Olly Esse is an Italian DJ and Musical Artist. Olly Esse was born on 1st January 1992 in Italy, Europe, her real age is 30 year. Probably one of the most dynamic, powerful character that is strong, a women with incredible credentials. Olly Esse is no stranger to anyone from the Fitness and Music industry. In Music Industry She has played with world class DJ’s like Martin Garrix, EDM, Alan Walker, both Hardwell and also with Sun-burn. Being the newest influencer for both IHFF and Human Body Power India. Anex TEDx Speaker who’ve made people go crazy about her travel. Olly is also a model. Not only fitness, she’s known for her acting too. Performed around the Planet for the past 13 years. Most likely up coming music artist. Her persona has earned her a worldwide fan base.

DJ Olly Esse

DJ Olly Esse

DJ Olly Esse Wiki/Biography

Olly Esse is a remarkably popular Musical Artist known for her Dj skills. Mostly she shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photos over her Instagram account.

Olly Esse

Olly Esse

She was born on 1st January 1992, in Italy, Europe now in 2021, she is 30 Year Old. She is European by Nationality. The full Name of Olly is Olly Esse and people call him Olly. She is Christian with her religion and her Zodiac sign is Leo.

She’s got a huge following on Social Media.

Olly Esse Model

Olly Esse Model

Having competed all around the world and crushing the competition, Olly Esse has made the honor of being one among the very distinguished female DJs in Italy. Olly was deejaying for past ten years and she feels blessed to have performed on the list of greats.

She got the opportunity to open before Nari Milani and Cristiano at VIP disco. She has also performed with Other artists such as Bob Sinclair, Robin Schultz, Vinai, Coccoluto, Ralf, Paul Thomas, Soda, Futuristic Polar bears, Lost Stories, Zaeden, Kerano, Sartek, Anish Sood, Sound Avtar, Progressive Brothers along with NDS to name a few.

DJ Olly Esse Model

DJ Olly Esse Model

And she believes exceptionally honoured to have given the chance to do so.

Sunburn Festival, Sound Nation- Nepal, Sunrise Festival, Sun Rise Festival- Poland, Supersonic-India, Sounds of Sunset- India and Wet Republic- Muscat are amongst the popular festivals where Olly Esse has played.

Olly Esse Deejaying

Olly Esse Deejaying

Olly Esse has also collaborated with her friends in Koost project to unravel the creativity.Olly Esse- God’s Love and Olly Esse- Terrible whistle are some of the latest releases of Olly from her collaboration with Koost Project. Since the release, she’s received applause and love from the fans across the planet. While there are couple more collaborative music projects yet to be released but she has plans to produce an EP in future.

Having performed with the greats and in biggest venues, Olly Esse has turned into a fast emerging worldwide sensation. To see her play the paths before the audience live is amazing to witness. Poland, Indonesia, Muscat, Dubai, Qatar, India, Nepal and Italy are few countries where she has performed her music, she is recognized as one of the most likely upcoming artists. Her music has also earned her quite a fame in India and she has a enormous fanbase in the country.

Full Name: Olly Esse

Nick-name: Maybe Not Known

Famous Name:  Olly Esse

Age (As of 2021): 30 Years of Age

Date of Birth: 1 January 1992

Birth Place: Italy, Europe

Hometown: Italy, Europe

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Nationality: Europian

Gender: Female

Famous For: DJ, Musical Artist

Religion: Christian

DJ Olly Esse Age, Birthday, Birthplace, zodiac, star sign

Olly Esse Age (Current): 30 years old

Date Of Birth (DOB): 01/01/1992 (M/D/Y) (M/D/Y)

Birthplace: Italy, Europe

Zodiac Sign: Not Sure

Star Sign (Nakshatra): Not Sure

DJ Olly Esse Height

DJ Olly Esse’s height is 5 Feet & 10 Inches.

DJ Olly Esse Boyfriend

She is currently single and not dating anyone at present..

Net-Worth of DJ Olly Esse

Olly Esse earns a good amount of money. Currently, in 2021 her net worth is $ 0.5 Million USD, and her main income source is DJ, Musical Artist, and Acting.

Net Worth: $0.5 Million

Salary: Not Known

Income Source: DJ, Musical Artist

DJ Olly Esse Favourite Things

Hobbies of Olly Esse are Making Video, Reading, Music, Yoga, Traveling. He also loves listening to Reading and Making Videos.

Food: Continental

Model: Not Known

Colour: Pink

Favorites: Not Known

Actor: Not Known

Actress: Not Known

Favorite Movie: Avenger End Game

Singer: Not Known

Hobbies: Reading and Writing

DJ Olly Esse Body Measurement

The height of Olly Esse is “178 cm” and her Weight is “56 Kg” She had a Slim Body and her Body Measurements are 34-24-34. She got Brown eyes and Red Hair.

