against his ex-wife. The trial is taking place in Fairfax County Court.

During his evidence, Blaustein addressed Johnny Depp’s struggles with mental health as well as his substance abuse and his strained relationship with Amber Heard. He also said that the actor was upset with Heard and at one time likened her to his mother and his wild sister. He said that the actor was comparing Heard to his mother and his crazy sister.

According to him, the paranoid actor admitted to having a highly contentious relationship with his ex-wife Amber Heard, which included a great deal of antagonism. Blaustein voiced concern regarding Depp’s use of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prescription Adderall. He also brought up instances in which Depp had broken his promises to remain sober.

Dr. Alan Blaustein Wikipedia

According to his biography on Linkedin, Dr. Alan Blaustein is a licensed psychiatrist who works in the city of Los Angeles. Nearly 20 years have passed since he began his career, and he is currently affiliated with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

In 1983, he graduated with a doctorate in medicine from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, which is now known as McGaw Medical Center. He received his fellowship from the University of Illinois at the School of Legal Education after working as an intern at Georgetown University.

Dr. Alan Blaustein’s Testimony

Johnny Depp’s personal physician, Dr. Alan Blaustein, has asserted that his patient suffers from bipolar disorder. This confession was made in a pre-recorded deposition, and it is believed that the conduct in question began in October of 2014.

Amber Heard’s legal team questioned the doctor from within the courtroom in Fairfax, Virginia, asking if he remembered having a conversation about whether or not Johnny Depp suffered from bipolar disorder. He quickly answered and explained that there was some uncertainty around the diagnosis of bipolar disease.

Before he concluded, he did make it clear that he did not recollect particulars of the dialogue that had taken place.

The doctor claims that while they were married, Depp was irritated, impatient, and upset with Heard because of their relationship. There were a lot of highs and lows in the relationship, as well as a lot of difficulty in displaying emotions and a lot of anger in both locations. The relationship was fraught with conflict.