Jason Durr is best known for playing David Hide in the long-running television show Casualty. Since 2016, he has been playing the part.

In the science fiction series Jupiter Moon, the English actor made his debut as Alex Hartman. His filmography includes a number of films as well as a number of television roles.

On the internet, there are rumors that the Singapore-born English actor has had a stroke. Let’s take a look at the rumor and see whether there’s any truth to it.

Jason Durr

Jason Durr

Is Jason Durr Suffering From A Stroke?

Jason Durr did not suffer from a stroke and is in excellent health. The rumor that the actor from Casualty had a stroke is completely false.

The English actor has remained tight-lipped about his health issues. There has been no information released on the actor’s health. As a result, it’s safe to presume that the 54-year-old is in good health.

Furthermore, the Casualty actor is active on Twitter, where he has recently written several times about the show. He hasn’t spoken about his health in any way. As a result, the rumors that he had a stroke are untrue.

In 1990, he made his acting debut in the science fiction soap opera Jupiter Moon. He remained in the role of Alex Hartman for a total of six years. Jason went on to play Mike Bradley in the Yorkshire-based police drama series Heartbeat in 1997.

Is Jason Durr going to leave The Casualty Cast in 2022?

It’s unclear whether Jason Durr will leave the cast of Casualty once the current season ends in 2022. He first appeared on the show in 2016, and he is now one of the main characters in the medical drama.

In the long-running BBC One series Casualty, the 54-year-old plays the character of staff nurse David Hide. In the most recent episode, “Wednesday’s Child,” which aired on June 18, 2022, his character had a bad day.

The episode had two armed attackers enter Holby’s Carsbury Park High School and fire at the pupils, following the recent Robb Elementary School shooting in Texas. David’s son Ollie and his friend Rob were later identified as the shooters.

Viewers are curious as to whether this plot is intended to kill off Jason Durr’s character David Hide from the series. The character is still in the series as of now, and his future is undetermined following his recent heartbreak.

What Has Been Happening To Jason Durr? Information about the family

Jason Durr is great and is having the time of his life right now. On his Instagram account, @actorjasondurr, he frequently publishes images of himself on vacation with his family.

On May 28, 2004, he married Kate Durr. Kate is a television personality and a garden designer. She also works as an interior designer and owns her own company.

Jason and Kate have two girls and a boy between them. The five-person family is happily married and lives in England.