DJ Olly Esse body measurement

Height (Tall): in centimeters 178 cm

in meters- 1.78 m

in Feet Inches- 5′ 10″

Weight: 56 Kg

Body Measurement: 34-24-34

Body Shape: Slim Body

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Dress Size: 7 US

Bra Size:  34 B

Hip Size: 34 inches

Waist: 24 inches

Shoe Size: 6.5 US

Tattoo Details: In Hand, Solder & Leg

DJ Olly Esse Personal Information/Interview

Hi! Tell us about yourself and your instruction

Hi everybody, my name is Olly, I am Italian, from Milano and I am 30 yrs old. Currently, I am living in Mumbai, India and now I’ve traveled a lot, so let us imagine that the entire country is my own home chances are.

Olly Esse

I am a powerlifter daily and also a DJ and also a music producer by night. Ostensibly I can declare I literally quit on my personal life ago because my occupation and my objectives are taking away a fantastic deal of time. Frankly speaking, I really do not mind.

As per my private life — I’m looking for help kids with the cancer center and also charity events of all kinds and period to time feeding of a few squirrels.

I’ve begun my sports journey when I was 5 with swimming then changed to boxing, basketball and martial arts, so that I had a athletic groundwork. At the age of 18, I have begun my career in the gymming and power lifting.

Olly Esse doing yoga

Olly Esse doing yoga

Till today I think my biggest accomplishment is always to be connected to the huge exercise brands here in India.

After I landed in under 4 decades back, I had literally 200 euro in my own pocket and nothing more, no friends, no home, no family, no knowledge of everything I’m planning to do and where to go.

I began dealing using Bodypower Fitness Expo, after which other big venues like Boss Classic, Sheru Classic, IHFF, Kolkata Fitness Expo and other bodybuilding competitions and these certainly were kind to invite me as a guest.

And, yes, I am feeling blessed I can use very famous brands such as Fast and upward, Kong Nutrition, Alpino providing me I want to support my career and physique.

DJ Olly Esse body building

DJ Olly Esse body building

Currently, I’m collaborating also with the Goqii program, and that I have over 1 million followers there.

I really love my job, also I really believe my contribution is very important.

I am looking to spread awareness about issues and also simple methods to all people that are coming with any sort of questions.

Obviously, I have studied the topic of fitness and outside, however I prefer a powerlifting pattern to do my strength and also to seem good and well-shaped.

My definitive guru is Boris Sheiko.

Mr. Boris is among the kind. He is old-school, does not sugarcoat. I love it because his ideology is extremely simple — you work hard, you have it.

I love that he’s not selling himself to the mindset of”all easy, now” and he’s very particular about the technique, explains why you have to do exercises and moves. It’s a thing which doesn’t happen that frequently in the gym.

I literally sleep using new results of any kind of experiments about the body, nutrition and anything in between.

Describe a typical day of training

I utilize that which I’ve got, not exactly everything I need for.

As I am a DJ, I’ve only 4 days a week to workout. I train the whole human body every moment. I’m growing the potency of all the muscles simultaneously. This takes me two hours a session.

DJ Olly Esse workout

DJ Olly Esse workout

I really don’t do cardio, only heavy-weights, maximum 45 reps and demonstrably 2’6 sets depend about which I’m doing. I start with kettlebell work out + just catch two plates and perform all the other exercises with those, and that I wind using sets of deadlift or squats.

I typically have my vitamin C once I awaken, then I have my vegetarian breakfastthen my black espresso. At the gym, I simply have my intro workout that I prepare personally at my house. Subsequently, as usual, shower, lunch, and protein shake as a snack.

I don’t eat lots of times because I simply follow my entire body. If I am hungry- that I eat. I never would induce myself. I maintain my macros in balance though.

In my exercise tote, you can always get a protein pub, amino acids, a grin, my flat boots and I want to survive.

In the end, I’m not complex.

So basically it’s just plates, bar and kettles. No need for a fancy gym.

My motto isI work in everything I’ve got, not exactly everything I wish for. However, I spend my money in my gym wear, and therefore don’t judge me.

How do you continue and push harder?

Life is not easy, it never was, but you can have enough strength to support your self and that you like.

The gymnasium is much like my entire planet, a part for me personally. I do believe it’s the only real place I believe is mine.

Olly Esse body

I unwind my head and don’t take stress while I am lifting. I had a very difficult life, also I’ve been at a dark place for a long moment.

I am coming from an alcoholic family and I Have been witnessing all sorts of bad customs. And that I was abused by my grandmother as she had been alone that wanted to shelter us.

I skipped childhood and teenage years only because my mom were so poor, but I always found an escape in lifting or sport.

Life is not easy, it never was, however, you are able to have sufficient strength to support your self and that you love.

How can you do today and what will the future look like?

Maybe that’s the reason why I am trying my best to help and support the Indian Fitness and Powerlifting industry or some other athletic community just as far as I will.

And since I’ve a excellent social media presence, I decide to try to perform the gap. I’m seeking to abolish several urban fables and spread awareness about health, prevention and the right way of training.

I think not a lot of individuals wish to offer something to a residential district or normal folks. Some folks today seek only notoriety and riches in the place of just try to help.

How do you recover, handle and rest injuries?

We, athletes, know, we can make a enormous impact. We could teach people around us just how to live better, improve and become more happy. It is about the attitude.

For instance, just a fundamental talk of advice such as – keep your back right regardless of what your exercise is, sleep a minimum of 7 hours, drink water, then don’t over eat, try to complete blood tests every 6 months.

We simply take it for granted, while for others this might be groundbreaking news.

How can the daily diet and what supplements do you employ?

Taking it exactly the exact same way, I love to call my own followers, talking to them and present examples of my lifestyle, the diet should not be strict, however, profiled.

DJ Olly Esse diet

DJ Olly Esse diet

I have 2gr of all protein/1kg of weightlifting, plus I maintain my carbohydrates on the eye. But I make certain I enjoy the food, as your body and mind need to be fulfilled, which means you kinda substitute white rice with red, plain yoghurt with greek yogurt and so forth.

My daily diet mostly goes from vegan to vegetarian, however yes, I periodically eat whatever I truly look at my blood results every 3 months.

I also make certain that I tag fresh things, I find in regards to the researches, food, and beverage in my stories, so people may see that they can easily eat well and have their own weekly macros requirements fulfilled.

Idon’t majority and that I really don’t cut through. I will be just very aware of my body, however, that I mostly have the same shape and weight towards the entire year.

I’m not a huge cheater, as my diet includes everything, in the perfect dosage for me. Therefore, I could eat a pizza at a blue moon but it’s not essential.

As for supplements- and that I am a spoiled brat because I love to have atleast 5 6 different tastes of vitamin as well as with amino acids and multi vitamins. So, guys from Kong Nutrition and quick n Up saves me on that side.

And yes, when I travel I can stay even the entire day without food, so I make certain my protein bars and also sups are there to spare . I just do not like crap food.

Last but not the least, I’m totally alcohol and any bad habits free, therefore the one thing that I really love is coffee, and yes, so my espresso is the only drug for mepersonally.

Moving to my medication, I really like fine music in the gymnasium, I truly alienate when I’m lifting. I can blast hard rock as I can simply listen to any dancehall, it cann’t matter as long as no one is occupying my fav spot.

I usually have an extremely resting bitch or angry face once I lift. However, I can not help see that a few people don’t have any winner too.

Some Facts And Information About Olly Esse

  • Do Olly Esse, Consume Alcohol? No.
  • Do Olly Esse, Smoke Cigars? No.
  • Olly Esse is a very renowned global Dj from Italy. She is also very famous in India.
Olly Esse showing her DJ skills

Olly Esse showing her DJ skills

  • She is a very good Driver. She’s a Non-Vegetarian.
  • Olly Esse promoting Myfitness Peanutbutter on her instagram account.
Olly Esse promoting Myfitness PeanutbutterOlly Esse promoting Myfitness Peanutbutter
  • Olly Esse promoting fastandup preworkout on her instagram.
Olly Esse fastandup brand ambassador

Olly Esse fastandup brand ambassador

  • DJ Olly Esse looks adorable in her childhood.
DJ Olly Esse in her childhood

DJ Olly Esse in her childhood

  • DJ Olly Esse looks stunning in her green saree.
DJ Olly Esse in saree

DJ Olly Esse in saree

  • DJ Olly Esse looks hot with her tattoos.
DJ Olly Esse tattoos

DJ Olly Esse tattoos

  • DJ Olly Esse loves riding a bullet.
DJ Olly Esse riding a bullet

DJ Olly Esse riding a bullet

  • DJ Olly Esse does regular gymming to maintain her fabulous body.
DJ Olly Esse in a gym

DJ Olly Esse in a gym

  • Olly Esse love dogs. She take care of street dogs.
Olly Esse love dogs

Olly Esse love dogs

  • Olly Esse loves peanut butter.
Olly Esse loves peanut butter

Olly Esse loves peanut butter

  • Olly Esse loves wearing indian ethnic saree.
Olly Esse wearing indian saree

Olly Esse wearing indian saree

  • DJ Olly Esse looks hot and sexy in a bikini.
DJ Olly Esse in a bikini

DJ Olly Esse in a bikini

  • Olly Esse Net Worth $ 0.5 Million 2500 in 2021.
  • She is a dog lover. Olly Esse had over 1.37M Followers on her Insta-gram account.

Olly Esse Family & Boyfriend

Olly Esse is Single and Her Father’s Name is Under Review and her Mother’s Name is Under Review. Her Brother Name is also in Under Review.

Olly Esse Education, Qualification

School: Not Known

College: Not Known

Olly Esse’s Qualification Not Known